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Veronica asks Martin to look straight into her eyes and tell her that he believes her sincerely when she tells him that she had nothing to do with Demetrio. Martin pulls back gradually since he still has doubts about that issue so Veronica tells him that, if that is so then there is no point in giving him a second chance to be together again. Martin again pleads with her to let them forget about the past by not talking about it because he is ready to forget everything and love her as he’s never loved and cared for her before and they both share kisses as usual to seal their conversation.

Julio grows so angry about the way and manner in which Pablo has neglected Ana Perla to go to wherever he has chosen to just to cause too much pain to the woman he has always loved. Ana Perla then asks why he states that and Julio spills out the beans that, she has been the admiring lady he’s used to talking to her about because he truly and deeply loves her and Ana becomes speechless.

Julio and Ana Perla go out to wait at the bank of the river where the two of them (Pablo and Ana) used to meet and she continues to have the faith that Pablo will come back for her no matter what but Julio continues to discourage her to stop hoping since Pablo will never return but all of a sudden, Pablo arrives and Ana runs to him and they hug each other. Pablo proposes marriage to her and Ana accepts with tears of Joy. 


Claudia calls Dussage to thank him for everything he did for her while she was with him and also to appreciate him for bringing out the best in her as a singer.

Veronica gives another chance to Martin and they continue their marriage journey once again and Veronica after spending time together, pleads with Martin to never to leave her side again and Martin tells her he will not.

Magdalena seeing how Aaron continues to threaten her about killing Botel if she doesn’t leave him or dares to disclose to Botel about him (Aaron), she decides and finally tells Botel to let them go their separate ways so she can look for her daughter alone. Though it was a tough decision for Botel, he had no choice since Magdalena insists and acts so weird towards him, he had to allow her to be alone since she blames him for being the cause of the loss of her daughter as he left her with Aaron after rescuing her because he could have gotten back to take Veronica with him and suddenly Botel felt guilty.


Pablo goes to see Crescencio and he confronts him on why he has to keep them waiting and Crescencio puts Pablo in his place and asks him to leave his house and not to return. Pablo then pleads with him and brings out the engagement ring to tell Crescencio that he wants to formally ask for Ana’s hand in marriage. Crescencio then becomes astonished and Crescencio accepts that he be with his granddaughter.

Matilde warns Martin that if he ever hurt Veronica again he would have to answer to her and Martin gives her his word. Matilde then tells Veronica about her worry with Emiliano wanting to get married to Virginia since that is definitely going to cause so many ill-fate to him but Veronica asks her not to get worried as she is going to speak with her uncle and let him know Virginia’s real character so he can advise Emiliano to stay away from her.

Botel discloses to the psychiatrist about Magdalene asking him to leave her to search for her daughter alone and Victor (psychiatrist) advices him to agree with Magdalene since she doesn’t need any form of argument in her situation and just leave her and go back to Mina Escondida but he being her doctor will try to still be with her to give her all the help she needs to overcome her fears. Botel then heeds to Victor’s advice and tells him that he is going to leave all the necessary money for him and the detective and also Magdalena so they would still continue with the search as he goes back to mina Escondida.

Veronica calls Jorge to plead with him not to allow Emiliano get married to Virginia as she is not the kind of person she is. Jorge then gets furious and begins to be mean towards Veronica making her feel bad by telling her that she is just trying to tarnish Virginia’s image and and asks her to spare him her advice because she hurt Emiliano and never returned his love.

Nanciyaga approaches Martin to ask him if indeed Veronica has forgiven him as she overheard him tell father Juan and he tells her that, what she heard is the truth since they are now back as husband and wife but Nanciyaga continues to say that she doesn’t think that his happiness will last longer because he’s still not let out the truth about Demetrio to her and Martin admits that is the truth but can’t tell Veronica that he married her for revenge.

After Matilde discloses to Daniel about Emiliano’s decision of marrying Virginia through a conversation, he goes straight the city to confront Virginia as to when she was planning to tell him about Emiliano’s decision and Virginia as usual cunningly deceives him once again that it is a lie and that the day that it will happen, she will be the first person to let him know. Whiles chatting, Virginia begins to feel dizzy and Daniel begin caressing her hair and Virginia asks him to stop doing that if not someone might catch them and so she decides to walk out on him and in the act she suddenly collapses just when Emiliano arrives at the scene.

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