Man In Black Episode 57


I can understand. It will wear off after a while. And feel free to sit Chuck. I daresay the police have used everything they can from this room, no?” It was a question, and it had to have been directed at Kunle, because the guy nodded.

He was seated at the bed’s edge, facing the Frenchman. Chuks would have done so as well instead of standing like a soldier, but as far as he knew, when you were in a crime scene, you didn’t touch anything. But if Mr dé Crozon said he could sit. . . He didn’t come all this way on his own money to now come and stand on top.

He sat, inadvertently turning head to look at the wide red discolouration on the bed behind him.

“You know that the woman who owned this house was killed by a sniper shot, no?” Chuks nodded slowly. He hadn’t recalled before, but he did now that it was mentioned. “Before you got here, Chuck, we discovered where the shot was taken from.” He gestured with his head at the window. Chuks didn’t understand.

“Primeview Hotel,” Kunle said. “The person guilty of this murder possibly took the shot from there.”

Probably, Kunley. Probably.”

Chuks looked at both of them, then shook his head. “Wait, hold on a second. You are trying to tell me that the person that killed the owner of this house took the shot from Primeview Hotel?” he asked incredulously. He and Segun passed the place sometimes on their way to Star Ranges. Were they now saying that the shot that had killed this woman had been fired from there, all the way to. . . to here?

“You do not believe it is possible, yes?”

“What you believe or don’t believe doesn’t matter. It’s what the police thinks,” the policeman beside him said.

Chuks looked at both of them again. He didn’t think they were joking. And besides, the hotel in question was in this vicinity. To think that someone had been killed from there to here, almost like getting killed by Wifi. But he knew sniper rifles from his experience at Star Ranges. He had even held one in his hands. This was how it was supposed to work. 

Of course, most of it was in theory, but seeing it like this, in real life? It was something else entirely.

“Of course, it is only surmise, you understand. We will go there now and find out whether or not this surmise is correct.”

Kunle stood up. “Then let’s go, sir.”

Mr dé Crozon nodded and looked at Chuks. “You are coming as well, Chuck.”

The young officer frowned. “Sir, this is a police investigation. It is meant for the involvement of the police or any other associated parties.”

“Well Chuck is an “associated party”, no? He is here to assist the police, and he will not be unable because he doesn’t have full knowledge of all that happened in this case. He is coming as well,” the man repeated firmly.

Chuks breathed deep. The decision had been made, then. He stood as well.