In today’s episode,
Martin continues to beg veronica to let him take care of her because he can’t bear her getting angry with him. Immediately, Dussage enters to offer veronica his hotel to stay until they find an apartment for themselves and martin thinks it is not necessary. Veronica then tells Dussage that martin can’t decide for her again because they are getting divorce and therefore she accepts his offer to be his guest in his hotel and martin turns to stir at veronica with great surprise and she tells veronica that she can’t do that him because they are still married but veronica still insists on accepts Dussage’s offer to be his quest at his restaurant. Dussage threatens martin that from the look of things he thinks this is the right time for him to win veronica over and Martin grows so furious and holds Dussage by the neck and warns to stop being all his pleasantries if not he’s going to have him to contend with. Veronica then again tells Dussage that he is not to expect anything much because she only wants her as a friend and nothing else.
Magdalena becomes so dejected after hearing that, her daughter veronica died of sadness and only feels to die than live again but Botel calms her down and at the same time grows so furious and wishes he beats clement to death for hurting Magdalena with those kinds of words.
Emiliano starts his dating with Virginia and she grows much happy and Emiliano tells Virginia that she is a good woman who looks very seductive and though he is trying to make them build a relationship but she is also asking her not to expect much from her and Virginia tells him not to get worried because she is only interested in their great friendship. Emiliano then suggests to her that she changes the way she dresses to look great and Virginia agrees.
Salma tries everything possible to convince Jorge to give veronica the chance to be with Emiliano because she has given them no reason to distrust her as veronica has done and though it was a tough decision, he agreed unwillingly. He then tries to have fun with his wife but she again refuses to make him touch her and gives the excuse that she is tired.
Martin continues to plead with veronica to forgive him and not to use Dussage to make him jealous because her act is killing him slowly and also he has never begged anyone in his life before but he is begging her to forgive him and their sentiment pump up and they start to kiss. Veronica then tells martin that she would be lying if she says she has no feelings for him but the fact she loves him with all of her heart and that is why she left everything behind for him and devoted everything to make their marriage work and it never seemed like he forced her to do it but it was out of love but now they can’t be together since whenever she sees him she thinks about his lies and all the insults and the disappointment but martin pleads with her to give him second chance to amend thing because he was an idiot and stupid not to have realized the great woman he had before him but veronica still insists that there are limits and when u go over them, one can’t turn back and that is what has happen to their marriage.
Crescencio goes to the bar to with father Juan to confront Manuel about why he found out about how Mr. Santelmo’s house caught fire and didn’t do anything to stop it and he becomes nervous and walked over them.
Pablo goes through the back window to speak with Ana Perla that he wants to paint a portrait of her and that is not going to be at the their house but she is to meet her at the point where they first kissed each other and the idea seems very great to her.
Blanca and Tao kiss and unfortunately for them, her father Joaquin catches them red handed and cautions Tao why he kissed her daughter because he only gave him permission to get to know each other and also thought he was more of a gentleman who could have stand on his grounds to tell him he was interested in his daughter but he never did but he has disappointed him. Tao then pleaded with him to forgive and so as Blanca asking him to forgive as Tao has only good intentions towards her but her father forbids her from seeing him till Tao gathers the courage to ask permission from him. Joaquin goes home and discusses the issue with her and Raymunda pleads with him to give Tao the chance to be date their daughter and Joaquin agrees.
Looking at how things are going with Magdalene and how dejected she has become concerning the situation, Botel suggests to victor (Magdalena’s psychologist) that he discusses it with her so they exhume the body of her daughter to see if clearly through conducting of some tests to see if she truly died of hunger so that Magdalene will have her peace of mind because he can’t stand to see her suffer.
Aspen (the canon guy) finally proposes to Filally (lady at the bar) and in the presence of all the audience around, they kiss and all of them begin to applauds and hail for them and wishes them a great start of relationship.
Emiliano and Virginia arrive home and whiles they say good night to each other, Matilde notices them and eavesdrop their conversation till they depart. After she entered her room, she calls Daniel to know how far he is getting rid of veronica and Daniel tells her that he can’t do it since that will put his career as a doctor in danger and veronica’s health also but Virginia still insists in a cunning way and Daniel agrees to do what he can to get rid of veronica.
Martin enters to see veronica asleep and he kneels beside the bed and kisses her. He then states that, he doesn’t know how long it will take to win her love back but he swears to wait because he loves her very much as she does in her heart.
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