Man In Black Episode 43


It was a bright and sunny day, even if the sunlight was almost completely blocked out by the dense canopy of trees. As the whole class took the trail through the forest, the general mood was lighter, since they had already traversed this same path before. But Chuks knew the main reason they were chatting so happily was because of the absence of their weapon bags.

There were no M20 Super Bazookas for them to carry, and the lack of extra weight alone made them feel a lot more free. One thing that remained the same as last time, however, was the lack of signal reception. No calls, no browsing, no social media, no nothing that involved a sim card. But no one had a problem with that; there was lots of signal reception where they were going.

The field instructor was walking ahead as usual, keeping to himself with his hands swinging stiffly at his sides. There was no way anyone could know if his own mood was lighter. He was silent and his countenance was grim. Some, on the other hand, were taking life easy; Paul, for one, showed no trace of the stomach ache he had gotten after the backblast of his anti-tank blasted him into the air, and was showing Shine some of the dance moves he had learnt over the weekend.

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Chuks walked beside Segun as usual, both of them talking in low voices about the consultancy they would begin for the LIPD come the weekend. Between yesterday and this morning, Chuks had succeeded in replacing his friend’s skepticism with enthusiasm.

“And maybe when we’re done, our names will be in the papers, or we may be given national recognition or something,” Segun said. “And then we can take our independent contracton idea back to England.”

“Ha! See you wey dey fear just yesterday, you don dey run mouth about something wey we never even start. Wetin this girl just dey do for phone, self?” Segun turned around to see that he was referring to Belinda who was deeply engrossed in something on her phone. Again. “Shey person need to remind am everytime sey network no dey this place?”