Veronica goes to the church to pray for martin to get healed. She then speaks with father Juan about what he mention about martin trying to revenge because from how he’s been treating her lately, it’s like martin is trying to take revenge on her and father Juan becomes speechless. Even after several insisting from veronica, nothing will still push Father Juan to disclose the truth to her but only tells veronica that, he hopes the right time will come for martin to reveal the whole truth to her.
Manuel tries to convince his grandfather to bribe the police officers so that they can let him out prison but Crescencio Tells Him to Stay There to pay for the Wrong he’s committed because bribing them might only end him up also in jail.
Despite the way and manner Manuel maltreats Ana Perla, she still shed tears greatly for him for being put in prison and Pablo consoles and promises her that he will try and speak with martin to lesson Manuel’s punishment for him just for the sake of the love he has for her and not Manuel per se because he can’t stand to see Ana Perla sad.
Mr. Dussage offers to take veronica’s luggage which her family sent through Pablo to give to her, and upon reaching there, martin grows very furious at him asking him to stop chasing after his wife because Pablo should have brought that luggage but because he (Dussage) wishes to see his wife he intentionally offered to come over. Veronica tries to calm martin down but his jealousy will not allow him to give heed to reason.
Virginia sheds all the tears in the world and she starts deleting all of Demetrio’s pictures she has on her laptop stating that Demetrio is a real coward for killing himself to defend the love they ones shared. She is so disappointed in him for not loving her enough and only running away to just take his life and breaking her heart.
Claudia gets dress to meet with Mr. Jorge on behalf of martin to do the gold business transaction and all she thinks about whiles doing her makeup is to make a good impression on Mr. Jorge because he is going to be her future father-in-law.
Crescencio goes to see martin to pardon his grandson for his mistakes and allow the authorities to release him but martin tells him that Manuel committed an offence against his wife trying to take advantage on her and that is therefore unforgivable.
Botel and Magdalene arrives at Jorge’s office to do their gold business transaction with and after Emiliano made a formal introduction, Botel looked at Virginia in a strange way that one could tell that she seems so familiar to him. After they left to see Jorge, Virginia calls Claudia to secretly to ask her if they are really martin’s partners and Claudia ones again discloses to Virginia that, Botel and Magdalene were actually Demetrio’s partners before but because he’s dead and martin no handles the business that is how come they now partners. Virginia’s face quickly changed with anxiety and then begins asking herself if Demetrio mentioned her name to Botel because the way and manner he stirred at her explains something.
Pablo goes to see veronica to speak with martin to forgive Manuel for the sake of his sister Ana Perla who he has grown to love to ease the pain she is going through.
Mr. Jorge allows Botel and Magdalene to have dinner in their house and whiles dining, Magdalene discloses to them about her missing daughter who she’s lost contact with and is actually looking for her so Mr. Jorge decides to give her a helping hand to find that precious daughter she is looking for through a great detective he knows and it comes as a good news to them.
Following Pablo’s plea, veronica tries to convince martin to forgive Manuel but martin finds it so weird of veronica to suggest that since Manuel almost killed him. Veronica then tells martin to pardon Manuel since it could even make him change into a better person but still martin will not give heed. Veronica again asks him that if he would not have given her a second chance if she was the one who offended him and the question just hit martin to the wall and only answers veronica that, not all people deserve a second chance in this world. So, veronica tells him that if they are going to stay in mina Escondida then they will have to make peace with everyone to stay at peace always, if not, their kids will suffer the fear and pain whenever they go out to play. After veronica left the room, martin begins to think about veronica’s statement about having children and he says that, of course he would love to have children with her but it can’t be possible.
Father Juan visits martin to tell him about veronica asking him about the his revenge and quickly martin asks him if he mentioned anything to her to break the oath of secrecy in confession and Father Juan tells him that he will never dare destroy the oath of secrecy but he wish he could to stop him from destroying poor veronica’s life and though he can’t speak on the issue but he can’t also prevent him from helping veronica because ones he sees that martin is trying make veronica’s life miserable, he will be the one to take veronica out of mina Escondida. Even with father Juan’s threat, martin still insists on carrying his revenge on veronica but asks father Juan to also pray for him because he really love veronica and wishes to start a family with her but he still can’t forgive her for destroying his brother’s life.
Botel and Magdalene asks permission from Jorge and his wife after the dinner to leave, whiles they stand at the living room taking a look at the pictures on a table, Botel sees veronica’s childhood picture which resembles like Magdalene child and draws Magdalene’s attention to it.
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