Marital Humour#7 My 2 Cents



  You will be dating this bobo, he will be doing anyhow. Taking you for granted, telling you to leave that he is not ready. Telling you that if you see another man you should marry he is not ready yet.

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  Jump to the next month, you meet a serious bobo with no brakes and no chills. Changing your life with speed, giving you makeover physically, emotionally and otherwise. Your family loves him, your friends think he is the one. You have never been happier. You know when a man is ready to marry you. Them no dey hide am. It is as obvious as the knock out Barcelona will give Arsenal today. It is that obvious. You can pick you wedding color already and prepare for your Bella Naija wedding.

  Then from nowhere the spirit of your wicked great great great grand step mother will possess your first boyfriend to come and be serious , he will propose and suddenly become very serious . Telling you all sort of bullshit the devil rolls his eyes at. Telling you to remember the times you shared and how you have been through a lot together. You will really be contemplating going back because they told you the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.

  I just thought I should tell you now that it is your village witches and demons that are calling your name inside a white stainless pan with water . If you like answer.


Credit: Facebook/Amanda Chisom



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