Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 26


‘Cant u tell Ogba dat Emmy’s his child?’
‘no i cant,’ she shook her head wiping her tears with her back hand ‘dat will only endanger Emmy’s life d more. Ogba is going to kill her before his fellow occults finds out he has a child….Ogba is going to kill her’
‘wow! Dats bad…what problem does Ogba have with u anyways?’
‘Ogba wants me…he doesnt want to lose….i served him faithfully….but he treated me like trash….i was his best staff….and besides, i kind of betrayed him…i ran away and started working with his rival….his worst enemy….Annabel, i need to surrender myself to Ogba before he does something stupid….i need to fight him….i need Emmy to be safe….however, i can exactly guarantee her safety, so….’
‘i promise’ Annabel said with a small smile ‘i promise to always take care of Emmy like my own and i’ll love her d way i love my own. Come, lets go….lets go somewhere….my house probably…..and see if we could…you know think about how to track down dis Ogba man’ 
She was being tactical….this wasnt how she wanted Fiona to know about her thought dead brother…not when Fiona was in this kind of mood ‘lets hurry….his men may still be lurking around’
Fiona stood up and dusted her white jeans ‘no, i’d rather go back to Rebecca’s house. That’s d best place i can be right now’
‘dont worry, she wont be able to do anything to me….because i dont have her time’
‘are u sure u’ll be okay Fiona, hope dat mad woman doesnt do something……bad’
Fiona chuckled mildly and hugged her ‘thank u….thank u so much….i barely know u but i feel i can trust u with my life. U’re d only person i’ve ever spoken out to….i feel so comfortable whenever i’m around u’
Ann wrapped her hands around her too ‘u’re welcome dear. I will do anything for sweet little Emmy’
They disengaged with Fiona chuckling ‘do u have a car?’
‘oh yes i do! Its parked outside d gate. Can i give u a ride?’
‘oh dont bother! I came with mine, i was hoping to give u a ride, thats why i asked. I also parked outside d gate, lets walk together’
‘fine. Meanwhile, can i have ur number?’
‘oh silly me! How could i have forgotten something like dat’ They exchanged numbers.
They stopped front of Fiona’s black toyota spider, they hugged briefly before she drove off.
As Ann walked towards where her own car was parked, she saw his car approaching.
Her heart skipped a beat.
Thank God he hadnt seen her! Seeing his car approaching made her realise dat she herself wasnt ready to see him yet, she felt like running back to her car and driving away but her legs were rooted to d floor for reasons best know to them.
He parked just beside hers and came down.
Handsome as usual! His skin glowed under d red tshirt he had on and black pants.
‘Annabel!’ he said excitedly as he raced to where she was….it had been a long time he called her by her full name.
He approached her all smiles, he assessed her with his eyes. Annabel just looked at him, remembering d night he threw her out heartlessly despite her pleas.
‘Ann,’ he called to get her attention, then he hugged her briefly ‘i’m sorry….i’m sorry for everything please forgive me….lets start over, i’m a changed man right now and i’ve realised my mistakes’
‘crap!’ Ann snorted and went to her car, then she turned and eyed him ‘u suck at being a clown really’ She opened d door and hopped in before he could say a word.
He stood rooted to d floor. She looked…..different. There was something about her, something…he couldnt place his hands on but she was clearly a different person now….though her eyes showed pains she was trying to conceal.
It hurt him dat he was d cause of her pains. Ann was a nice woman, and he never meant to treat her d way he did….he had been carried away by anger and hate.
He wondered where she stayed now….did she go back to Maiduguri? Was she with her parents? What was their reaction when they saw her and what did she saw about her disappearance…ten years ago? He was curious.
His phone rang….it was Ciara.
‘hey’ he said into d earpiece.
‘hey….where are u? U left kind…in a hurry….hope nothing happened?’
‘oh no!’ he lied ‘it was mum, she nearly burnt d whole house down with her terrible cooking skills’ He remembered d day his mum had almost done that when she was alive. His mum had been a bad cook and his father did all d cooking in d house.
‘oh! Ur mum is in ur house?’
‘no…i went to d family house’ he felt bad lying to her.
‘oh, okay’ she sounded disappointed ‘i actually wanted to meet her’
‘what? I mean…..’ UR FATHER MURDERED HER, he felt like screaming but restrained himself, ‘eh, maybe some other time’
‘okay, bye’
‘bye dear. I’ll come around tomorrow morning okay?’
‘okay’ she hung up.
His phone rang again and dis time it was from Lillian.
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Ann sat on her bed, scrolling through her phone. She had so many things on her mind. Thoughts about Emmy, thoughts about Lex and Fiona….so many things.
She had told her mum about Emmy and together they had prayed for her safety….she just hoped Ogba or whatever wasnt going to do anything stupid to her.
Ogba Akinkunmi.
She scrolled through his pictures on facebook. He was a fine man. And he was actually very young, to think he was just 26…her age mate.
But he was made and rich….he was cute….she smiled….no wonder Fiona fell for him….he had a glowing dark skin with sexy red lips and his hair cut suits him perfectly.
But she didnt like his name, it was too local for such a handsome young man like him…maybe…Freddie would have been okay….or Calvary….or Seth….Ogba was indeed very local…
She was actually surprised to find out that he attended d same alma mata with her…..secondary school, thats it…Glowingscenes secondary school in Maiduguri.
Did she know him? Maybe she might know him. She immediately sent him a friend request.
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Then she went to her chats and replied some messages, then she came across Lex’s message.
‘Ann….hi….how are u?’ He was active….
She hissed….she wanted to ignore him but she was so pissed, she felt like giving him d insult of his life.
‘dont u ever send a message to me again….i dont know y i’vent even blocked u yet’ And with dat she blocked him immediately.
She felt her phone vibrate….it was a text from Ogba….wow! He had accepted her friend request already?
‘hi….seems i know u frm somewhere…..did u attend Gibralter?’ He messaged.
But she couldnt place his face.
ANN: Yes i did….i dont quite place ur face and ur name isnt exactly familiar….
OGBA: Oh yours is very familiar….Annabel Rowlands…Science or Art?’
ANN: Science and u?
OGBA: Was an Art student….but i’ve seen ur face. Can we meet? So, i can be sure of where i know u.
ANN: Certainly….u know me from Gibralta….maybe u were one of those guys toasting me as at dat time….winkz.
OGBA: Lollz….i was never a womanizer back then in secondary school, infact, i never had a girlfriend not talk of toasting a girl….and dont avoid my question…. can we meet? When and where?
ANN: Lollz….i’m a very busy person….i dont have time to hang out at all….so our meeting is a no no.
OGBA: Where do u work?
ANN: I work with 3BRAINS.
OGBA: Oh, i’ll pay u a visit someday.
Ann raised a brow, who was this guy and why was he so straightforward?
ANN: U rilli do not have to….
OGBA: I will because i like u. What took u so long to reply?
ANN: I was doing something….u like me? Dats wierd considering d fact dat u dont know me at all.
OGBA: Dat doesnt count. U’re a very beautiful woman, and ur status says engaged….who’s d lucky man?
ANN: Oh! I forgot to inform u….i’ll be getting married on Saturday…two days from now.
If only dat could put him off.
OGBA: Doesnt matter….can we meet and just make love once? I cant have s-x with a married woman.
WHAT DA HELL!!!!! Jehovah! What kind of man was this. Was this how this stupid man behaved? Just chatting with a lady once and already talking of making love.
ANN: I’m sorry….but i love my fiance and i will never cheat on him.
OGBA: Love is a mirage my dear, just once. I’m very good in bed.
ANN: And my fiance is also excellent when it comes to lovemaking….he fills me up so well, i cant even think of any other man.
OGBA: Wow! Tell me, how huge is he?
ANN: Huge enough to d point dat i can only take half of him and i feel so full i feel like throwing up.
OGBA: Wow! Impressive. Its not about size….its about techniques.
ANN: He has d size and techniques….
OGBA: He watched a lot of pornography then.
ANN: Pornography is not a sin.
OGBA: And cheating on one’s fiance is equally not a sin….its just s-x, i’m not asking u to doubledate.
ANN: All d s-x i need, he can give it to me….and dis conversation is going as desired…..i beg to log out.
OGBA: I love u dear. Call me, 09035……
Ann shook her head in disgust. What did Fiona see in this bigheaded man that made her fall for him. He was as disgusting as s–t himself. Where da hell did he come from, so annoying.
Her phone rang almost immediately and it was from Fiona.
‘Popili Pokili…..’ she called fondly.
‘Annabel…..’ she was panting for breath and her voice sounded desperate ‘there’s….there’s big trouble….very big trouble….Ogba….Ogba….’ D line went dead.
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