Love me once episode 5




If anyone had told me in my dreams that Clara of all people, the same girl I beat another girl for would cheat on me, I’d have killed the person.

She didn’t just cheat on me, she brought another guy into my mum’s house and had sex with him right on my bed, the same bed I sleep everyday.

This is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever see or experience. How could she?

As soon as I called her, she jumped out of the bed sweating and pacing up. The dude gently stands up, dressed up and left.

I’m too weak to even talk to Clara talk more of fighting the dude due to how shock I’m. Why will I even fight the dude? Is not his fault, my so called girlfriend brought him here and open her legs for him.

I stared at Clara in shocked and disappointment, I left to the living room, I met my mum watching TV. I sat down trying to recover from what I just saw back in my room.

“George, what’s it? Who was the guy that left here some minutes ago?”, She asked as she sipped from her juice. 

I couldn’t utter a word to her, I kept staring into space.

“George, was he your friend?”, She asked, I nod negatively saying no.

“Then who is he and how did he get in here?”, She asked

“She brought him here”, I said pointing at Clara who came out crying

She still has the shame to show her ugly face before me, my mum turned to her.

“Clara, who was the young man that left here some minutes ago?”, She asked, Clara didn’t say anything, she kept crying crocodile tears.

“I caught Clara having sex with the guy”, I said softly but sadly.

It’s breaks my heart a lot when I remembered how I treated Amelia because of her, I held Amelia’s hands and asked Clara to slapped her till she was satisfied and she did then we throw Amelia out of the house.

Am still thinking of what to tell my mum if she eventually ask about Amelia because I know she will definitely ask about her and then Clara disappoint me.

She couldn’t do it outside, she brought him here right on my bed, God!

“Blood of Jesus! Clara, in my house?”, My mum asked standing up.

“Yes, right on my bed”, I said.

“This is unbelievable, Clara, how could you? Listen, if you like cheat 100 times on George it’s none of my business, my concern here is why did you bring a man into my house? What right do you have to bring a man here? Does this house looks like George’s house?”, My mum half yelled at her.

“Mum, is your house not my house?”, I asked

“Will you shut your mouth? You brought this shameless s–t to my house as your girlfriend, now look at it, she had the right to bring a man to my house in my absent ugh?”, My mum yelled at me.

“Mum, am sorry”, I apologize.

“Baby, am sorry please…..”,

“Shut up your mouth! Who is your baby? B—h”, I interrupted her.

“Clara, you are nothing but a fuvking cheap cheat and a pretender you know what, I hate you”, I said. She cried more and kneel down.

“Please am truly sorry George, give me a chance I promise to make it up to you”, she said

“Chance in which house? Both of you will go out of here and give each other chance somewhere else”, my mum said harshly as she sits down.

“Mum am sorry I promise I won’t do it again”, said Clara.

“That’s none of my business, settle your difference with George not me”, my mum said.

“Clara, go in there, get your luggages and leave this house I don’t want to ever see you again”, I said.

“Please George don’t do this to me please I don’t have anywhere to go”, she pleaded.

“Wait a minute, where is Amelia? I’ve not see her since I returned”, my mum asked staring at me.

Am in big trouble now, what on earth will I tell her? If I lie to her, she will know cause she knows when am lying.

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Clara stared at me as she stands up from her knees.

“Can someone tell me where is Amelia?”, She asked almost yelling.

“George sent her out”, Clara said, my mum stands up.

The way her eyes became red like blood, if she’s a lion she would’ve kill someone.

“When did that happened?”, She asked

“Last week, he beat her up and sent her away”, Clara said boldly. 

I feel like killing this Clara, was she not the cause? My mum stared at me.

“George, what right do you have to beat a girl I employed here and sent her away?”, She asked coming close to me.

“Mum I can explain…..”, she interrupted me with a hot slap.

My mum has never for once hit me, this is the first time she’s doing that, I know I’ve made her angry.

“Mum, am deeply sorry, Clara was the cause”, I said as another slap lands on my cheek.

“I wasn’t the cause”, Clara defends herself.

“Shut up your mouth! Who ask you to talk daughter of a nobody! Since George returned home with you he has been misbehaving, he has refused to grow and has sense”, she yelled angrily.

None of us talk for some seconds, there was an awaken silent in the living room. The only sound that was heard was the TV sounds and my mum’s breath.

“Clara, go in there, get your things and leave my house now!”, She said and turned to me.

“And as for you useless son of mine, go and look for Amelia in anywhere you had sent her to. Do not return to this house if you don’t find her”, she said going upstairs.

“By the time I’ll come downstairs, I do not want to meet both of you here”, she said and left.

Clara and I look at each other.

Look at what love and defending my girlfriend a s–t for that matter has caused me, am in big trouble if I don’t find Amelia.

Where will I find her to?