Love And Justice Episode 9



“Who was that?” Scar asked after I was interrupted by a call.

“It’s my friend” I answered curtly not wanting to express my disappointment.

“What friend? The same one who sold you out?” his voice obvious not pleased.

I looked at him and the other guys standing around, the only thing on top of us was some slim sheets that covered the top of a shade. Well we were there because a few hours back we had been gunned down by a group of men with arms mostly of deadly nature.

Scar and his group arrived minutes after we were ambushed and we gathered at what used to be our second hide out after he helped us out.

I recall I was there before them. I had searched around the area before going inside and settling on a small round couch waiting for the guy I left watching the soldier I had him follow.

Closing my eyes I wanted to stop for a little bit to think of what I was to do next, I felt my mind scattered and stuck so I needed a break. Then I turned my mind to think of the only person that made me relax, Queen.

In my memories I went back to the day before I left for Copper belt, I woke up slowly opening my eyes and she was there laying besides me breathing gently, I sat to admire her. She shook slightly as she tried to move and then caught me staring.

“What?” she smiled and I felt my heart thaw.

“You know what? I knew that what I felt for you would drive me crazy if I ever harness it but I never imagined waking up to your sight would make my heart race like am a little boy” I smiled in all honesty.

“Hm. Love touches every heart my love, it softens the hearts of kings and brave warriors” she moved to sit up but I held her down.

“No, don’t move!” I smirked

“Hm. Okeey!” she sighed placing her hand below her head on the pillow.

“I need to take in all of you so that the way I feel for you in my heart will be the same way your image would stick to my memory. “ I went on pulling down the smooth sheet that was covering her naked body and moved back to take in all of her. She was amazing, the medium light skin on her body making me want to touch her but I resisted a bit to feed my eyes. Unconsciously, I found myself drawing her contours and she cringed a little as I reached her inner thighs.

‘’Stay put” I smiled looking at her eyes filled with desire. As I went on drawing further inside she closed her eyes.

“It’s hard to do that soldier” she opened them again and pulled me to herself.

“Really? How about you give me proper access to that precious party there?” I murmured kissing her thighs as my hand went further. I could feel my man hardening and she noticed that too drawing me closer and planting her little finger inside my thighs too.

“Learn to follow instructions woman” I teased letting a scream of please as her hands reached the tip of the mountain making the volcano erupt the liquid so smooth and sultry.

“Hey wake up, sleeping that deep?” a masculine voice came into my ears interrupting my memory and I sat up quickly pointing my gun at him.

“Whoa, whoa! Easy there, it’s me?” Len raised his hands.

“What the…!, You should have knocked dammit!” I snapped standing up.

“Well I did but it seemed like there was no one here” he chuckled teasingly and walked to the small fridge to get a bottle of water.

“How did it go?” I asked looking out the curtain. It was so dark outside I could barely see past the outside lamp.

“Waiting for someone?” he asked with a deep sigh throwing the empty bottle in the bin.

“Yeah, I told you on phone I was going to let in the boys from Kabwe”

“You did. I dint know they will be in today” he shrugged.

“So what happened there, any news?” I asked him again wanting to hear his story

“Nothing Steve, the guy was home the entire time, two girls joined him later on and till the time I moved out, there was no other movements in or out” he explained

“Hm. I find that off, something is not right, one wouldn’t be that easy after being tortured for hours. Check him out first thing in the morning” I sighed grabbing a cigarette. I was almost lighting it up when the loud noise of gun shots came through piercing the wall and missing my hand by an inch.

“Get down!” I shouted to Len and we fall down pulling out our guns. Before we could do anything we heard shots coming from all directions making it hard for us to stay put or take any shots. The noise was so loud I started panicking as I struggled to stay easy.

“s***!” we are surrounded!” Len cursed angrily shooting out aimlessly.

“Stop wasting bullets and let them cease fire” I warned him and we hid behind a small upright pillar that held up the chimney. At last the gun firing stopped and we heard footsteps approaching.

“Now!” I shouted and we both went out shooting at the guys that where inside taking them down in an instant. We had not taken a break to celebrate our victory when some fierce firing started drawing us right back.

“You are surrounded, surrender now or you will die!” a voice spoke up using a loud speaker.

“What now?” Len asked me I would bet he was looking at me as all the lights where taken off and we were in complete darkness, except for the small lighting coming in from outside.

“s***! Damn idiots! How did they find me again?” I shook my head peeping outside.

I felt trapped and was almost giving in when I heard gun fire from a few meters away and later a retaliation from the men outside.

“” I whispered with a smile

“Scar is here. Good!” I stood and crawled out.

“Stay put. I don’t want to lose any more men today” I raised my hand at Len who wanted to follow me.

In a short time it was all silent and the last man from the enemy side rushed in trying to hide but I shot him in the shoulder sending him down. The sound of a car getting away made me rush outside. I watched as it drove away at a great speed.

“Hey, are you okey?” Scar walked towards me his gun swaying in his hand.

“Yeah” I looked up at him and he smiled shaking his head.

“What the hell is going on, you have all that army trying to kill you?” he looked around some dead guys around.

“Told you it’s hot, and we need to move. It seems someone has messed me up” I signaled as Len walked out too. We managed to grab what we could from the house and moved out but that was before burying the dead bodies in one large pity.

Here we were standing in a shed with men looking around.

“Tell me what the hell is going on with your group” Scar asked stepping loser to me startling me.

“I don’t know man, we are only a few but I don’t know what is going on, my most trusted man sold me out and even though I have a feeling something is not right with him somewhere I have to listen to him, he just confirmed I have been compromised, that means we need to plan our next moves carefully thankfully he doesn’t know I involved you, he knows I was seeking for a hand but he doesn’t know who it is” I explained.

“Let’s get to it already, but before I need my men paid an advance” he shrugged.

“What? That wasn’t the deal man “I argued,

“Well, it wasn’t the deal that we would run into gun shots and save your ass even before we get to do your thing man, they need something to motivate them” he sighed taking in some red wine.

“Oh damn, thieves!” I shook my head calling Len with my hand.

“Yeah, that’s how it goes man, you pay my men because they believe in working for money, each gun shot is worthy something to them” he smiled

“Fine, I don’t have much after all the things have been destroyed but my man here will get something for them before night fall tomorrow” I told him looking at Len.

“Good, now what’s the plan?” he asked me sitting up.

“How many men do you have here?” Asked looking around.

“They are 10 here but I have others coming tomorrow, about 30 in total.

“Well trained men?” I asked feeling a bit worried seeing others looking younger.

“Ken!” Scar called one of his men, a rough looking guy taller than most of them. He whispered something to him and the man walked away calling one of the boys who looked the youngest.

“Wanna try them?” he smirked looking at me.

“Hm, if you say so” I sighed putting off the cigarette and walking out as others gathered around to watch the fight.

The guy threw some punches at me and I didn’t take him serious till I felt him hit my face making me stagger a bit. I fought him back easily of course, since I wasn’t going to hurt a boy of his age. He fought fairly and I gave him a last one sending him down to the ground with a wince, he jumped up and came to me again

“Good! He is strong and persistent” I smiled dismissing him.

“So?” Scar looked at me.

“If most of them are like him then am good” I smiled looking at him. The guy grinned back and removed his shades as we got down to planning.

To be continued…