When a man approaches a woman or a woman approaches a man to establish a love relationship – at the time of agreement to start the love relationship, a kind of promise or commitment is already established.  However it is a kind of promise that is not bonded or sealed.  All things being equal, such relationship may end up in a covenantal bonding.

What will make two people in a love relationship that is not yet marriage to make vows never to leave each other?
1.      True Love
2.      Possessiveness
3.      Lack of trust
4.      Insecurity
5.      Inferiority Complex
6.      Deception

As earlier expressed, people who exchange such promises to stick forever with each other whether or not it leads to marriage do so sometimes to prove their love when they are mostly or likely carried away by their emotional attachments or when they are just excited.  But it must be noted that such promises may actually be nothing but infatuation that proves no love.  For many in such situation experience several forms of abuses – physical, emotional and spiritual/religious – and yet the abused is unable to walk away because of the promises or vows made.  And it is good to note that it is possible that only one of the parties is truly serious with the promise made while the other just play along to pretend the same commitment and win fake trust or just to make the other person feel good.

Life situations show that loving someone dearly does not mean that one cannot fall in love with someone else, and definitely does not mean that other people will not admire and even make frantic efforts to establish special love relationship with one.

Now the question is, can one break such promise/vow if one happens to fall in love with someone else?
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