It is not uncommon to find young lovers in their excitement making promises to do this and do that and hoping that this feeling and commitment remain the same forever.  They forget in a soak to selves that no condition is permanent and that the feeling of today may not guarantee same feeling tomorrow. And of course love is not the only ingredient that sustains love relationship or marriage even though it is an essential one.
My studies of human love relationships and listening to numerous personal experiences of people have made me to assume a conclusion that in most cases, TO BE QUICK TO LOVE IS TO BE QUICK TO QUIT – A TIME TAKEN IN LOVE MAKES A LASTING LOVE.  And of course, many people mistake love for like, infatuation, care, attention, acceptance and sex – While any or all of these may be expected in true love, none of them is love. 
We are social beings who interact with people every day and we have open and secret admirers as well as we are capable of openly and secretly admiring people of the opposite sex for whatever reasons.  To this effect one needs to understand that love relationship is not the end, it MAY only be a mean to an end (MARRIAGE) and of course, it is a time of studies and evaluations, building love and trust, and seeing the possibility of a better future.  BY NO MEAN IS IT APPROPRIATE FOR TWO LOVERS TO WRAP ONESELF IN A LIFETIME COMMITMENT WHEN ONE IS NOT SURE OF WHAT THE FUTURE BRINGS – EXCEPT IN MARRIAGE. 
With no promise or vow, one can wisely and freely stay in a relationship and be ready to say goodbye the moment one begins to deal with a situation that he/she cannot cope with in the relationship – But unfortunately, some have made themselves imprisoned to relationships that they find it difficult to get out even when everything turned abusive.  So – be free to live your life – and yet be careful because you cannot guarantee the future of your new found love – for whatever reason, he or she may be better or worse than the former.
Can one break the promise?  YES – by going back to the one with whom one made the promise and ending it. This doesn’t mean that they are no longer friends – friendship can continue in absence of promise. But one should note that “It is a trap to dedicate something rashly and only later to consider one’s vows”(Prov. 20:25) therefore “Never let your mouth cause you to sin and don’t proclaim in the presence of the angel, “My promise was a mistake” (Eccles 5:6)
Be Blessed
A – Accept Jesus Christ
P – Preach His Kingdom
R – Reach out to the poor
I – Invite friends to God
L – Love everyone

Happy New Month of April.

Be Blessed


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