In today’s episode,

Pablo after being taken to the hospital by Mariana when he almost collapsed since the bullet drained most of his blood, was confirmed by the doctor that, he can no longer paint with his hands because it has been brutally damaged by the bullet and Pablo feels that his world has crashed down.

Raymunda continues to blame Pablo for attacking Manuel but Perla, Polo and Blankita defend Pablo and say that Pablo isn’t mean to that extent because Manuel could be the one carrying the weapon on him but she still wouldn’t believe anything they say.

Suddenly Martin, Veronica and Matilde arrive and they also defend Pablo. They decide to go to Mexico to check on Pablo and Manuel and Perla agrees to go with them so Veronica promised Raymunda to take care of Perla.

Salma and Nicholas arrive at Cancun at the final artery competition and Emiliano comes out as the champion among the competitors.


Pier goes out with Claudia to the jewelry shop and Claudia sees an engagement ring that she would have preferred to anything else but Pier ignores her and rather, buys a diamond necklace for her and Claudia unwillingly takes it and appreciates it anyway since she had no say. Claudia later demands from Pier to tell her why he always pulls back anytime she stresses on things concerning marriage, because if he is going to take her as his lover then she would decide to move on and forget about him. Pier then explain things to her that, a long time ago he was married to a woman but their marriage never lasted because the woman was diagnosed with cancer and he did everything possible to help her and fortunately, she was cured but after her recovery, his wife ended up with his (Pier) best friend and that is the reason why he has this fear of marrying any woman because it only brings bad luck. Claudia then sympathizes with him for his predicament.

Emiliano and the rest go to the club to enjoy themselves in celebration of his victory at the artery competition and Salma dances with Nicholas and he becomes enthused with the way Salma dances and wishes that he had her to himself.


After Daniel completes with the surgery on Manuel, he tells Crescencio that his condition is serious but if he’s able to react to the medications within 24hrs then he can make it. If not, the worst will happen and Manuel can lose his life. Crescencio then becomes worried.

Martin, Veronica, Matilde and Perla arrive in Mexico and Perla tells Veronica that she’s decided to move on with or without Pablo though it seems difficult but she will try.


Veronica calls Becca; her uncle’s secretary to inform her that she’s in Mexico and wishes to speak with her uncle so Becca gives her the time she can catch up with Jorge and she agrees to it and Aaron becomes fortunate to know the time to meet Veronica and counts himself blessed as he sits beside Becca.

Jorge pays a surprise visit to Salma in Cancun to tell her that he has decided to divide his property so each one of them could have their future secured since Emiliano is about getting married to Virginia. Each one of them will have 20% but Salma thinks it should be 25% because Veronica isn’t part of the family and therefore doesn’t deserve anything and as usual this Veronica issue generates into a huge argument since Salma fails to agree but Jorge still stands by his words.


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