“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 14



Sakina was actually a blood related sister.

Efe was surprised to see her sister back with  her. Sekina was looking very sad and Efe wondered what the problem could be.  She knew that her sister was in the care of Mr.Abdul and to see her return looking that way means a lot had gone on with her.

She loved Sekina so much that she would do anything for her. She was the only family member Efe had now. Sekina looked really different and changed. Efe gave her water to drink after which she began telling her everything she had gone through in the hands of Mr.Abdul and even how she got involved with Aziz.

Sekina, when she found out that Mr.Abdul knew of her involvement with Aziz, She knew her time with him was limited and so had to escape any chance she had.

On her journey back to where her sister was, that was when she realized she never treated Adzo well. She however didn’t skip any part of what she had done and gone through when she was still with Mr.Abdul to Efe. Little did she know that Mr.Abdul and Aziz were also in the same house as Efe.

Ruby who was still at Nana’s apartment decided to go and check up on Nhyira that evening. They both left to the hospital where Nhyira was admitted. All this while, they talked about each other and Ruby realised  that Nana still had feelings for her.  She knew that Nana in a nutshell was a good man.

With all this happening, Ruby still wondered where Adzo was. Even though her mother had spoken ill about her, she was still worried about her but she just kept it all in her heart.

Nana also never had anything against her. He knew that mistakes were bound to happen and for that matter, he didn’t even blame Adzo for a second for what had happened to Nhyira.

Upon reaching the hospital, they were fortunate to meet the doctor who was in charge of Nhyira and at last they got good news. Nhyira was responding to treatment and was to be discharged the following day.  Nana smiled as he was overwhelmed with joy and excitement but what really surprised him was how Ruby reacted to the news.

She just jumped and gave Nana a big hug. It was like a reflex action. Before Nana knew it, Ruby gave him a short yet sensational kiss on his lips. Ruby came back to herself and noticed what she had done.

“What just happened? Ruby asked.

That didn’t need an answer from Nana though.

“I’,m sorry Nana I was overexcited” Ruby continued.

“Don’t worry, this calls for a celebration” Nana said.

The hospital wasn’t the right place for that, they decided to go back home to celebrate the good news and the life of Nhyira.

“Hold on, I have a special wine at home, drive me there and let me go get it. It will be suitable for this occasion” Ruby said.

Apparently that was the wine that her late father bought for her as her wedding gift; for Fred and her. She was determined to use that wine because she was completely done with Fred.

Mansa had left an important document at the church that evening and was coming back for it. Upon reaching there, She noticed that Adzo was still at the church and was sleeping. She was sweating all over. Mansa gave her a tap on the shoulder which made her wake
up with fear.

“Calm down girl, it’s me” Mansa said.

“What happened, I thought you had gone home” Mansa continued.

“Madam, I’m sorry.” Adzo was looking very frightened and afraid when she was still talking to Mansa.

Mansa noticed that she was afraid and expressed her concern about it.

“What is wrong with you, why are you so afraid. It’s me, am the lady you spoke to early on” Mansa said.

“I know. I’m sorry, I just had a terrible dream” Adzo said.

“A dream? do you mind telling me? Mansa asked and sat closer to her.

“I saw a man, he was standing right where you are seated. He said his name is Obed and I should tell you to teach me the path of Jesus” Adzo said still frightened.

Mansa was shocked as she mentioned the name of Obed.

Meanwhile, Nana and Ruby had already gotten to Ruby’s house. He waited in the car while Ruby went in to take the champagne for the celebration.

After Ruby had gotten the champagne, She went into her mother’s bedroom just to check on her and tell that she would be a bit late tonight. To her surprise she found out that her Mum was not in her room. She looked all around but there was no sign of her.

However, Ruby saw that the light at boys quarters was illuminated which was quite unusual. They never used the boys quarters so she wondered. She quickly went there to check. She opened the door which was not locked and found out the TV was on and Aziz was lying there far asleep.

All along she thought they had already gone. She went further to the bedroom and there she received the shock of her life. She found her mother half naked in bed with Mr.Abdul. There were both far asleep.





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