Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable) Episode 85



  Emiliano and Jorge want to know if she meant Virginia is actually her daughter. Salma quickly chances her statement and tells them Virginia became her daughter from the day they both brought her in the house. Jorge reminds her that Veronica was also adopted just like Virginia. However she always defends and favors Virginia. He is sure it has something to do with her past and assures her she will find out the truth. Salma threatens to divorce him if he insists on kicking Virginia out of the house.

  Pablo returns home and his mother notices that his hand is hurt again. He tells her about the fight with Julio but assures her it is the least of his problem. Lucia scolds him and asks him not to make her hate Ana Perla. She decides to call the doctor to check on him thought they have money to pay.

  Salma tells Jorge that she loves him but for Virginia’s sake she is willing to divorce him. He will have no option than to give her what she deserve and sell the house. Jorge reminds her that he can’t sell the house. He promises to give her enough money to make sure she lacks nothing. Salma refuses and informs him she will make sure he sell house though she knows he doesn’t want to.

  Joaquin runs into Gaby but grabs her before she could fall down. Polo reminds him mother that his father already approved that Blanquita studies nursing in the city. Gaby hurts her leg and Joaquin offer to take her home to attend to her. Since she can’t walk he decides to carry her in his arms. Two ladies see them and gossip. Blanquita goes to the nursing school for enquiry and get to know that the deadline is next week.

  Emiliano asks Jorge what Salma meant concerning the house. Jorge informs him that he promise his biological mother that he (Emiliano) will also raise his children in the house. Claudia overhears Pierre and Romeo conversation and confronts him. He tells her that she doesn’t love him, no one needs to tell him that Martin is the love of her life. Martin brings Veronica breakfast in Matilde’s room. Veronica refuses to eat, he leaves it on the table and tells her he is outside in case she needs him. As soon as Martin leaves, she takes the sandwich and smiles.

  Pierre asks Claudia to deny what he just told her but she doesn’t. She assures him that he deserve someone who will love in return. She is grateful for everything but no matter how hard she tries to love him. Her heart won’t permit, Pierre gets angry and leave.

  Emiliano assures his father he will always be there for him. They both agree that Virginia should leave the house if not things will get worse in the family. Virginia cries and assures Salma that what Mariana said in the letter are lies. Salma tells her she believes her, Virginia doesn’t want her to end her marriage because of her. She tells Salma she wants to die and Salma consoles her. She wastes no time in cursing Mariana and Matilde when Salma hugs her. She is worried about Matilde and wishes she died.

  Polo informs his mother Blanquita went to the nursing school. Raymunda decides to go and look for her and begs him not to tell his father. Joaquin takes Gaby to his house to bandage her leg and they have some awkward moment. Manuel takes his grandfather to the bar to have a drink. Crescencio feels Manuel has no respect for him as his grandfather. Julio decides to also go and search for Blanquita. Two men follow Blanquita in the street.

  Emiliano feels Martin wants to take advantage of Veronica weakness in this situation to get closer to her. Martin tells him the least Veronica needs at this moment is for them to fight over her. Emiliano agrees and decides to go in to talk to her.

  Polo tells Ana Perla that Blanquita left the house because his mother didn’t want her to go the nursing school.
Ana Perla feels responsible for that, Polo wonders if it is because she is expecting his friend Pablo child. She tells him he is too young to understand, he however promise her to defend her from Manuel. Raymunda is almost knocks down by a car and start crying. Blanquita realized that she is lost and ask the two guys following for direction. They rather take advantage and try to attack her but her prince charming shows up in time to defend her.

  Father Juan sees Nancyiaga reading her stones and approaches her. She tells him Martin and Veronica will suffer a lot. She tells him Martin will go crazy. The bad woman will cause him a lot of harm. Thought she will die but she sees blood over all over the place. Blanquita and Arturo get to know each other.

  Matilde suddenly open her eyes, Veronica is glad and tries to chat with her. Matilde tries to talk but she is unable to speak. Veronica comes out screaming for help. Martin and Magdalena hear her and rush to join her. Daniel calls Virginia and she reproaches him for not defending her earlier on. He tells her he was fired which she tells him she is glad. Daniel gets angry and tells her he needs money. She asks him to get it elsewhere, it is over between them. Daniel then asks her to listen to something. He made her listen to his recording and she hears her own voice confessing to their plan. Martin and Magdalena try to calm Veronica down but she refuses. She tells them Matilde is the only person in her life who hasn’t betrayed her. Magdalena feels offended and decides to leave.

  Raymunda and Julio return home without Blanquita. Raymunda cries and prays that nothing happen to her daughter. Meanwhile Blanquita is happily enjoying in the park with her prince charming. Magdalena goes to the chapel and asks God to forgive her. She can’t help but get hurt that Veronica loves Matilde more than her. Veronica enters the chapel and listens to her without saying anything. Until Magdalena says even though Veronica is a woman now, she will always be her little girl and she loves her. Veronica is the most beautiful girls in the world, then Veronica says and the universe. Magdalena turns and hugs her. Veronica tells her she overheard everything she said and thanks her. Lorenzo informs Botel about the gold they discovered and asks him to inform Martin. Upsin and Ireri smooch at the riverboat. Upsin wants to ask for her hand in marriage. Arturo and Blanquita spend more time in the park chatting and flirting. The doctor informs Pablo he may end up losing the mobility of his hand if he continue this way. As soon as the doctor leave Pablo tells him mother he wants to go and see Ana Perla. She warns him to either follow the doctor’s instruction or he will never see her again. Ireri and Upsin arrive at Ireri’s place. she tries to wake him up but he doesn’t response. She touches and realized that he is very cold. Upsin check his heart beat and realized that he is dead.

  Veronica and Magdalena return to Matilde’s room and notices she isn’t in her bed. Virginia insults Daniel and tells him she never though he could betray her this way. She tells him she is not afraid of his blackmail. Daniel tells to either get the money for him or he will trade the video with Veronica. Daniel hangs up and Virginia curses him. She feels she is in his hands, Salma overhears and asks who she is talking about.

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