Love And Justice Episode 8



I had blacked out for some number of hours I could not manage to ascertain. I shook as I awake looking around me. Two huge guys were standing on the door way to the room I was tied up. I took a few minutes down the floor trying to recoup my mind to what was going on. Then I recalled everything that happened. I was in some kind of dream and Mr. Benson was asking me questions.

“s***!” I cursed inside my head realizing how stupid I had been.

“Damn you Benson!” I screamed in my head looking around for any kind of escape. I had to warn Steve to stay alert as he was now in the open. I had no idea what was going on now that I couldn’t even tell what it was he was told to do.

Clearing my throat, I caught the attention of the guys on watch and they both turned to look at me.

“I am thirsty” I started, wanting to get them to act or at least move closer. My hands where chained and locked with a padlock and I could see the keys hanging on one of the guy`s pocket.

They both laughed out aloud.

“Who do you think you are?” one of them spat kicking my side and I winced painfully.

“If you knew what is good for you who, or who you are dealing with you wouldn’t be laughing right now” I responded deliberately wanting him to provoke him into moving towards me.

He stepped forward and kicked me again his friend joining in. quickly I lifted my hands up the pole I was tied to which was in the middle of the small room and swayed around hitting both of them in the legs and sending them down in an instant.

They quickly jumped up and came on to me as I steadily planted my feet in the floor for balance. The first guy`s blows were really hush on me but that didn’t keep me from fighting, I felt I needed to get out and I hated being tied up.

Another rough swing and I sent the second guy to the floor. He suddenly hit the wall and fall down silent. The next guy rushed to me but I had an advantage being closer to the ground and I held him down as he tried to hit me with his boots. He fall down too and before he could take his stand again I was wrapping my legs around him and with all my strength holding him down till he started shaking and fighting to escape the grip but I held on firm and twisted his neck till I heard it crack the guy falling down dead.

“Idiots! Next time tie my legs!” I whispered as I pulled him closer with my legs and grabbed the key with my bare feet. It took a couple of minutes but I managed to use my mouth to unlock the lock on my hands and set myself free.

The noise must have alerted the other guards as I saw them ran towards the room. I realised it was a separate room from the house I could see now from a few meters away. Quickly I grabbed the gun from the floor and hid by the corner waiting for the first guy to appear upfront and like I had presumed the first guy entered and shouted seeing his friends down.

“He..” he could not finish his sentence and I grabbed him twisting his neck and sending him to sleep instantly. A number of them came on to me with shooting but I kept my post firing at them steadily ensuring I didn’t waste my bullets yet.

After i stayed put for a couple of minutes as gun shots came firing at the wall and through the door.

“Stop shooting you idiots we need him alive!” I heard Mr. Benson`s voice and I smiled. I knew that was the case, otherwise why would they keep me till then.

“Good” I sighed and waited for another minute for the guys to come closer and when I peeped through the hole made in the wall I saw them closing in steadily their fire arms ready. They didn’t see it coming as I moved forward killing the six guys almost instantly. By the time my riffle was out of the bullets, only Mr. Benson was standing straight clung to the ground as he watched dead men around him.

“You made a wrong enemy Sir!” I shouted seeing a lot more other guards running our way and I knew I had no time with him.

“He shouted for them to get me but I was gone. I kept running in the bush even though the newly burnt bushes where piercing my bare feet. I kept running to get far away from my pursuers memories of Congo clicking in.

“Find him! He couldn’t have gone any far from here” the voice of General Loko came to my head.

I recalled hiding in the top tree waiting for them to move away. The entire Congo escape played in my head till the time I got to meet Paula and her father, then I suddenly stopped.

“No Ackim, stop running” I told myself standing and turning to look back. Some plodding boots, I could hear from a few meters away and I decided to hide in the scrubs.

Two guys appeared first and with my riffle covered in the front with my shirt, I shot them silently and watched as they fall to the ground. I moved from that point to another one and took out two other guys. By the time I took out the last one, the entire area was covered with screaming voices of the shot guys. I made sure not to shoot to kill but to make the guys have no ability to come after me. Others where shot in their hands, others in their legs and those unlucky both. With the use of their own bullets I managed to take down all of them within an hour.

I looked around feeling like a beast without a shirt on. My blood was boiling and I was so sure if my wife or kids would see me at that moment, they would never want to stay with me again. I knew the beast in me, the fighting and killing spirit that I so much wanted to keep in my past was activated and I was not thinking of sparing anyone.

I run back like a mad man without stopping to rest or take a breath after taking a t-shirt from one of the guys and pulling it on.

“Where are you?” I asked myself as I searched around the place I was held but it was silent. I looked around carefully but nothing. Then I went in to check the two guys who were guarding me earlier to see if I could find any cell phone on them. Luckily one of them had one and I looked around before making a call.

“Hello” the voice of Steve responded from the other end.

“Hey man! It’s Ackim” I told him.

“What the hell is going on there?” he shouted angrily.

“Change all the plans and, move from where you are man, you have been compromised.” I told him without wasting any time.

“I asked you what is going on, tell me why the idiots are on our tails and having my boys?” I could hear his anger.

“I know that man, for now I want you to abort any mission you planned especially that which I know off. And please don’t tell me anything again till we meet in person. I have been comprised too and just escaped a group of mafias. Benson is on us and you need to act fast” I added looking out again to make sure there was no one else around. I heard him sigh.

“I noticed that and I called on someone to help…” he responded but I stopped him.

“No, don’t tell me s*** man. I don’t know how to get away from this from where I am, till you see me in person don’t tell me s*** and from this moment don’t contact me unless I do.” I spoke firmly and he cut the line.

I crushed the phone into pieces before walking away. I had to find a way home and I first had to find out exactly where I was. Running forward, I moved east trying to find a way to the main road or someone to help me out and I was about to get excited seeing the road ahead when I realized where I was.

“What the hell!” I let a scream stopping instantly as I watched the view in front of me.

“How the hell did they bring me here?” I asked myself my strength running out.

To be continued…