"MANSA" season 2, episode 15


By Elton Nana Amoah
“Kuu,  My name is Riri Delali, a professional nurse and I’m responsible for the death of your father” Riri revealed.
“What! What are you talking about Riri?  Kuu asked.
“Kuu,  please don’t make this any hard for me than it already is. let me finish talking, and I promise this will all be over when I’m done” Riri said.
Kuu kept mute as he listened to whatever Riri had to say.
” Three months before the death of your father, his food was consistently being poisoned. It wasn’t meant to eliminate him,  it was to make him sick and motionless in bed. Along the line, I guess his body was no more immune to the poison which led to his heart failure. I am responsible for the death of Rev Amposah, your father. The broken chair Mansa sat on at church was my doing. How lucky she was, I also tried to make her paralyzed but somehow, God’s hand was on her. Kuu, I am a criminal. I was paid to do this, but my conscience is against me.  You are a good person and I love you. ” Riri said.
Kuu was speechless. This was unbelievable. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He wanted to ask so many questions but he was stunned by Riri’s revelation.
“Kuu, look behind you” Riri said.
Kuu turned and saw two gentle men sitting right behind them.
“They are policemen,  I brought them here to arrest me after talking to you. They are waiting for me Kuu” Riri said as tears began running down her cheeks.
Kuu just didn’t know what to do. What was actually happening?
“Kuu,  I’m sorry. Forgive me for all this. I love you” She cried and called the officers.
“Officer, I’m done ” Riri said.
They immediately came and handcuffed her and led her away.  Before they finally exited Eddy’s, Kuu ran towards them.
“Officer! Wait! Wait” Kuu said.
“Riri,  who was paying you to do this? Kuu asked.
“Kuu, is it not clear enough for you to know? I’ve done my part. It’s now up to you but make sure you get the purpose before you act” Riri said as they led her away.
Kuu then came to a realization that, this revelation actually justified the  conversation he eavesdropped between Riri and his foster mother.  It was very obvious who was  behind thi but how will he go about it? Confront her directly or use other means?
Mansa was home when she received  a call from a guy.
Mansa: “Hello”
Caller: “Hello Mansa, meet me at D Avenue Hse number 37. There is something I need to let you  know in the next hour”.
Mansa: “Obed, is that you?
The caller didn’t answer her. She tried calling back but the phone was not reachable.
Mansa somehow didn’t feel right about it.  She then called Kuu, but his phone was also off so she texted him where she was going.
Mansa left the house in a haste,  just to reach there on time.  She knew that if the caller was really Obed, then she would have to be time conscious. Obed never joked with his time. He was punctual at all times.
Mansa got to the venue and to her surprise, the houses there were very few. After several minutes of trying to locate the exact house, she found it at a place where she least expected. The surrounding  of the house looked unkept and bushy.
Immediately, she came to her senses that Obed will never opt for a meeting place like this.  She quickly tried calling Kuu again but his phone was still not reachable. She then texted him again.
As soon as she was done,  a young man grabbed her by the hand and said ,”Follow me”.
Something wasn’t right about this. This looked like a kidnap. The young man took her inside the unkempt house and to her surprise, Asabea was there seated on a chair, waiting for them.
Asabea was still not aware that Chris, her boyfriend, was behind bars at the moment. She thought Chris had outsmarted her. The only revenge she could think of, was to eliminate the one she thought had come between them, Mansa.
“Tie her up against that Chair” Asabea instructed.
The young guy tried doing what he had been instructed but Mansa tried freeing herself from the glimpse of the man. The accomplice who is was quick tempered, landed a heavy slap on Mansa’s face.  This made her weak enough to be tied to the chair.
Asabea stood up,took a syringe from her pocket and injected herself, withdrawing some of her blood right in front of Mansa.
“Chris thinks he can get me sick and get away with this.  I don’t need you for anything. I know Chris has his eyes on you that is why he is not giving me attention. I am going to inject you with my blood and get you infected as well. This is just the beginning  Mansa. You evil girl” Asabea said.
She then came closer to her to get her injected as well.
“No, no please,  I have nothing to do with Chris. Please” Mansa cried and begged Asabea not to do this to her.
As Asabea was coming closer, Mansa just closed her eyes, bent down her head and begun praying silently. She knew that the God who healed her at the hospital didn’t heal her for anything. She knew that she wasn’t healed from being paralyzed to get HIV.
Before Asabea could get closer and inject her blood into Mansa’s system,  policemen came rushing in on her and her accomplices. The syringe was taken from her and she was handcuffed. Kuu was behind this.
He quickly rushed to Mansa and untied her. Mansa on the other hand embraced Kuu as soon as she was untied.
Back at the house, Mrs Amposah had a visitor from the church who came to deliver a letter summoning her to come before the board in the next hour.
She laughed out really hard upon seeing the letter. It seems she was expecting it and had already prepared for it.
She got dressed and went with the messenger to the church where the meeting was being held.
She got there and saw the entire board seated, waiting for her behind a big round table.
Mrs Amposah was not looking nervous a bit. It was obvious that she had really prepared for the meeting.
The chairman of the board welcomed her and immediately commenced with the purpose of the meeting.
“Mrs Amposah, upon reviewing the church’s financial statements, we noticed that there have been withdrawals which have not been accounted for. These withdrawals were made by you. Can you give the board the details on the expenditure for which the money was used or withdrawn?” said the chairman.
Mrs Amposah stood up and before she could open her mouth to talk, a team of policemen led by Riri invaded the meeting.