In today’s episode,

Martin swears to Virginia that he is going to make her pay for everything. After he left, Virginia thanked her fate that martin has spilled the truth out about his idea to getting married to veronica and she calls it as the best wedding present she could have.

Right away Virginia goes to spill the truth about martin’s intention of getting married to her in a very sarcastic way, explaining everything in detail to her and veronica refuses to believe it since she believes martin married her for love and nothing else. Virginia then went further to explain it and Veronica becomes so devastated and breaking glasses and shedding all the tears in the world. Seeing how veronica has become down hearted, Virginia again tells her that, she thought after ruining her wedding she also thought it wise to just return a favour to her by letting her know the truth about her marriage which why she decided to give her the special present from her husband and after that she perks veronica to wish her goodnight.

Perla gathers the courage to tell her grandfather that she is not going to marry Eleazar because she is expecting Pablo’s child and Crescencio becomes so disappointed in her after trusting in her against Manuel and Manuel now gets the upper hand and says that history has repeated itself as Perla’s mother got pregnant also with an outsider. Crescencio begins to beat her but Raymunda tried her best to calm him down. Eleazar arrives to hear about it and he becomes so angry and disappointed in Perla and that he is not going to marry Perla to raise another man’s child. Perla then challenged him to leave because now more than ever she doesn’t love him one bit as he’s been telling him always so she hands her engagement ring back to him and asks him to leave.

Martin goes to check on veronica but after she asks him about all that Virginia told her, martin confirms it and he tries defending himself and keeps stating that he was also a victim to Virginia’s lies and therefore she should forgive her but veronica slapped him and asks him that she leaves her alone and never to come back because he is a coward since he couldn’t even face her to tell her the truth. Martin refuses to let her go and Emiliano seeing that martin continues to worry veronica whiles she refuses to let him touch her, he becomes so furious and descends to confront martin to leave and this ends up in a deep and brutal fight upon hearing all the explanation. Luckily, Jorge comes to separate them on time if not one or the two might have ended up dead. Veronica then gives her ring to martin and tells him that she is going to start the divorce processing any moment.
Virginia goes to the drug store to get some medicine and whiles leaving she discovers Daniel entering this same drug store making a call to Virginia but fortunately Daniel never saw her so she stood somewhere to listen to all of the conversation and there she discovered that it is indeed true that Virginia had something with Daniel so she decides to put a stop to all of Virginia’s lies.

Manuel tries to condemn Perla that she is a prostitute but Julio warns him not to dare touch her or do anything stupid against Perla if not he’s going to have him to contend with him because he really loves Perla with all of his heart and he’s fed up of keeping silent about it. The family then becomes surprised to hear Julio words but Crescencio tells him that he is only but a simple servant and therefore has no right to fall in love with his granddaughter but Julio corrects him that love is not a respecter of persons whether poor or rich, servant or royal because now that Eleazar refuses to marry her he doesn’t care if she’s pregnant he still wishes to marry her.

Matilde enters Virginia’s room and as she discovers that she was bathing, she takes her tablet on her bad and in opening it he sees another photo of Daniel and Virginia half naked on bed kissing but instead of taking it away to show Jorge, she preferred to challenge Virginia about the photo and if she dares deny it she can take it to Jorge and the rest of the people.

Crescencio then tells Perla that he child will be born but he is never going to allow her to keep it but she challenges her that no matter what she is going to defend her child no matter what and there he would know what a mother is capable of defending her child. As they begin arguing, Pablo arrives and Crescencio looking so furious, he pushes Pablo into the chair and begins to beat him but Pablo still states that he doesn’t care is he kills him. Crescencio calls for Manuel and Julio to kill Pablo but Perla defends Pablo and tells them that they would have to kill her first. Manuel angrily pushes Perla down unintentionally to get hold of Pablo but unfortunately, she ends up in into coma but even with that he tells Crescencio that he hopes Perla dies and never make it.

Julio takes Pablo out of the house and after he left, Pablo never went away but climbed the through the back door of Perla to see her and luckily for him Perla was the only one inside but she begs him to stay away because their love just turned into a nightmare and it is as a result of his lies. She tries telling pablo about her pregnancy but since it was in parable Pablo couldn’t get it and demanded that she makes him to understand.

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