Love And Revenge Episode 24


Sandra clapped her hands in sarcasm ‘so this is it right?’
They quickly disengaged.
SANDRA: You came back from the hospital just to snatch my man from me abi?
ANN: What are you talking about?
SANDRA: How dare you? You’ve not spent up to an hour in this house and you are already kissing my man, how dare you? And as for you Lex, this is the thing you wanted to check up in your room abi? After strafing me throughout yesterday, you have the guts to kiss this harlot abi, you…..
Sandra could not finish her words when Ann pounced on her.
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Before Lex could blink, the two were already involved in a duel with Ann on top of Sandra pounding her like never before.
‘leave this house you cheap s–t from the pit of hell!’ Ann said as she threw Sandra’s bags out clapping her hands maliciously ‘i will not let you come into the home i strive so hard to build’
‘you cannot tell me to leave the house because you don’t own this house!’ Sandra said picking up the bag Ann threw outside and threw it back inside.
Ann picked it up and threw it outside ‘i don’t own it but i’m a co owner, and i insist you leave since i was the one who suggested you start living here in the first place!’
‘you must be crazy! Where were you when Lex was strafing the living hell out my pussy last night you goat?’
‘he might have strafed your pussy silly but he has been strafing me since he knew me, in fact he disvirgined me. And he will always continue to strafe me till we die’
‘is he the only one you’ve been strafing? Didn’t you strafe Peter?’
‘on his order. I strafed Peter because Lex asked me to’
‘aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You are forcing yourself on a guy who commands you to strafe another for his benefit? Is that what you call love, he does not love you my dear, pack your load and go back to your parents house. If you like sit here and keep living and strafing a man who hasn’t paid a dime on your head’
That word pierced Ann like an arrow. Deep down Ann knew she was right. Lex didn’t love her. Or maybe the love he had for her was not enough. She blinked back the tears gathering in her eyes, she was not going to let Sandra’s words get to her. She turned and saw Lex looking at them with hands akimbo like a man whose family was in shambles.
Then she knew immediately that if she wanted to live with Lex forever(which she wanted), then she would have to do everything to please him.
But first she was going to chase Sandra away first.
‘you cannot talk again abi? Why will you talk when all i said is true? Carry my bags back to the place you saw them. And i will not leave here until Lex asks me to’ Sandra turned to look at Lex ‘do you support my leaving this house Lex?’
Lex coughed, unfolded his arms, walked up to Ann and hugged her whispering an apology in her ears, then he turned to Sandra ‘Sandra, pick your bags and leave my house’
Tommy Anderson panicked. Together with him was Abraham whose son was admitted in the ICU. Both of them panicked as they waited for the doctor in the reception.
Abraham was shedding tears. He didn’t want to lose Peter, he was his only son and child and he would do anything to keep him.
Tommy Anderson walked up to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder ‘stop crying Abraham, be a man’
Abraham looked up at him with red eyes ‘how can you tell me to stop crying? Peter is in there, fighting for his life and you are telling me to stop crying and be a man? D–n being a man!’
‘do you think you are in agony more than i am? Ciara just left the hospital after being stabbed by an unknown entity, my second daughter was involved in an accident after her brakes were deliberately cut by an unknown entity, and now after surviving the stab attack, Ciara has been shot again, do you think i don’t feel like crying too huh?’ Tommy Anderson asked ‘be a man and stop crying’
Abraham sat up and wiped his tears ‘who could be responsible for all this?’
‘if i knew the answer to that question, i wouldn’t be……’ Tommy Anderson paused as he remembered something. Lex
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