In today’s episode,

After Nanciyaga tells Veronica about the secrets which is bound to separate them and not her, Veronica enquires from Martin what those secrets are but Martin becomes speechless and nervous but she still insists and begs him to tell her the truth because this time around, she is not going to allow one more lie at all and all he could say was the only secret is what he already told her about Demetrio being his brother and he took his own life.

Veronica then leaves them and quickly martin speaks with Nanciyaga that she should stop saying stupid things because he is married, loves his wife and no matter what happens he can’t love her, least to think of marrying her. Nanciyaga then warns Martin to spill out the truth if not they will get separated in future due to the secret.

Blankita becomes so happy for Ana after the engagement ceremony and Ana sees it as a dream since she never imagined that her marriage will be so soon.

Pablo becomes so worried that Crescencio insists that he marries Ana very soon so he can take her with him to New Ylork to have his paintings exhibition because his main worry is that since Mariana is his representative she wouldn’t take it lightly to see him with his wife after breaking up for a short time and that will make her feel so humiliated as a woman. His mother seconded him on the issue but she again urges him to be strong.

Dussage calls Claudia and tells her that he wants them to meet since he misses her so much and she agrees looking so happy for hearing that.

Alfredo advices Martin to try letting Veronica know his purpose for marrying her though it seems difficult but that will help in solving all the mistrusts in the marriage and deal against his fear also f losing her but he still stands on his words that he can’t say the truth since it will make him lose his wife for good.


Virginia tells Daniel that she wishes that she is discharged then she will have babies with Daniel but just when he was about kissing her, Emiliano opens the door and quickly Virginia alerts Daniel and he pulls back and noticing that Emiliano still stands at the door watching, she changes the topic and begins to cry over her supposed lost child and how painful it is and Emiliano feels so bad hearing her say that as he thinks he’s caused so much pain to her.


Botel leaves a letter behind for Veronica and Martin that, after arriving in mina Escondida, he realized that he can’t stop thinking about Magdalena as much as leaving her all by herself in Mexico to look for her daughter so he’s decided to go back to Mexico to support her in everything.

After Botel arrives at the hotel, Magdalene becomes nervous and asks him to go return only for Botel to open the door after someone knocks and surprisingly, it was the detective who enters to give her the good news that he’s found her missing daughter through the help of the picture and it turns out that Veronica Prado Castelo is her daughter and the news comes with tears of joy. The detective then asks her to calm down for a DNA test to be carried out before she tells Veronica about it so she can take it in good fate. After detective Adolf left, Botel enquires from her how she got the picture and she had no choice than to spill out the truth that it was Aaron who gave it to her because he faked his death and Botel becomes overwhelmed. She then begs him to forgive her since she only did everything to prevent Aaron from hurting him and when she tried to defend him, he went ahead and abused her sexually. He becomes more and more furious and one could tell how he wants to kill Aaron for that harassment.

Emiliano being so ignorant about Virginia’s plans becomes so worried with the situation to the extent that, he blows the bad news to his father that through his intimacy with Virginia, she became pregnant but due to the malaria she lost the baby and his father jumps is surprised. Emiliano then tells his father that his imprudence killed his first baby so his father then asks if he is going to marry her because Virginia has given them no means to doubt her as a good lady and Emiliano also thinks so, therefore, he agrees to marry her.


Crescencio and his family, Pablo and his mother and Martin and his wife meet together to share some fun and in the mood, Veronica suggests that she wishes to join the miners to work but Crescencio tells her not to go to the mine since women only bring nothing but curse to it because there was a day women used to go to the mine and the mine became jealous and hid all of his treasures but if a woman insists, the mine gets angry and misfortune appears. Martin and Veronica think it’s just superstition and nothing else. Crescencio then angrily tells them that he cares less if he will go ahead and allow his wife to enter the mine to bring misfortune.

Botel arranges for the police immediately Magdalene told him that Aaron will be coming over to pay her a visit. The police arrive with their gadgets and they coach Magdalene to speak to Aaron without any tension if not he is going to suspect something fishy. Magdalene answers Aaron’s call perfectly as soon as he called to inform her that he is coming over.

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