Man In Black Episode 20


Chuks began to shake his head just as the field instructor said, “Again. Fire!”

As the shots rang out, the buzzers began.

Before he even finished shaking his head twice, he heard the first one, then the second, then the buzzing began to come so fast that he couldn’t keep track of any particular one. It sounded like twenty buzzers going off one after the other, too fast to keep track of. Chuks looked on in astonishment. It was. . .impossible, but except his eyes had gone bad, that was exactly what he was seeing.

“Again! And again!”

They all fired twice again in unison. And again came the buzzers, almost fifty, so many that his ears continued buzzing even after it had ended. 

Every single person had hit again.

All the students just about went mad with joy, jumping and shouting in place. Chuks couldn’t believe it. Not only did he no longer have the record, but he was now the only one out of twenty-four students who didn’t have three consecutive bulls-eye shots under his belt.

Instructor Max grunted at the celebration before him, a sound that they had come to understand was his version of approval, then turned and signalled Chuks back to his position. Chukwudi sighed and stood up. After how many seconds wey person rest.

“Move target to thirty metres,” he heard when everybody had gone quiet and his headphones were snug around his ears. Chuks turned back to look at their field instructor, wondering maybe he had heard wrong. But there was no mistaking that smile on the man’s face. 

He turned around again, just in time to see the targets move back, nearly out of sight. Someone groaned in despair, so loud that Chuks heard it even through his headphones. Everyone else started grumbling.

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“Silence!” Instructor Max bellowed. Impossibility is only in your mind, and unless you get it out, you will not be able take field training in my class. Now, you notice that you can nearly not see the bulls-eye.”

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Which kind nearly? Chuks thought ruefully. How well could he see the entire target to begin with?

Chuks noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked to his right. Two people down stood his friend, Segun. Instructor Max held his rifle, pointing it one-handed at Segun’s target.

“Since you already know the position of the bulls-eye on your target, you’ll use your intuition. Since this is not a sniper rifle, you have no scope to target with. Just work with your mind and your eyes.”

Looking pointedly at Segun’s face, he curled one finger around the trigger and pulled. A buzzer sounded, not through the headphones, but the general buzzer. Someone had hit the bulls-eye. And his eyes told him that someone could only be one person.

The rest stared with mouths agape. It was true. The impossible was possible.

“All right, man your stations, people,” the field instructor said, handing Segun back his weapon. “Nobody is going on break until you complete two bulls-eye shots each,” he said with a tone of finality. 

Chuks pointed his rifle straight ahead and looked with determination through his iron sight. If Instructor Max could do it, he could do it too.

“All take aim. Fire!”