Martin then pleads with her but veronica walks out on him. He then asks himself why he finds it so difficult to make her leave and wonders if it is because of the promise he made to his brother or because he doesn’t want to stop seeing her. Veronica tells martin that though she sees that he sometimes feels jealous about certain things but he does really love her as much as she does but sometimes love is not enough but love has to be kept alive and trust and understanding must build it up. They both kissed each other.

Crescencio takes Manuel to see martin and veronica to thank, apologize and promise them he is never going do any nasty thing against them or anyone again lest to think of carrying a weapons with him. Crescencio then brings out the documents and he also signs his part of the contract. Martin then warns him again that if he ever tries harassing his wife again he is going to have the worst punishment in his life.
Dussage goes to deliver a fax letter to veronica but unfortunately he arrives to meet martin alone and as usual jealousy sets in and martin asks him to leave after he gave him the letters. Dussage then advises martin that, he is not the one he should reproach but rather should know how to treat such a beautiful lady like his wife better because veronica won’t be able to to put up with all his insults and rudeness for a very long time. Just after Dussage left, he run into veronica and then tells her about the fax so quickly she goes home to read it and after she asks martin to tell her everything he knows about Demetrio but ones again martin refuses to say a thing and covers his answer with the problem at the mine. veronica tries offering the money her uncle gave her as a wedding present for martin so they can solve the problem at the mine and it again develop into a huge argument since he thinks veronica is always money conscious and therefore is only giving the money out with hope that after the problem is solved more money can be derived from the site for her to enjoy.
Jorge tells Virginia that she will be going for a checkup from his doctor friend since Fernandez has gone to mina Escondida and Virginia knowing that she has no heart disorder she becomes so nervous but accepted it reluctantly.
Blanca and veronica engage in a conversation and she tells veronica that even though she and her niece have been warned by their grandfather from coming closer to veronica and her husband martin, they have decided not to give heed. Veronica then asks her why they took that decision and Blanca tells it’s because veronica actually reminds them of Magdalene since she has all the attributes in her and veronica finds it so strange.
Jorge and Salma take Virginia to the hospital for her checkup and she grows so nervous because she knew the test will be negative. Quickly she remembers that Fernandez gave her a medicine which she can take to increase the temperature of her heart and suddenly she draws closer to the dispenser as if she needed to take in water and she takes the medicine out from her bag and then put a drop into the disposable cup and mix it with water and drunk it.
Magdalene and Botel still in search for their daughter and they meet with the detective to see how far he’s gone with the search but he tells her that so far he’s found nothing, So he decided to bring along a friend who is much into sketching and therefore he’s going to draw her daughter through Magdalene’s description and by so doing they are all going to determine how her child looks like since childhood since they got separated till her age at that moment and it really comes as a shock to Magdalene at the same time she looks very happy as she is going to see her daughter again. After the sketch, it turned out that Magdalene’s daughter could be veronica and she seems so nervous and says it can’t be true.