Love And Revenge Episode 26


Sandra nearly wept. Lex was choosing Ann over her, never!
She picked up her phone and dialled Dagger’s number.
SANDRA: Hello D.
DAGGER: Yeah boss, good evening.
SANDRA: How did the mission go?
DAGGER: It was fine boss. We made sure they were both dead.
SANDRA: Good. Meet me for your balance tomorrow evening. By the way i have another job for you.
DAGGER: At your service ma.
SANDRA: I want you to take care of someone, not actually killing the person, i want the person disfigured facially.
Lex looked at Ann one more time as she changed into her nightie looking so angelic and peaceful but yet angry, not wanting to forgive him.
And he realized something that pained his heart. He didn’t love her. He didn’t know the reason why but he felt nothing but gratitude for her, nothing more, nothing less. And it pained him. He felt stricken.
Ann had done so much for him. And she loved him so much too. Yet he couldn’t reciprocate her love.
Tears gathered in his eyes. He wondered how she was going to feel when she realized his true feeling towards her, that he didn’t really love her as she thought. She was going to run mad, she might even kill herself.
It was painful. Not loving someone that loved you with all her heart. But he couldn’t stop himself.
And then he wondered why he didn’t love her. She was a very beautiful and nice woman, respectful, caring,assisting and understanding.
And she did everything she could to make him happy every time. Do any task whenever he asked her to even if it was dangerous. Determined to stand by him through this whole revenge saga.
He should have at least tried to appreciate her even though it was little.
And now, he didn’t love her. What an irony!
His thoughts were interrupted by Ann’s soft tap.
He looked into her brown eyes. He saw a trace of anger in it but he also saw love and care.
LEX: My lo……Ann.
He couldn’t bring himself to lie to her anymore. He couldn’t continue calling her his love when he really didn’t feel anything for her.
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ANN: Lex, we need to talk. We need to sort out a lot of things. Starting from us, our unborn child, this whole revenge thingy and our cocaine business.
LEX: Yeah, we really need to talk.
Then she sat beside him.
ANN: First, let’s talk about us. And when i mean us, i mean our relationship. I’ve thought about it and we really haven’t been progressing in this relationship.
LEX: How?
ANN: Good question. Lex, we’ve known each other for over ten years now, dated for over nine years, lived together for over eight and half years and yet, we are still fornicating. You’ve never really spoken well about the marriage you promised me. When are we really going to stop fornicating? When? When are you going to do the right thing and slip a ring on my finger, when exactly?
Lex swallowed but said nothing so Ann continued.
ANN: Let’s go back to Maiduguri, let’s go see my parents. Let’s apologize to them and let’s do the right thing. Our baby is on the way and i’m not ready to welcome a baby in a home made by fornication and…..
LEX: Shut up!
ANN: What?
LEX: I said you should shut up. What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly uttering nonsense? Have you forgotten that i have a mission at hand? Are you suddenly suggesting that i abandon that mission just for you? I should follow you to Maiduguri, see your parents and do the right thing, you are not ready to raise a baby in fornication, good for you. Go raise the baby in a christian home.
ANN: Lex, are….are….you…you saying this to me? You…
LEX: Yes.
ANN: After everything i did for you?
LEX: There we go again. Go on Ann, keep reminding me of the things you’ve done and haven’t done for me. Maybe that was the reason he didn’t really love her. Always reminding him of the things she had done and haven’t done for him and he hated that.
Tears were welling in her eyes now ‘you really ain’t gonna marry me?’
LEX: I never said such. I just said i’m not ready to abandon my revenge for anything in the world. My revenge is all i live for now.
ANN: Your revenge is ALL you live for. ALL. Your ALL and ALL. I don’t mean anything to you Lex, i’m not worth living for right?
And the tears she had been trying to hold fell down.
Lex was hurt to see her cry. She deserved nothing but the best really.
ANN: I left my family and ran away with you to an unknown destination, no hope of shelter or feeding. I was just seventeen and you nineteen, we had no money. The money with which we paid our transportation fee was the one we stole from a man’s pocket. When we came into this city, we had no hope of living, no shelter. We had to do menial jobs and sleep on the streets for months. You even forced me into prostitution at my young age. Sleeping around just so we could feed. I stayed with you during those times of poverty. Those times when i had to sell all my expensive clothes and shoes, just so we could taste something. That time when i had to run with one of my clients cars just so you could have a ride. Catered away with some of their expensive clothes, shoes, jewelries just so you could look nice, made them into getting a furnished flat for me just so we could live in a house. Those times when we were introduced into drug business and those numerous times when i got caught and my rich clients did everything they could to get me out and……
More tears poured down as she said those words. Lex felt bitter, but what could he do?
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