In today’s episode,
Nanciyaga visits Magdalene and through their conversation, Nanciyaga could tell that Magdalene’s heart was full of sorrow but as usual considering how strange she could be, she tells Magdalene not to worry because she can tell that whatever she searches for is closer to her and she is just a little bit far from that which she searches for. Botel then asks Nanciyaga to leave and he tells Magdalene not to take Nanciyaga’s words to heart if not her recovery is going to be difficult but Magdalene tells him that though it is so but he shouldn’t have sacked her (Nanciyaga) out of the house.
               Ana Perla tries to plead with her grandfather not to marry her to anyone she does not know least to think of loving him but Crescencio tells her that love will come later and the only thing is for the man to be trustworthy and can take care of her. He then warns her to not challenge his decision because he is never going allow her marry anyone she chooses. Ana Perla then runs away to an isolated place and sheds tears.
                   Magdalene promises Botel that she is going to give every bit of support to Veronica so she can also have a mother since her daughter is no more and then begins to hug and care for her as if she were her own daughter.
                    Ana Perla runs in deep pain to seek refuge from Martin and Veronica that, they try to help her since her grandfather wishes to marry her off to an unknown person. They both then come to an agreement to help her out and Martin accepts that Ana Perla stays in their house for that period if that is her wish and will do well to speak with Crescencio so she can go back home. After Veronica and Martin explain things to her that her grandfather will not be able to dictate for her when she attains 18years, she then accepts to go home to her uncle’s house since she is only left with few months to get to that age and by that she can choose to be with anyone she pleases.
                   Emiliano tells Virginia that he has a date with Claudia and therefore he wishes that she joins them to have the diner but Virginia feels so jealous inside but facially pretends to be alright, she rejects the offer and tells him that she would have preferred to go with him but she thought it wise that she has to give him some space with Claudia so that she (virginia) doesn’t distract their outing.
                   Whiles Claudia and Emiliano enjoy their date, she reveals to him who Nanciyaga is after Emiliano detects that she has a necklace around her neck that may have come from an extra-ordinary being. So after Claudia discloses to him the kind of personality of Nanciyaga, Emiliano tells her that he would love to meet her to know more things since that was what he studied in school. Claudia then tells Emiliano the kind of condition and environment Veronica is leaving in and Emiliano wonders why Martin will take Veronica to such an awful place because she needs to be treated like a queen and therefore he wouldn’t allow Martin to ill-treat her so he is definitely going to go to Mina Escondida to get Veronica back.
                    Martin suggests to Veronica that it is now time for them to start a family so they can have both a baby girl and a boy and build their dream house for Veronica and also enjoy every bit of what life has offered them and they both become so happy about the decision.
                    Ana Perla feeling so dejected goes to the church to pray so that Crescencio will understand her that the only man she loves is Pablo and also she prays that Pablo is able to come back to marry her and take her far away.
                   Salma becomes so much worried about Emiliano’s drinking attitude off late but Montserrat (Mariana’s mother) asks her not to feel so much worried about Emiliano since he is not even her son but Salma says to her that no matter what she will still see him as her son because that is what she has accepted him to be because Emiliano has suffered a lot after Jorge and his mother broke up, his mother took him away and did not want Jorge to see him but when she became seriously ill, it was then that she brought him back to Jorge and since they were married at that time, she had no choice than to accept Emiliano as her own son. Montserrat tells Salma that she wouldn’t love to take care of another person’s child and Salma tells her it is because she hasn’t fallen in love with any man before because love is sacrifice and to make one’s marriage work, one has to learn to love anything surrounding it.
                  Crescencio feels so angry because Ana Perla is nowhere to be found and he goes everywhere looking for her but it’s to no avail. 
                  Botel and Magdalene go to have dinner with Martin and Veronica and whiles they are sitting at the dining table, Crescencio enters to confront them to give him Ana Perla since she is nowhere to be found and whiles he continues to scream asking for hisbgranddaughter, he collapses and through the help of Botel and all of them, they take care of Crescencio.
                Emiliano arrives home looking very drunk and he discloses to his family that he is going on a trip to Mina Escondida to bring Veronica back.
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