Marital Humour#4 Marry A Poor Man



  I kept hearing “don’t marry a poor man” from parents, elders and some counsellors in the society; however the question is who is a poor man? Is a poor man the opposite of our society’s definition for a rich man? Is a poor man a person with few or no possessions? A pauper who lives by begging? A person unable to support himself?

  There will always be the needy in society, this is why God commanded us to help them. “The poor will always be in the land. So I tell you to be free in giving to your brother, to those in need, and to the poor in your land”. – Deuteronomy 15:11 (NLV). The good book went further to say in Proverbs 14:31 (TLB) “Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting God who made them. To help the poor is to honor God”

  From these passages, it is not a sin to be poor or lack possessions. And to God physical possessions do not define riches; but it is the heart and your deeds, not what you have here. The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus in the bible demonstrates this vividly.

  God didn’t create any man with possessions, neither was man born with such. God created us with a vision. When it comes to marriage a man with vision and a rich heart is what you need, not a man with possessions.

  Money is a by-product of vision. Money to vision is like eggs to chicken. God created the chicken and ask them to multiply. And before I forget, Adam was not created with possessions; he was only put in charge of it. And was given a vision:  “Now be fruitful and multiply, and repopulate the earth.” –  Genesis 9:7 (NLT).

  A man with vision never lacks growth. You might meet him in a very “poor” state today but he will work himself out tomorrow.

  I will advise ladies not to marry a man without a vision. You will know a man of vision by his passion and goals in life and how determined he is to make it. A man of vision is not a lazy man who folds his hands and remains in a poor situation.

  After all is said and done, you will not remember the person with the most possessions but you will remember the person with the richest heart and soul.

  A real poor man is a man without a vision, such a person doesn’t even have plans for marriage, because marriage is a vision and not everyone can afford that.

  In the end, whatever possessions a person has won’t matter to you, when they treat you badly. Marry someone who wants to chase God with you. Such a person understands what I am saying.

  If for nothing at all, I know of Pastor Mensa Otabil, of Bill Gates, of Barack Obama and many more who started with nothing, who society once labeled as needy or poor, but today they are celebrated for their VISION. Moreover it was in their supposed poor state that they met their spouse, and are still with them today. These men cut across society representing religion, business and governance.

  In conclusion, all those who rate people as poor due to their lack of possession and status in life, and think this will remain the same despite their rich vision, should understands that “you are only a man and not God”.

Credit: Counselor Adofoli

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