Make Me A Wife Episode 5


“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Italy. Please keep your seat belt fastened until the aircraft has come to a standstill”

She kept her eyes closed. This was unbelievable. She was married to her crush. Her dreams finally became a reality. She was not yet ready to look out of the window. Not yet. She was too happy to be at her honeymoon but too nervous to stare at the beauty she was sure was surrounding her.

“Sweetheart, you can let go of the seat belt now. We have ianded” her husband whispered into her ear. She smiled tenderly at him. He was doing his best to make her happy. There had been an undefinable tension in Bonuade. He had surmised it all to their marriage circumstances. He did not marry her because he was in love with her, it was the only revenge he could thought of at that moment. It had not been easy like he envisaged.

They had married at the court with their friends as the only witness and flown to Abuja that same day. The explanation he had to repeat to his parents and kin. His best friend was the most annoying. He had refused to attend his wedding.

“I will miss your wedding, am sorry. I need to get back home” Oludare said casually flipping the bed cover aside.

“Are we discussing a sour pizza?” He retorted.

Oludare responded by drawing out his suitcase. He threw in the agbada made for his role as the best man.

“Why are you getting emotional over this? Would you have preferred me to be wedded to that deceitful woman” Oluwaniyi choked out in anger. Why was everyone treating him like he was a villian? No one cared that he was hurting.

“Call Adunni and tell her the marriage is over. You’ve called everyone from your own end that you have cancelled the wedding. You want to shame her and her family. That’s pure wickedness. You know how she can’t handle stress. What if she slips into insanity? Or remain unconscious and never wake up?” Oludare said exasperated. His friend was mostly irrational when angered. His belief in revenge was too deep. He does not forgive.

“I will call her” Oluwaniyi lied.

That was the day their twenty year old friendship ended. Doctor Oludare cut all ties with him.


They spent their honey moon in Naples. Oluwaniyi took her to Prompei to visit the ruins of the ancient city. They did other touristy things together. The food was the best, they tried every rich meal from.mushroom rissoto to pasta carbonara. The wine and clubbing every night was the highlight of their day. Oluwaniyi never grew tired with her desire to see and experience new things. They made love every night and frequently in the evening before they headed to the club. He was insatiable and she loved it. She was happy he desired her. If he was not in love with her yet; she believed their marriage would survive on passion and friendship. Everyday her love for him grew.Though while she told him frequently of her feelings, he said nothing of his own.

He was attentive to her needs, tender when he loved her and patient with her flaws. Like when she asked him about Adunni. He had smiled gently and told her Adunni was his past while she was his bright future. There were times Bonuade almost convinced herself that he loved her as she loved him. Although he never said the words, he appeared brighter whenever she said it. And there was that delicious kiss that follows her declaration of love for him. He made her feel so special, never flirting with other women at the club, seeking her opinion on his thoughts, using endearment when he spoke to her and frequently touching her with affection.

When she returned to Abuja after twelve weeks on their honeymoon, she was not just sick with happiness but pregnancy too.


“There was a time I used to like you” Olaronke said smiling easily at Wande. Marriage life had been a lot easier than she ever imagined with Wande. After the horrible episode with Grace, they had easily confronted each other on their past mistakes.Wande had accused her of misleading him all those years, receiving his every gifts while she was seeing someone else. She retaliated by recounting his relationship with some ladies she knew back then. With pride overriding their senses, they had stuck to the wrong assumptions. Wande didn’t correct her. Those ladies were just friends and it was until later he told her. Tonight, all inhibitions gone, she would revealed her thoughts to him.

Wande winged his eyebrow upward and waved his hand at her to continue. He was eating dinner after waiting nearly two hours for his wife to show up at their dinner date. Her words about liking him was not enough to dull is hunger.

“Love you was more like it” she said again

They had been married for eight weeks. His kindness and compassion had eased her broken heart over her ex. He kept reminding her Oluwaniyi was married so was she whenever she was moody. It had worked in addition to her discovery: his store was filled with catering equipments he bought for her. When she asked him about it, he explained it was his wedding gifts to her and he hoped she would start her restaurant soon. She was awed and wanted to cry.

Every pieces of the house was planned with her in his mind. He painted her room with her favorite color. They had spent the following week looking for a property she could turned into a restaurant at Ikeja. She found one she fell in love with and she cringed whenever she thought of its cost. Wande had paid for it like it was a piece of candy. That had eased their affection. Most times she found his hands around her, whenever they went out. The morning kiss that has become a tradition to them. She sometimes wondered if he was attracted to her or just saw her as  his sister. They were yet to consummate their marriage. She was ready on her own part, if Oluwaniyi was living happily with his wife so would she. He had not made move on his part while she had made every move on her part. She dressed in revealing night gowns every night. But he hardly bat an eyelid. His good night kisses became perfunctory.

Her last words got him “Love me? Wow! Tell me about it” his eyes held amusement as he chewed on his meats.

She stared at his handsome face she missed this past few days he traveled to Abuja on a business trip. She missed him and the house felt bigger. His calls was her rescue. They talked about everything and he always showed interest in how she had spent her day. He’d answered her questions about his business, sharing his pleasures and frustrations depending on how his day had gone.

This morning he had called to inform her he would be at a dinner party organized by one of his business partners and he wanted her to be there. She was excited and spent hours deciding on what to wear. She wanted to see that masculine appreciation again in his eyes whenever she dressed up for him at the boutiques they frequented.

“I was pleased to have someone older as my fiance. I always bragged to my classmates about it. And I had this romantic picture we took together on my birthday. I showed it to everyone” she smiled dreamily. In the picture, he had put his arm around her.

“What’s change?” he drawled

While the waiter was placing their drinks on the table. She couldn’t help but compared him with her ex. They were opposite of each other. He smiled easily, he enjoyed taking her out because it made her happy. She could remember her time with Oluwaniyi was spent mostly waiting for him at his office. He was always busy. Though, he was free with his money There wasn’t an amount too large to spend on her. He had really loved her enough to agreed to live celibate until they were married. What went wrong? Why would he leave her for Bonuade? She sighed.

She had sent several text  to his phone but there was no response. Whatever her crime was, he should have been patient enough to see her and discussed it. But Lawyer Oluwaniyi act fast without thinking. That was his biggest flaw. She knew if roles were to be reversed, Wande would never have left her on their wedding day nor would Oluwaniyi be so forgiven to marry his betrothed after she rebuffed their dates and went ahead to marry someone else while receiving his gifts.

“When I was twenty one, I told my father I wanted to get married to you. He called you in my presence and I heard everything. Everything ” she emphasized

“I called you olodo (zero scorer). I am very sorry” he apologized

“It’s fine” she smiled at him.

He reached across the table and took her left hand in his right. The band of gold he slipped around her finger to complete their vows shone under the candle light. He lifted it to his lips and kissed it.

“Thank you for marrying me” she said breathlessly . One of her fingers had found its way into his hot silky mouth. He flicked his tongue out and licked. While she melt inside.

“Did I have choice with your dad and my uncles on my neck” he mocked blowing air in the damp fingers.

“You could have refused for the seventh time” she gave him a shaky smile.

“You knew about the others? ” he was genuinely shocked

She nodded wondering why he stopped caressing her fingers.

“That was what prompted me to date him. I was hurt by your rejection ” she said referring to her ex.

“I was waiting for the right time” he smiled as his fingers moved beneath the table finding the zipper of that mini skirt that teased his brain.

Her mouth formed a huge “O” as she looked around her, Her expression almost comical

“What are you doing?” she whispered, which was very silly. The other diners had quickly turned the social event to another business venture. They closeted themselves in a corner forming plurals and multis. He could not imagine himself discussing business after he had worked his ass off during day. He agreed he was not in need of it, his last ten years was spent developing his business holdings. Now everything was calm, he could indulge in many night of pleasures starting with his wife.

He smiled at her “Am I turning you on already?” his fingers had disloged the flimsy shirt she tucked into her skirt. He was now playing with smooth skin that almost seared his hand with its hotness.

“People are watching ” she gasped

“Let them ” he replied

“I have a room in the hotel, we could go right? ” he asked her

“Yes, yes” she replied quickly.

He watched her looked about her before she quickly adjusted her clothes. The other diners were distracted and he couldn’t care less if they weren’t. There was no way he would hid his bulging trouser. He took her hand in his and walked her to his hotel room. His plan was finally working out as he had originally expected. Women once again proved his theory was right. Women were like pets; care for them, snuggle with them, shower them with attention and be generous with them and they would sooner be eating out of your hands. Just two months, she had forgotten about her ex. Well, almost completely forgotten about him. And tonight, he would erased whatever passion they might have had in the past. It was for his own good. The sooner the ghost of her ex was no longer lurking around, the sooner he would enjoy his marriage. He believed she could make him happy. Their marriage would work. It has to. There was no room for mourning her lost love. She was married to him forever.

He opened the room to the luxurious hotel and ushered her in. He was about to offer her some privacy to catch her breath and think things through but Adunni pounced on his lips he almost chuckled. He had to calm her down and took control. His tongue took residence in her mouth and she found herself plastered against the wall. She was consumed by her passion it seemed the kiss was not enough. His hands cupped her bottom aligning her to his male flesh she screamed with pleasure. She had never known anything so intimate in her life. The closest thing she had with Oluwaniyi was their kiss. Nothing more.

He pressed her firmly against him while deftly undoing her buttons to cup her boobs. It was the most exquisite feeling and this time even his mouth covering hers could not stifle the shriek of pleasure. She gasped as she watched him took one of her hardened nut into his mouth. She held onto his head. He released her and laced the second nut with the same attentiin she squirmed with pleasure.

“Adunni” his mouth rocked back over hers in another soul-wrecking kiss.

It went on and on and she lost all touch with reality. She could feel only his hard body on hers. Only his mouth that tasted of refined wine and only their hearts that beats loudly enough for the whole building to hear. He groaned as her clothes parted away from her, his eyes was on her underpants when a voice of reason spoke to her. She held his fingers from her.

“Wande” she called

He seemed not to hear. His tongue was already tracing another part on her neck.

She tried pushing him and called his name again

“What?” he asked, his eyes lidded staring at her boobs

“I’m on my period” she replied

“What’s that?” he asked looking confused

“Menstruation ” she tried again

“You menstruate?” he asked stupidly

Did he know about it? Did her father told him? Olaronke wondered.

He groaned, this time not in pleasure as reality dawned on him. His wife was on her period while his blood was raising with lust.

“I’m sorry ” he said kissing her cheek

“It lasts for four days. We could do this again” she said shyly.

“Sure. Let’s go to the bathroom ” he carried her off amidst her false protests.

…to be continued