In today’s episode,
Crescencio and Ana Perla arrive home and he tells her that from now onwards he is not going to give her any privileges again because she always abuses it. Ana Perla then apologizes to her grandfather for making him sick and also tells him that she has always obeyed him all her life but this time around the fact is she is never going to marry someone she doesn’t love and due to what Ana Perla said, Crescencio tells her that from now onwards he is going to lock her inside without letting her go out again to think things over about marrying the man he’s suggested to her.
Matilde becomes worried about Emiliano’s drinking attitude and she sadly confronts him that he can’t continue to be drinking every day because of losing Veronica since it is high time he accepts the fact that he’s lost her for good but Emiliano states that he can’t forget and accept that fact as he is deeply in love with her like the way he loved his lost mother. Salma arrives to ask Emiliano to stop thinking about Veronica and begin to love Virginia the way he has loved Veronica because if not he will give her the reason to start hating Veronica for ruining his (Emiliano) life.
Virginia invites Mariana to go with her to the trip with Emiliano so it can help her forget about the thought of Pablo for now and Mariana accepts.
Martin promises Veronica that he really does love her very much and would not leave her alone because he only has eyes for her. He suggests that they go to spend some time at Dussage’s hotel at pueblo Nuevo without any interruption from people.
Magdalene continues to have faith and says to herself that though she’s seen the grave of her daughter,she refuses to accept that she is dead because her inner instinct tells her that she is alive. She comes to the living room to see Nanciyaga sitting idle and crying her eyes out and her explanation to Magdalene is that, Veronica has now seized her from serving Martin which she finds so weird because she doesn’t want to stop serving Martin. Magdalene then tells her that what she is feeling is jealousy because she is also  deeply in love with Martin but it is hard time she accepts the truth that Martin is a married man.
Crescencio consults Julio on his issue of marrying Ana Perla to someone and Julio tells him that doing so will only cause more harm to Ana Perla because marrying one to someone she doesn’t love only means killing the person’s soul since she is never going to be happy being with that man and locking her up too will lead her to kill herself and Crescencio becomes nervous. He goes straight to have a talk to Ana Perla not to do anything awful because all he wants for her is live a good life after he is dead.
Martin and Veronica arrive at pueblo Nuevo and after they get to the hotel, Dussage arrives to inform them that Claudia has sent a message to return to mina Escondida and Veronica becomes jealous telling Martin that she knows Claudia’s return will only destroy their great happiness since she (Claudia) will be willing to get closer to Martin always but Martin asks her not to feel insure since he only has eyes for her.
Ana Perla receives a letter from Pablo through the help of Blanca and Polo, telling her that he is now a free man since he’s broken up with Mariana and therefore he is going to come back for her and will do anything to defend their love. Ana becomes so happy that she also says to herself that if Pablo is going to do anything to defend their love then she is also going to confront her grandfather to tell him the truth about her love for Pablo and she goes straight to tell Crescencio about it and he becomes shock that Ana had the guts to tell the truth to his face.
Pablo and Claudia arrive at Pueblo Nuevo and Pablo decides to go see Ana Perla but Teo tells him to be very careful about that since Crescencio might kill him. In that same vein, Claudia also asks Dussage  how Martin is doing and after he discloses to her that, Martin and his wife Veronica are now doing well and enjoying all the happiness in the world, Claudia states that then she has no business in coming back to mina Escondida since it will yield nothing.
Emiliano starts packing all of his things for his trip and whiles doing that, he adds his gun to it and says to himself that, “tomorrow we are surely going to see each other again Martin Santelmo”.
Meanwhile, Martin and Veronica continue to enjoy themselves like there is no tomorrow at pueblo Nuevo.
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