Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 11


‘do ya love her?’ Lillian asked.
Chuks turned to her, a frown on his face ‘who?’
Chuks frowned the more. Lex had left the house two hours ago hoping to search for Ann and he really hoped he found her. He could have tagged along but he had work to do which requires tracking Tommy Anderson’s warehouse.
‘and whats the meaning of that nonsense question?’
‘you know what i mean’ Lillian said calmly, a smile on her lips ‘you’ve not been yourself ever since Lex came here saying Ann was missing….i mean he sent Ann out in the middle of the night. You’ve been feeling….shattered….angry….unsettled and restless’
‘and why shouldn’t i? Ann is my friend too’ He said falling on the sofa beside him.
Lillian’s smile became broader ‘don’t lie to me’ she sat opposite him and crossed her legs ‘it’s all over you Chuks, you can’t hide it anymore’
‘hide what anymore?’
‘your feelings for her,’ she said almost in a whisper as a bubble laugh escaped her throat ‘i find this very funny honey, you know why? Because i know you cheated on me with her’
Chuks’ heart skipped a beat ‘what do you mean?’
‘i accidentally read your text message one day, it was from Ann telling you to come over that Lex just stepped out and she was promising you a fun-filled day with huge supply of s-x’ She laughed again.
Chuks felt a heavy burden placed on his shoulders ‘i…i don’t understand…and what’s the laughter for?’
‘your stupidity’ she said coyly ‘i’m laughing at your stupidity. Chuks do you think you are smart? Hell no, you ain’t. You think you can date me and f–k your best friends girl then go scot free? Is that what you think? That i wouldn’t find out? How can you be so heartless Chuks?’
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‘shhh….Linda, i don’t understand all this one bit. What exactly as you pressing at? Please make your point’
‘i’ve made my point Chuks. I know you’ve never been completely honest about your feelings for me. I know you equally don’t love me but then…..i deserve better. I deserve better than this. I know i don’t stand a chance with you, i know. But i chose to stay, i also know that i can’t do the things Ann has done and can do for her man because i’m no fool…but then, i know i can help build up a great man. I’m not implying that Ann’s a fool, no.
But she went too far with her love for Lex and look where it’s landed her today. I love you Chuks, i love you so much but i can’t do the things Ann did for Lex. Knowing fully well that Lex didnt love her, she still went ahead living with him and making sacrifices for him, i can’t be as foolish as that. Now that i’m sure you dont love me, though i’ve always know, i cant stand it. Chuks, i’m leaving you. I’m leaving you to move on with your life, to explore love. I do not want to tie you down any longer, let’s be free, let’s go our separate ways, no hard feelings. You know who you love, fight for it. Who knows? She could be your soulmate’
‘whats all this supposed to mean?’
‘i’m breaking up with you’ she said softly, her soft red lips pouting as she said it.
‘i don’t understand’
‘haven’t you been listening to all i’ve been saying?’
‘i have and….and….i dont really get it. Why…why are you saying all of this?’
‘because i want to move on with me life. I do not want to remain here wishing and wishing all my life, i have a bright future ahead, that i’m sure of. I’m not Ann, i’m Lillian’
Pastor James Roland walked in, hand in hand with his wife, the engineer leading the way. The assistant pastor was behind them, talking with one of the workers.
‘we heard that this building, simply because its uncompleted has so many boys smoking and molesting innocent girls in it. How true is that?’ Pastor J. Rolands spoke.
‘well thats true,’ the engineer said ‘i’ve heard about it before and i assigned some policemen to secure this property but then the area boys chained them up and stoned them to death. Since then, no police was ready to sacrifice his life. We have still been unable to find the culprit and as frequently as i visit here, i’ve never seen anyone here but there’s always trace that someone has been here’
The pastor sighed ‘this is a place where we hope to start a church. How can we start a church here when such evil has taken place here’
‘we shall cleanse it with the blood of Jesus Christ dear’ Pst Mrs Jovita Rolands said.
Her husband simply smiled as they walked in.
‘whats that?’ the engineer said pointing to the female unclad figure lying down on the floor, legs widely spread.
‘Christ!’ Pst Rolands said turning his back immediately. His wife quickly went to the lady who was obviously unconscious ‘oh no! Its obvious she had been raped. Who could be responsible for this?’ she quickly took off her jacket and covered the little she can.
Then she saw something. The birthmark on the thigh. The…! It wasnt true. It can’t be.
It can’t be her daughter who has been missing for ten years…..!
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