In today’s episode,

Magdalena agrees that they open the grave of her daughter and after opening it, they realize that, it was only a doll in the coffin and not the remains of a human being and Magdalena wonders how this can be. Magdalena then says that seeing the doll means that her daughter is still alive and Botel thinks same too.

Manuel goes to the parish and since he has nowhere to lay his head, he pleads with father Juan to allow him rest in the church and he accepts with the condition that, he goes according to what he tells him to do and Manuel agrees to do everything he asks only if he’s going to feed him and give him a place to lay his head. He then agrees to clean the church and father Juan says to him that, it is the best service one can render for his soul but Manuel thinks that job is for servants.


Emiliano and Virginia’s relationship keep going on perfectly with the help of their parents and they allow them once again to go to Cancun to spend time there while they catch up with them later.


After they got to the hotel, Botel and the detective grow so furious as to why Clement would play such a stupid joke on them by putting up a grave for Magdalene’s daughter and paints her as dead by putting a doll in the coffin instead and not a girl. They then agree to find Clement so he explains to them how her daughter died and she accepts that they do that for her since everything seems confusing but as strange as it is, Magdalena takes it very cool. She then asks them to go have coffee and she will also take her bath and ponder over things for a while.

Martin requests that veronica and Matilde have an outdoor dinner with him and Veronica accepts it and after he left, Veronica states that, dinner outdoors is something she loves most and that means a point goes for Martin on that.

Crescencio and Ana Perla and the others lie in wait for welcoming Pablo so he can finally propose to Ana Perla as he mentioned to them but it grows rather unfortunate that, Pablo never showed up after waiting from morning till evening and Crescencio becomes very angry at him for that disrespect and Ana Perla becomes worried telling Crescencio that he will certainly come and that he should calm down. A fisherman then passed by to give the information to them that Pablo left to pueblo vuete since something came up so he won’t be able to make it.

After Botel and Victor left to have coffee as Magdalene suggested, Aaron arrives with most of Veronica’s childhood pictures to tell her that indeed their daughter is alive but before saying anything to her, it will be on condition by accepting to become his wife again and drive Botel away if not he is not going spill out the truth.


Veronica calls Emiliano to inform him that Matilde is there with her and it is upon information given to her about him going out with Virginia which is why she’s called to put a stop to it since it will lead him nowhere since she is not what he thinks she is. Emiliano then asks her to spare her the advice and concentrate on her marriage and leave him to be with Virginia because he will marry her whether she likes it or not and quickly he hanged up. Emiliano then goes to have a drink but Virginia arrives to ask him why he looks so disturbed and after telling her everything, Virginia becomes so happy that Emiliano has agreed to marry her finally but quickly, he asks her to forgive him since he only said that to Veronica out of spite and never meant it.

Veronica also discusses how Emiliano reacted  on the phone to her and Matilde becomes disturbed that Emiliano has decided to get married to that scam Virginia but Veronica asks her to calm down as she is never going to allow that to happen. While they keep chatting, Martin arrives to ask them to join him for the dinner but Matilde intentionally states that she isn’t in a good mood and feels tired and therefore they should make it a dinner for two. And the dinner was the greatest dinner for the two and Veronica becomes so happy and suddenly Pier arrives with an envelope for Martin and after opening it, he discovers that it was a surprise he ordered for Veronica whiles in Mexico which defines the name of Veronica as a victorious person and Veronica truly appreciates it and she kisses Martin but this time willingly.
Martin then asks her to allow him be with her and Veronica thinks it’s going to be difficult though she wishes to allow that to happen and that reminds her about what her uncle Jorge said to them when they decided to get married that they should study each other for a while but since they were in a haste they just got carried away by their feelings and got married without realizing what might happen in future.  Martin tries to explain things to Veronica about Demetrio but Veronica asks him to stop it since it might destroy their good moment and martin insists but he had no choice than to stop since that is Veronica’s wish. Veronica then asks him to look straight into her eyes to tell her that he believes her sincerely when she tells him that she had nothing to do with Demetrio and Martin then pulls back gradually.

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