Martin then enquires from her if he actually said “I love you” to her and one could tell how hurt martin felt to have said that unknowingly to veronica upon the look on his face since he has sworn not to say anything of that sort to veronica. Martin then asks her if she really would have run away and left him for good and veronica answers “yes” but now that she sees that martin loves her as much as she also does; she is willing to be with him forever. Veronica again tells him that she doesn’t know the kind of woman he encountered with that caused him great pain while searching for his life partner and due to that made him shut his heart for any woman but pleads with him to allow her to give him a good life a place of peace for him.
To be able to win Emiliano over little by little and know all of Emiliano’s secrets, and also for Uncle Jorge to see reason to accept Virginia as a daughter in law to Emiliano, Virginia intentionally asks Emiliano to teach her everything about the company to allow her work in the to support him so that she can also be useful to the family and Emiliano thinks it’s a good idea from Virginia but upon speaking with Jorge, he denies her access to work in the company thinking that she is not fit yet to work in the company.
Father Juan tells martin to thank his wife very much because if she hadn’t reacted very early when he was stabbed, he would have lost his life and more so she has been taken care of him in anguish that only a woman in love could have been able to. He again tells him that, though he may try to deny it but how he defended veronica also proves how much he is also in love with her and martin answers that he would have done the same thing for anyone and father Juan tells him that he can go on and continue to fool himself but the truth appears always in his eyes because everyone in mina Escondida can prove that he do love his wife than anything else in the world therefore he should put away his revenge but martin still wishes to fulfill his promise to avenge his brother’s death because veronica’s love is pure.
Blanca advises Ana Perla to forgive Pablo because he told her to deliver a message to her (Ana Perla) that he only stated that he is going back to the city not to be with his girlfriend but rather to break up with her. Ana then tells Blanca there is no point in telling her that because even if she is to be with Pablo again, she is never going to trust him again. Whiles they keep chatting in the rain, Pablo walks through the heavy rains with a flower in his hands and he arrives there to ask Ana’s forgiveness but Ana never gave him a face.
Veronica talks to her aunty to speak with her uncle on behalf of her to make her work in the company to get closer to Emiliano so following that plea, Salma tries to convince her husband to allow Virginia work and Jorge accepts it.
Martin seeing how veronica takes care of him and refuses to even leave his sight no matter how hard he tries to ask her to go get rest, he asks veronica to lay by his side and in imagining things as usual, he asks himself why things can be in this way to leave peacefully and loving as husband and wife but rather he is divided between love and hate.
Veronica and martin files a complaint against Manuel to the authorities but learning the person as Crescencio’s grandson, they become afraid to arrest since the whole town believes Crescencio and his family to be the owners of the land but martin tells them it is justice he needs.
Claudia after speaking with Emiliano at their office whiles she goes there to deliver information to Jorge about the arrival of the Gold, written on her face shows how much she wishes Emiliano as her boyfriend and upon her return he tells Alfredo about it and he advises her to stay away from Emiliano but she tells him that he can’t tell her to stay away from Emiliano because she also deserves someone like Emiliano with a great background.
Polo meets Pablo and seeming so worried he asks him where he slept last night and Pablo reveals to her that he slept at the bar. Polo then tells him that though his cousin Ana refused to see him but the point is though Ana was angry with him but she was also worried throughout the night about him but what he finds so weird is that he finds it difficult to understand the two of them, he gets angry but he loves her and Ana also gets mad but she loves him too and she even says that Pablo is a princess. He then asks Pablo that if in case he and his cousin doesn’t make if he will still be his friend and Pablo answers him that they will continue to be friends no matter what.
Claudia goes out to have snack with Virginia and whiles they continue to chat, Claudia reveals to Virginia that Demetrio killed himself and Virginia becomes nervous and asks Claudia to disclose to her why he killed himself but she says to her that she has no idea on why he chose to do that and veronica blames herself for being the cause of Demetrio’s death.
Martin calls one of his workers Lorenzo and he asks him to keep Demetrio’s name as a secret from veronica and to also rom now onwards frame that the mine suffers great damage because he doesn’t want his wife to believe that everything is in bad shape because she must love him for him and not for his money and Lorenzo agrees.
The police go to arrest Manuel for attempting murder on martin and they put him in prison. Manuel then asks his grandfather to let him out but Crescencio tells him that there is nothing he can do because he meddles with the outsider (martin) and that is the outcome so he has to pay for everything he’s done.
Veronica goes to church to pray for martin to get healed. She then speaks with father Juan about what he mention about martin trying to revenge because from how he’s been treating her lately, it’s like martin is trying to take revenge on her and father Juan becomes speechless.
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