Love And Revenge Episode 25


Tommy Anderson bit his lower lip then shot Abraham a knowing look ‘you remember Lex? Ade’s first son?’
Abraham in turn shot him a confused look ‘which Ade?’
Tommy Anderson eyed him ‘don’t you know Ade again? Ade Johnson, that colleague we…..’ he paused and looked around ‘killed and burnt his house while his family was sleeping’
‘oh! I don’t wanna talk about that. I regret that decision we made Tom, we shouldn’t have killed him, he was our best friend and he would have covered up for us if we had asked him to, but we just decided to kill him’
‘it was all Sampson’s idea’
‘and we partook in it. We killed a brother from another mother. And we murdered a family that was like our second family’
‘we can’t go back on our sins right? Forget about that, you remember his first son?’
‘why wont i? That cute angelic little boy, if there was anything i regretted, it was killing that boy. I should have taken him in. That boy was so intelligent, nice, obedient, respectful, humble and he had a bright future which shouldn’t have been terminated just like that. I look at Peter everyday and i remember him, Pokili!’ Abraham said with a little smile, Pokili was the nickname he called Lex when he was little.
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Tommy scoffed ‘i saw someone that looked exactly like him when i visited Ciara in the hospital two days before she was discharged’
Abraham drew back ‘that certainly can’t be true, that guy is dead. We burnt him alive when he was a little boy don’t you remember?’
‘i know we did. But do you remember that when we burnt the house, one body was missing?’
Abraham closed his eyes in remembrance ‘that’s true. But we couldn’t say for sure who was that. But it was a child. Common now, it could have been his lazy sister and i’m sure the body burnt to ashes, that was why we couldn’t see it’
‘we could have gotten a clue, maybe a hand or a leg……’
‘common Tommy, that was twenty years ago. And there’s no way Lex is alive. He possibly couldn’t have escaped the fire and we were sure every member of the house was in the house that night. If you think he survived, how then did he survive?’
Tommy Anderson sighed ‘well that’s true. I see no way the guy could have survived. The fire was strong’
‘yep. So you said the strange guy you saw looked so much like Lex right? How did you know? You still remembered his face?’
‘i remembered Ade’s face on seeing him, the guy looked so much like Ade and you know Lex was the only son of his that bore him resemblance so much it looked as if he vomited Lex’
‘yeah’ Abraham said resignedly ‘i just hope it’s not karma fighting us. We did a lot of bad things Tom especially you’
‘what’s that supposed to mean?’
‘i hope so’
Sandra wept as she got into her apartment which was due to expire in a week’s time.
She had been shamefully chased from Lex’s house.
She wept the more.
She removed her high heeled shoes and set it aside, opened her box for a hair net.
She picked up the bags and lazily dragged them to her room where she fell on the bed and cried like a baby.
She loved Lex and that was all she knew and she wasn’t going to fold her arms and watch Ann snatch him away from her never, over her dead body.
Life had been a living hell for her when her parents were brutally murdered by Tommy Anderson. She had struggled.
Struggled as if there was no tomorrow. Did all sorts of menial jobs just to feed. The only thing she did not do was sleep with men for money and that she was never going to do ever.
Her mother hadn’t brought her up that way ‘your virginity is your pride’ her mum would always say.
But she was no virgin.
Tommy Anderson had brutally raped her in front of her parents’ corpse.
And after that she had let no man come between her legs.
Except Lex of course.
And the sex was something else. If not for anything, for the sex alone, she was willing to fight for Lex.
She opened her phone and decided to check her email box to check if there was any message from Dagger, whether mission successful or not.
She opened it and saw lots of messages from different movie directors, she just left them unread.
She saw a message sent to her by Lex and she quickly opened it hoping he was calling and asking her to come back.
It read:
‘i’m sorry you had to leave that way but you were causing trouble between Ann and i. Ann has done a lot for me, sacrificed so many things for me including her family and i just want to be grateful. I will do everything humanly possible to make her very happy. We can still be great friends though but you will never live in my house again, i don’t want anything that’s going to constantly agitate Ann, she deserves nothing but the best.And you deserve the best too. I got a new idea of how to nail Tommy Anderson but we would talk about that later, you have to settle down. Once again i’m sorry for asking you to leave that way. It was all i could do to save my home. Ann and i plan on getting married after this whole ish is over.
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To be continued…….