"Mansa" season 1 episode 10


She went closer to Chris’s door and pushed the opened.
Chris was trying to force a kiss on Mansa, but from the position where Mrs Amposah stood, that’s Mansa’s back facing her, it looked as if she was the one going for the kiss.
Because Chris had an advantage of seeing his mother enter into his room, he quickly pushed Mansa away and started passing comments.
“Stop forcing yourself on me, how could you do this?” Chris shouted at Mansa.
All this while he was pretending he had not seen his mother at the door.
“what’s going on here? Mrs Amposah said.
“Mother, its good you are here, i don’t know what has come over Mansa, she is all over me” Chris lied.
His mother was never opened minded, not only did he trust Chris but he also doubled up as her favourite son.
“Oh so this is your plan to destroy this family right? Now tell me, who does this belong to” Mrs. Amposah asked Mansa, showing her the pregnancy test kit.
Mansa got frightened with the look on Mrs. Amposah’s face.
She was in dilemma, this wasn’t the right moment to tell her about the rape case.
She will definitely not believe her, taking into consideration what had happened. Chris was accusing her that she was forcing herself on him and now the pregnancy test kit was another issue she has to clear.
This was going to be a difficult one for her. She needed a helper, all she could think of was for God to come to her aid.
She stood there as her words choked her up. Words became heavy for her to even say. Silence was the only option.
Mrs. Amposah got closer to her and asked her again
“who does this kit belong to? Mansah are you pregnant? She asked.
Mansa stood there still silent. Tears began running down her cheeks. Before she knew it Mrs. Amposah was quick with her hands, she gave her heavy slap that even got Chris sympathizing with her.
Mrs. Amposah then gave the kits to her to go and check right away to see if she was pregnant or not. She wanted to be sure of Mansa’s status since she was not answering her.
Mrs Amposah followed her to the washroom room, and stay behind the door to ensure that she did the test.
After some few minutes, Mansa came out of the washroom looking very sad.
As soon as Mrs Amposah saw her, she snatched the already used kit from her.
Two red lines indicated on the test kit. Mansa was confirmed pregnant.
“Mansa, you are pregnant!” Mrs Amposah said.
“Mum, I can explain, i… ” Mansa said but was interrupted.
“I am not your mother, how many times do i have to tell you that. Look, you better tell me who is responsible for that thing in your womb” Mrs. Amposah cautioned her.
Meanwhile Chris was also anxiously waiting for them at the living room when all of a sudden, Asabea came in crying.
“Hey what are you doing here, don’t you have the manners to call before coming” Chris asked.
“How could you Chris? you are the only guy i have ever known in my entire life, how could you? Asabea who was in tears said.
Chris had no idea of what she was trying to say.
“what are you talking about Asabea?” Chris anxiously asked.
Asabea handed a paper to him.
“what is this” Chris asked.
“Can’t you see for yourself Chris, that’s the result of a test i conducted at the hospital, Chris am HIV positive” She revealed.
“What? What do you mean? Tell me this is a joke” Chris asked. He couldn’t believe his ears.
“Chris, you are the only guy i have ever known. If its through sex that i got infected, then its from you” Asabea.
To be continued