Colour Of Love Episode 9



Episode 9  

What did mum say?

Adriana: no she said nothing sorry. They had a lot of conversation about their personal lives and so many things. Finally Ryan   told Adriana he wanted to ask her something. Adriana replied and said yes you can. 

Ryan: ok thank you. Am 28 years and haven’t been in any relationship.  I have found love and joy in you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to build a family with you. I loved you from the day I set my eyes on you. And moreover, I don’t think am making a wrong choice. This is the moment I have been waiting for in so many years to tell a lady I love her. So will you be my girl if i ask you? Ryan said this with so much compassion. 

Adriana: Ryan there is no need to ask me because we are already in love. Our chemistry tells it all. I also loved you from that very day I saw you singing. You are the man I have been waiting for in my life. God has really listened to my prayers. The answer is a big YES.  Ryan stood up gave her a big hug.

They left the place to Ryan’s car to go home. Ryan used his new  G wagon Benz that day. He opened the door for Adriana to sit in.

On the way going, they were both feeling shy to talk to each other. When they got in front of Adriana’s house, he quickly came down to help her out. When she stepped out, she asked Ryan to accompany her to the house. Ryan said yes let’s go. I even have to greet your parents since am here.
As soon as they entered the hall, Mr and Mrs Willington were there watching television. They greeted them. Mr/Mrs Willington responded to them. 

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Who do I have in my house today, Ryan of all people?  Oh very nice to have you here. Mr Willington said

Thank you daddy Ryan replied.

Ryan make yourself comfortable Mrs Willington also chipped in.

Mr Willington : am so happy to see you in my house, to what do we owe this unexpected visit?  

Ryan : Well daddy, I actually went out with Adriana, so I decided to pass by and say hello to you and mummy.

Mr Willington : oh that’s nice of you Ryan. Adriana quickly chipped in and said dad, mum Ryan and I are in a relationship now.

Mrs Willington:  oh my goodness. I knew it from the day you asked me about him. Am so happy for you baby. You are so much in love with Ryan.

Adriana : yes mum am so so much in love for the first time. 

Mr Willington : good boy. For this short period you have seen my daughter, you have been able to win her heart. Because she isn’t easy to be convinced. 

After Ryan had spent some time with them, he asked permission to go since they will be going to church the following day. 

Ryan left the hall with Adriana. When they got outside, Adriana hugged Ryan and said, thank you very much for this day. I really appreciate it. I luv you so much Ryan.

Ryan : thank you for coming and thank you for accepting me as your man. This is a special day I will never forget in my life. I love you too Nana Akua. Then he left saying, see you in church tomorrow. 

Roland on the other side didn’t hear any news from his brother so he sent him a text.

“Hey Mr lover boy, where are you at?” Ryan called him back after he read the text and said on my way coming home. When he got home, he met his parent at the living room also watching TV. He was so happy when he entered the place.

His mum asked him why he was happy. He told his mum about him and Adriana. His parents were so proud of him that he has someone finally to be with.

He called Roland to his room. Roland got there very fast since he was curious to know the outcome of their date.

Roland: bro what’s up? Tell me something. How did it go?

Ryan: man relax everything is good. She has accepted to be with me.

Roland: I trust you bro am so happy for you. Good to hear that. 

Back in Adriana’s house, her parents called her to congratulate her for accepting Ryan’s proposal. Her mum was most especially happy because she had always been praying to get someone like Ryan for her daughter.

Ryan called his girlfriend to tell her he got home safely and he had told his parents about them. They talked for a very long time on phone. It was then getting late so Ryan had to cut the conversation for them to sleep  

Have a sound sleep baby Ryan said.

Same to you sir and don’t forget I love you so much

To be continued