Luna In My House Episode 11


Why can’t this girl leave me alone? I’m trying so hard to make it right again. I have settled her even without owning her a dime except maybe the hospital bills which was my fault.

The police served her a restraining order after her several threats on me and my family. I don’t want to take any of her threats like a pinch of salt. Aram advised me not to take the threats lightly and I should block her number from my phone after serving her the order.

She signed the papers but did not stop sending nudes and romantic messages to my phone.

Bisi must not see or hear any of this. I have been trying to make her forgive me and she was gradually coming around after two months. I don’t want anything that will make her see me as an enemy.

I know is difficult for her to totally forgive but I kept praying and hoping that she will fully come around.

After Abena signed the restrained order she reduced her disturbance but after two weeks she continued.

“Don, is not about signing rubbish form to keep me away from you and the family, is about what you and your wife did to me. I will get my pound of flesh and none of you will be spared. I will get a lawyer to take this up for me. Bisi attacked me and made me lose my pregnancy. You stood watch her beat me up with different weapons and you did nothing. Don. you encouraged her until I passed out and almost died in the process. The child I could have had for you was also gone and you want me to keep calm and do nothing? I will never do that. I will get back at every member of your family. The only way I can drop all this charges and let you and your family to be in peace is for you to come over to my hotel room. Touch me like you did back in Abuja that made me crave for more. I want you Don, and I almost died because of you. So you are owning me big time and the only way to make it up to me is by coming to be with me in my hotel…

That evening I drove to me and Aram usual hangout joint. I showed him the message that Abena has been sending to me. How she want me to come over to meet her at the hotel.

Aram asked me why I have refused to block her from reaching me but I didn’t have answer for that. Probably I forgot to do that or I was occupied with other things and did not remember.

“Are you serious right now Don? What are you still keeping her number for? End everything you have with this lady and focus on your family. You have shown her enough kindness. You owe her nothing again and she will never do anything to you or any members of your family because of the restraining order that she signed. I have asked you before to block her line and any means that she uses to reach you. I don’t understand why you have not done that. Bisi is still finding it difficult to come around and now that she is gradually showing the signs don’t do anything again that will discourage her or make her want to leave you or the marriage. No one and nothing else matters more now than your wife and kids. Abena or whatever he name is just a distraction. Stop letting her get to you or is there more to all this that you aren’t telling me?

Aram asked me the last question as if he doesn’t trust me again as his friend.

I assured him that there was nothing and I was going to block Abena right away. i took my phone and blocked Abena’s number immediately right in front of Aram.

I didn’t hear anything from her after then.

Is been two whole months and I have missed my wife. Bisi was still acting cold towards me but she has started serving my food again on the dining table. She sometimes helps with my laundry and also ironing. But hardly speaks to me even when I speak to her she finds it difficult to reply.

I thank her for every of her kindness even when she doesn’t reply back.

I moved back to our bedroom and was hoping she won’t pick offence. I have kept my distance for over two months now but I desire my wife and want things to be back to normal.

As I move back to our master bedroom she walked out to sleep in the visitor’s room instead.

I try to plead again and beg her to return to the room but Bisi can be very difficult and did not reply me.

We have lived like two strangers far long enough and I can’t bear it anymore.

The following night I try to persuade and plead again.

“Honey…I know my sins are heavy and I don’t deserve your love or forgiveness but please for the sake of our children, I beg of you in the name of God that we both serve to try and forgive. Is getting to three months that we live like enemies. I can’t bear it anymore honey! Give me another chance, I will never betray you ever again. You believe in God who is ever loving and forgiving, why can’t you forgive me Bisi. Please honey….i promise to make it right if you will let me.

She turned to me angrily and said.

“Don Sean, if I was the one at fault….if I slept with another man even right under our roof I’m very sure you will never look my side again. I may be in back at my parent’s house right now and everyone who cares to listen will know what I did. Is either you sent me out of the house or you leave the house for me. Don Sean, people who live in glass house do not throw stones. What you can’t tolerate don’t do it to another. Please leave God and religion out of this. If you have thought of God before all your dirty act I’m sure we won’t be having this conversation. All I asked is to be left alone. I don’t know how to love or trust you anymore. I’m trying so hard but finding it difficult. Forgiveness doesn’t come cheap. I don’t care how many months or years it takes me to heal I just want you to let me be in peace that is all I ask. There is nothing that you do or buy that will undo what you have done. Even if the wounds heals up, the scar will serve as a reminder. Maybe it would have been better to get a divorce and move away fr…

I hushed her from saying her last statement.

My eyes was getting soiled up. Gaining a forgiveness from Bisi was proving far difficult. Why will she mention divorce? I detest such words. God forbids that my wife should separate from me.

Before she will complete her last sentence, I rushed to her and pulled her into my arm. She was struggling, slapping and hitting me to let her go.

I held onto her. I told her she was my life and I’m a walking corpse without her. If she refused to forgive me then I will be better dead than to be alive.

I was pleading and did not allow her slaps or struggle to get to me.

I just wanted my wife again. I want my home back. My daughter has asked me the other day why her Mommy was not talking to me and why I was not friends again with the mother. I couldn’t even answer the question.

I end up telling her that I hurt their Mum and wish she will forgive me someday. My little daughter promise to help me beg her on my behalf. I know she must have done that but Bisi’s heart is so harden.

Aram and his wife has pleaded and I have done everything within my power to make my wife to let go of my sins and yet nothing.

I can’t keep calm and watch her gets feed up one day and finally walk out of the marriage. That will shatter my home. I want my wife back.

Bisi kept hitting and later began to sob in my arm. She was cursing and calling me names for hurting her and all I did was to plead. I did not stop.

I was in tears too as I held her.

She caused and abused me while still sobbing.

After sometimes she became quiet and I let her go.

I try to wipe off the tears running down her face but she slapped off my hand and went into the bathroom to cry more.

I sat on the bed holding my head and praying that Bisi finds it in her heart to forgive. Is more than two months already that we are living as strangers.

I can’t take it anymore.

When she came out, I was still there. I stood not knowing what to say or do again. If she doesn’t want me in the room I will quietly return to the visitor’s room but I want to be with my wife, hold her all through the night. I want to assure and show her that I meant to keep my vows this time.

She got ready for bed and I was still standing and hoping this night will be different.

She went straight to bed and put off the light. I thought of moving to the bed but things are not as they used to be. I’m scared of offending her.

I don’t want to sleep alone in the visitor’s room again.

I gradually walk to our matrimonial bed, sat down first just to see her reaction.

Bisi did not say anything or make a move to leave.

I gently climbed up the bed and kept my distance without a word or touch.

It seem funny but I try to keep my cool for some time. I moved to my wife but gently, placed a hand on her body first, when she did not slap off my hands like she will do before. I took that for a yes and for the first time in two months Bisi did not push me away.

Abena has tried to destroy me and my marriage but God is remolding the crack that I allowed the devil to create on the wall of my home.

When I awaken that morning and checked my phone, I saw a message with a strange number. I know who sent it.

I quickly blocked the number. I wanted to talk to Bisi about it because I don’t want to keep any secret from her again but that maybe opening a fresh wound and making her remember what she is trying to forget.

I know Abena is still in Lagos, waiting and hoping I will come to her hotel but that will never happen. That will be digging my grave.

I will keep blocking every new number that she will use to reach me.

I’m happy at least Bisi was coming around and I will make sure no devil in form of Abena will come between