LOVE IN THAT FORM. episode 4 – I logged into my facebook account


I went my room. As I was in there, Patricia came to call me to eat. I wasn’t feeling hungry but I ate a little, just to make her happy. I logged into my facebook account and deleted every picture of Chris I had uploaded. I cried again when I saw the numerous messages of my friends who were far away, wishing me a happy marriage. I didn’t know how to tell them it didn’t happen or thank them for their good wishes on something that didn’t take place, so I marked all the read messages as unread. With that, they’d think I hadn’t read them. I just didn’t have the courage to tell them the wedding was cancelled two days before.
I had taken two months off work in order to prepare for the wedding and time for my Utopian honeymoon, but since it didn’t come on, I called my manager to tell him I would be at work the following week but he insisted that, I should take the time off. He said I needed even more time to recover from the pain I was going through and be stable first, else, I would miscalculate. He was right though; I worked on money and I had to be in good mental shape to work. I thought about it and decided on what to do with the remaining month and two weeks I had off work.
Patricia adviced me to travel to somewhere interesting, alone. I hadn’t been alone before so I agreed with her to give a try to go somewhere away from home, all by myself. I told my parents about it and they also saw it as a good idea. But I had no idea where to go to soothe my aching heart. In the end, I decided to go to Accra, where they had good hotels I could lodge and beautiful sites I could visit. I ordered for a room reservation at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, one of the finest hotels in Accra. I packed my things and got ready to leave the next day.
My parents thought I wasn’t in the right sense to drive so they didn’t allow me to go with my car but a commercial bus. Actually, that was the first time I travelled by public transport. In the end, I was glad I heeded their advice. I enjoyed the journey very well, courtesy the preacher who delivered his message in a very funny way, and another herbalist who also sold his products in the bus.
I went straight to my hotel and introduced myself to the receptionist. She took me to my door and wished me a happy stay. I thanked her, opened my door gently and went in. I called home to tell them I had arrived safely. All of a sudden, my grandma’s voice came in,
“Hello my baby, have you found a new in-law over there for me? Tell him I want to meet him, i s…” I ended the call before she could complete her sentence.
Was I there for a new dude to disgrace me? Of course not! I threw myself on my bed to relax from the long journey I had. Just two minutes later, I heard some loud moans coming from the next room. It was so serious, “mmm… mmm… Baby, I love it… dig it h**d… yeah baby… aaahhh…” and some syllables I cannot reproduce. This went for over twenty minutes. I didn’t know what to do to myself. Did I go there just to listen to the moans of another woman? Hmmm… I could’ve been screaming that way if not for Chris. I grabbed my pillow in my arms and cried again…
Watch out for Episode 5…