In today’s episode      
        Fernandez takes Emiliano to Martin’s house and upon reaching there, Veronica asks him to put Emiliano on her matrimonal bed while she prepares the guest room for him.
After preparing the guest room, she comes to lift him up from the bed to the guestroom but in trying to do so, Emiliano feeling so drunk pushes Veronica on the bed and lays on her.
In that same time, Martin has also arrived from the mine to see the nice dinner setting full of lightered candles all around and looking so happy he goes to the bedroom to check on Veronica only to bump into Emiliano lying on his wife.
Martin then screams at Veronica in fury, quickly lifts Emiliano off her and hit him very hard. He turns to Veronica to ask her how she could be so shameless to commit such an act in their house. Veronica tries explaining things but he refuses to listen to reason and just continues to say that, everyone warned him against her but he refused to take their words into consideration and that is what has manifested.
Fernandez arrives at the canteen to inform Claudia that he has done whatever she expected him to do for her by taking Emiliano to Martin’s house without any suspicion so he demands that Claudia also fulfill her part of the deal as agreed and she agrees.
Whiles talking to her, Manuel enters the canteen to see them talking together in an intimate manner and since he is beginning to feel something for Claudia, he becomes jealous and asks Fernandez to leave his territory because it’s too late but Fernandez confronts him and tells him that, he can never intimidate him or cause any fear to him since he also grew up in a troubled neighbourhood and therefore will never feel scared of his threats. Whiles arguing, Dussage arrives to take Claudia away though she pleads with him to stop them but he ignores and says he knows the doctor is an honorable man but little did he know that that argument will end up in a brutal fight and Dussage becomes disappointed in Fernandez.
Luckily, Father Juan arrives to separate them and in asking for explanation, Manuel tells him they ended up fighting because Fernandez tried to steal his girlfriend (Claudia) from him.
Pablo goes to see Ana Perla through the back door with the help of Julio and he tells her that he is willing to confront anyone who will try to come between them as an obstacle just to defend their love because he really wants to marry her and Ana grows so happy for hearing that from the love of her life.
Martin’s fury increases so rapidly that even though Emiliano tries to explain that it isn’t Veronica’s fault, he refuses to believe. He therefore tells Martin that if that is what he is going to do by treating Veronica so harshly and not listening to any explanation, he has to take Veronica away with him because he finds it so weird for Martin to doubt his wife.
Martin walks out on them and Nanciyaga goes after him to calm him down but she rather adds more sore to injury after telling Martin that Emiliano came to the house and after they embraced and she asked Veronica who he was, she told her that they are cousins but they do what cousins don’t do and Martin agains misunderstood it since nothing seems to make him see reason for once.
Martin goes to see Father Juan to allow him to spend the night at his place and he takes the opportunity to explain to him everything. He concludes that Veronica is no more his wife because she removed her mask and just proved to him that she is the woman who killed his brother. Father Juan then becomes a bit confused and he tells Martin that his obsession with Veronica is making him see things that are not there because the best thing was to give her the chance to explain and here is the case he never allowed her so what if he actually did misunderstood the scene but Martin continues to insist that Emiliano was on top of her on their bed.
Everyone (Jorge, Emiliano and others warn him about her before deciding to get married but he put on deaf ears and went ahead.  
Mariana goes back home to report the issue at hand to Emiliano’s parents and they become very worried and angry since they never thought Emiliano will take such a hasty decision by going to Mina Escondida. Salma begins to  put the blame on Veronica for being the cause but Jorge asks her not blame anyone since Veronica and Emiliano are not even together.
Virginia arrives at pueblo Nuevo Hotel to look for a place to stay and Dussage and his guys help her out. But since all the rooms were full Fernandez arrives to ask Dussage to let Virginia sleep in his room since he is her personal doctor.
Emiliano asks Veronica to leave Martin so they can go together to Mexico because he can actually tell that Martin really is not in love with her because he should have listened to her explanation about what he saw but Veronica put all the blame on Emiliano for being the cause of their problems now and she also asks Emiliano to understand that the only man she loves is Martin and he cannot even separate them because she will try and do everything to calm Martin down because she would have also reacted in that manner if she should see martin in bed with a woman.
Martin meets with Botel and after explaining things to him, Botel advises him to go home and settle things with his wife and make her explain things to him since no amount of money in the world can buy love therefore he must fix the problem. So martin agrees to do as he has advised, to talk to veronica.
Veronica asks Nanciyaga the whereabouts of Martin and she tells her that even if she knew, she will not tell her because she grieved her boss very much after seeing them do things that cousins don’t do. Therefore since she wasn’t good to her boss she can’t also be good to her either and it ends up in deep argument and within a second, Magdalene arrives to calm Veronica down and she tells her that, she is fed up with Nanciyaga and also Martin and she feels it will be better to break her marriage with Martin.
Pablo goes to speak with Crescencio to make him date Ana Perla but only to be told by Julio that he and Botel are going to the city but he can catch up with him at the hotel since he awaits there for Botel. Pablo then goes up to catch up with him and he asks Crescencio to allow him be with Ana Perla and it indeed comes as a surprise to him.
Dussage introduces Virginia to Crescencio at the hotel and he describes her as being more decent that her cousin Veronica because her dressing really proves who she is as a well-mannered lady and like an angel descending from heaven and Virginia says that indeed she and Veronica are different people altogether so Crescencio tells Manuel that this is the kind of people he is wishing for him so he can marry and make a family therefore he is warning him to stay away from that indecent lady (Claudia).
Martin whiles going home, bumps into Emiliano ones again and he warns him to stay away from Veronica.