Man In Black Episode 37


Dé Crozon watched the news half-heartedly. His mind was still on the pending investigation ahead. He turned his head and took in the whole parlour once again. He felt the whole place was up to standard.

He had been shown into the place earlier in the afternoon. The president had gotten him an appartment in a block of flats close to the police department. The place had electricity, but he was still getting used to not having it round-the-clock. There was an industrial generator, though, and all he had to deal with were just the minute-long breaks between power failure and the genetator starting up.

He looked at his wristwatch. 10:58. He got up. A cool late-night shower would be in order.

He was out in thirty minutes, and he went into the parlour to retrieve his phone. He had barely stepped foot into the parlour when he felt something wrong. The air had been disturbed. Someone had been here.

His eyes roved rapidly about the parlour and fell on a white piece of paper tacked to the wall just near the television. Wary of the intruder still being around, he went slowly forward and tore the paper away from the wall. It was a note.

Dear sir,

I feel very honored that you have been called in because of me. The government must love very much. I hope we both have fun in our future dealings together.

I consider this a real privilege, and so I have taken the liberty of delivering this myself. Lots of love.

The Eel.

Clyde let out an instinctive laugh. Even when he heard about this guy from that LIPD detective, he had known he had guts. He felt the whole affair was not a waste of his time.
Things were actually beginning to look very interesting.

He too looked forward to their future dealings together. In fact, he had a feeling it wouldn’t be very far into the future at all.

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“Shey you do research on top that bazooka something?” Chuks asked as he stepped out of the café with Segun, both holding cups of coffee.

“No, did you? ”

“I do research now, but I no even see anything wey dey useful.”

They were both in Victoria Island, as both of them had stayed in a guesthouse the night before when they returned from the remote field operations site. Chuks had been sleeping when they touched down in Lagos, and when he came out, he knew that, unless he wanted he and his friend to join the list of those below Third Mainland, he couldn’t ride back that same night. They were now enjoying the perfect start to a free day.

“I don’t know why ours have to be so heavy. I’ve seen movies where they carry those things, and theirs look very light. I don’t know why that man can’t just take the easy way for once.”

“Na wetin I don dey ask myself since.”

They turned a corner on the sidewalk and crossed the road. Segun checked out the Chinese restaurant just on their left through the plate-glass windows. Maybe he was wondering whether they could just turn in and have breakfast.

Chuks, on the other hand, was looking up ahead. Segun looked at him intending to make the suggestion when he noticed that his attention was elsewhere. What Chuks was looking at was a tall white man with black hair who had just emerged from the rear of an appartment building and was walking toward them, concentrated on a piece of paper in his hand. He was wearing a long coat which the wind rippled about his legs.

“O-boy see o. No be that dé Crozon man be that?”

Segun squinted. “You’re right, he’s the one. Jesus, what’s he doing here in Lagos?” Segun shook his head in amazement. Even Chuks was more than surprised to see Clyde dé Crozon in Victoria Island. “Anyway, let’s go on and say hi. He might even remember us.”

They were now almost face-to-face, and still the man hadn’t looked up from the piece of paper in his hand. Chuks cleared his throat.

“Good morning sir.” He saw Segun cast a quick inquiring glance at him; he had summoned his British accent.

The man looked up.

“Yes, good morning,” he said slowly. Then his eyes narrowed in recognition. “Hold on, do I know you two? You two are from Cambridge, no?” He asked in his half-French-half-English accent.

“Yes sir, we are.”