Married Single Episode 3


As I drove back home my heart was racing, Mike just had that effect on me. My greatest fear was not his threats but the fact that I couldn’t trust myself around him. Mike was my first love. We met way back when I was in secondary school. Mike was two years ahead of me.

We had a relationship that I would call ‘ crazy love’ when ever he knocked off from his school he would pass through Luanshya girls to pick me up then we would walk home together. Whenever there were some functions at any of our schools Mike would pay for both of us to go. We were neighbours and our families so close.

My parents knew him too but we played as ordinary friends whenever we were around them. I recall how, whenever I went to his house his mother would shout

” Mike come and see your sister has come” and my parents would do the same whenever he came home.
We would always make funny of it after wards laughing at how they made us sister and brother. .

” One day these guys will be shocked when they know what we do away from their presence ” Mike would laugh.

” mnmmm am sure my mom knows Mike, she asked me about us and I have been trying to tell her the same lie that we are just friends and you help me with school work.” I would tell him.

” well, it’s even Better they know right?” He would smile holding me. ” after all when we are both out of school and we do some courses you and me are going to get married” he said proudly.

As time went by we were inseparable and I had deeply fallen for Mike. I didn’t even know I would end up married to another man.

I was lost in thoughts when my phone vibrated bringing me to the moment.
” am on my way Mike” I responded without looking at the caller ID.

” I dont have the whole day babe” he answered ” where are you now?”

“Am just passing Mashlands will be using the hybrid route to come to PHI.” I explained looking ahead as a vehicle overtook me. ” now will you let me drive in peace?” I shouted

” forget about coming here. Just get to Hybrid and you will find me parked by the station.” He responded. I sighed as I cut the line.

” he’s crazy he will put me in trouble” I shook my head.

I found Mike parked and he directed me to follow his car leading me to Gonde lodge in Chelstone.

” come on give me some love babe, I missed you so much.” He hugged me after we parked.

” stop holding me like that Mike, people might see us am a married woman now” I complained

He let a small laugh. ” you call that a joke of a man as your husband.? You have no idea what kind of people that your stupid man hungs out with. He’s a jerk, I wonder how you have managed to live with him for 5 years Babe.”

” stop talking about my husband Mike. I don’t like this you know that. Just tell me why you brought me here already” I struggled to push him away as my body desired to move closer to him.

” as long as i live you will always be mine Stella. Remember you promised me forever. I have not managed to love anyone else but you. I will not give up on you cause as far as am concerned you and me belong together Stella. Am the only man that makes you feel like a queen that you are. Come on babe don’t pretend you can’t feel me right now” he chuckled pulling me back to his chest.

” stop ! Mike please, you are a married man too. You got married and now have a family with your wife and two kids. Just let go of the past and be happy with what you have.” I spoke up my voice almost in a whisper as all this while he kept his gaze at me. His big lips partly patted reminding me of the times I would kiss them.

” mnmmm you are wasting your time if you think am going to buy that bulls***. The only reason I married that woman is because she got pregnant for me and you know why I slept with her in the first place ” he leaned forward placing his mouth on my ear. I moved back landing my back in his car.

” stop Mike please ” I murmured

” I will remind you Stella. It’s because the time I got back home to get to marry the only girl I loved. I found that she betrayed me and was marrying another man. You betrayed me Stella, you couldn’t wait for only 2 years I was away making our future.”

” I have already told you Mike. I didn’t know what to make of your silence. You never communicated. How the hell did you think I would feel and think of you.” I tried to defend myself.

” you should have trusted my word dammit! ” he shouted hitting the car angrily and making me jump a bit in fear.

” I made a promise to you and I kept it. What did you do? You ran into the hands of that clown. He doesnt even love you the way I do. ” he added his eyes displaying sadness.

I tried to talk him out of wanting to have me in a relationship with him.
” we cannot change things Mike, it’s over you have to move on” I cried looking at him. ” please go back to your wife and be happy. I don’t want us to keep fighting over this. What’s done is done. please” I begged

Instead of answering me, he excused himself and walked away heading to the reception.

I stood akimbo not knowing what he was planning now. Mike was so stubborn. Since he discovered were I was staying he made it his mission to follow me. He had even taken his time to follow my husband around getting to know the kind of person he was. After making his discoveries, Chris’ s behaviour did not help things. His obsession with me grew even stronger, he was determined to have me to himself.

I had tried to escape him and give him a million reasons why I wouldn’t see him but I bet my biggest mistake was to give him my line. He would text me at whatever time he wanted. I had to keep on deleting his love messages.

” okey let’s go!” Mike walked towards me holding some key in his hands.

” where are we going Mike?” I asked looking at him.

” come on babe you are not expecting us to stay out here right,” he said pulling my hand and walking to the room

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I walked behind him with every step I took feeling my self being drawn to my sin. I knew getting to some room with Mike was the biggest mistake but i let my body direct my steps.

Mike started unlocking the door and I kept my eyes on his moustache, the small scratch i remember he got from a soccer match in high school was so visible it made me smile in my mind. I moved my eyes up his cheekbone analysing his dark skin. Up to the eyes which looked so intense I feared looking in them was going to make me want to rush for him and kiss him passionately.

” are you coming in or you will stand out there looking like a lost person?” He spoke up making me look away sharply.

” of course” I cleared my throat.

” 5 minutes Mike say whatever you want to say and let me go home it’s getting late now and my husba…..”
Without letting me say my words out, Mike pushed me to the wall holding me tightly.

” let that b****** get the taste of his own medicine. Today you are with me and am not letting you go until am satisfied I have had enough of you.” He shrugged showing me the key and placing it in the back of his pocket.

” Mike ” i tried to say but he closed in reaching his thick lips to my mouth making it so difficult to breath.

My mind kept on Warning me it was wrong to be with another man when I was married to another. It scolded me and told me to leave immediately and save myself from sin, but my body had a different point of view.

” Mike stop! Please! ” I whispered when he let my lips go and started kissing my neck.

” we cannot do this please!” I closed my eyes. he lifted my head and looked at my eyes.

” I can’t because I know you want me as much as I want you. Stop fighting it Stella. You know you feel for me and am the man for you, I have always been and now am back. You are mine Stella and I will always love you” he whispered as he worked his hands around my whole body taking his time as he went in my hidden parts making me moan in pleasure.

I don’t even remember how he got me from the wall to bed. The only thing I recall is feeling him inside me making me scream in pleasure as I held him closer to me.

He smiled all along taking his time and making some eye contact with me. Calling me all the sweet names he used to call me and driving me crazy as the pleasure increased.

I was lost in the arms of the man who wasn’t my husband and even the voice that had been whispering telling me to stop had ceased.

It was quite and all I could think of was the deep passion and intensity of what Mike was driving me through.

After what seemed like hours, we both fall back sighing and panting.

” tell me that husband of yours makes you feel like that?” Mike giggled looking at me.

I couldn’t answer him because I knew he would read through my lies. ” this can never happen again Mike” I struggled to talk.

He lay back smiling. ” you are mine babe and no one will take away what belongs to me. He has to kill me first” he said seriously and I felt my heart pump faster.

Now that I had opened myself to sin I knew the devil would use it as a way to push me further from God.

After being with Mike for 2 more hours I managed to beg him to go back home. I looked at my phone and it was almost mid night.

” oh my God, what If Chris is already home? Is he going to know I was with another man? What if he saw me drive in the lodge and saw Mike and I stand close to each other and later on enter the room?” Are some of the questions I kept asking myself as i drove closer to PHI where home was.

I stopped by the gate and sighed going to open it praying that Chris wasn’t home yet. ” Thank God!” I looked up as I pushed the gate open and found Chris’s car wasn’t inside.

I quickly went inside and took a bath. Replaying the moments with Mike recalling every feel of pleasure I had.

” oh my God what have I done? Am so in trouble” I thought to myself and went to bed wanting to be asleep the time Chris would get back. Hoping and praying he would be drunk so that he wouldn’t notice my guilty face.
I heard the gate opening and I shut my eyes to make me look like I was fast asleep.

Story continues…