Mahama and Amissah Arthur fight at cabinet meeting


The Al Hajj can report that there were hot exchanges between President Joh n Mahama and Vice President Amissah Arthur at an emergency cabinet meeting before President Mahama embarked for Ethiopia for the African Union Conference. on the state of the Economy and the poor performance of some ministers.

The relationship between the President and his vice can best be described as strained despite efforts by senior NDC figures to borker a truce. Relations are said to be so bad that the President does not want to be seen at any function with the Vice and has insisted for their schedules to be separate as much as possible.

According to sources the Vice President told the President blatantly that he has surrounded himself with sycophants and apologists who did not have a clue and were not serious about tackling the current problems in the economy.

In a rare display of fire not normally seen from a quiet man, he called for some ministers to be sacked including Seth Terkper the Finance Minister, Emmanuel Buah the energy minister for his handing of the energy crisis and Mr Mark Woyongo whose sycophancy he said had reach abnormal levels!

Reports say the President got angry and banged his fist on the table shouting ”You don’t tell me what to do. You think if I had my way you will be my Vice President? What do you do apart from sleeping in your office and not doing anything unless you are asked to do something? Get lost!!!

The Vice President was said to have angrily got up to approach the President and had to be restrained by Haruna Idrissu and Fiifi Kwetey the Minister for Agriculture, who was said to have spoken to the President in an unknown dialect to keep calm.

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