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Emiliano and Nanciyaga with their romantic purification and after the enjoyment, Nanciyaga says that, she knows this is not love but it is nature that called them into it but even with that Emiliano answers her that he felt a natural desire for her and she looks very beautiful and she also transmits so much peace and it’s been a long time he felt so much peace within him in such a manner. She then tells Emiliano that, it is fate that has decided their being there and she knows that this union is strong and will be good for them in future and though it is not love, they still have a bond that does not tie them but  helps to raise their spirit.
Just when Fernandez and Virginia were about having fun as usual, Dussage interrupts them to spoil the show by asking Fernandez to get his stuffs ready to help look for Polo so that after, he can take care of any injury he might have contracted after being found and Virginia agrees that he goes with Dussage and he accepted it unwillingly.
Blanca goes with Veronica and Magdalene to disclose that Polo’s missing to his mother; Raymunda and she becomes very desperate but they assure her that people are on the move to search for him but it still comes as a big blow. Raymunda begins to blame Veronica and Magdalene and specifically the outsiders for bringing these problems to their community and she even starts to insult Veronica as a childless mother but Magdalene defends her from Raymunda that she is never going to allow her to insult her daughter as she, her daughter also carried that same name Veronica and therefore is always fond of her. She then pleaded with them to forgive her since her heart is filled with distress.
Father Juan goes to the mine to tell Joaquin about Polo and he suggests that they look for him in the jungle and so all the miners accept to assist him and as usual Manuel tells them that if anyone goes to look for Polo he is never going to pay them their wages since it is still working hours but the miners ignored him and left to help Joaquin to find Polo.
Botel meets with Jorge and he delivers to him the letters Veronica wrote for him and Matilde. He then complements Veronica highly to her uncle about how determined she is willing to push through every situation in the community and Jorge says to him that is the character he loves about her.
Polo prays in the jungle that St. Lorenzo will protect him and his dog from any evil thing.
Nanciyaga finally takes Emiliano to her community to see the elders and they accept him to stay there with her but not to disclose to anyone where they are and Emiliano agrees and thanks Nanciyaga for being so generous to him to love nature without having to destroy it. They then give him some medicine and after she tells him that the bad alcohol and resentment is totally gone and as he’s been accepted, he wore him the first necklace. Whiles still with Emiliano, Nanciyaga felt within her spirit that, something wrong is happening in mina Escondida so she decides to go help whatever problem it might be.
Martin arrives in the city and he discusses with Botel that he wants to go see his lawyer so he can give half of his gold mine to Veronica because he now sees her as not the opportunist he thought as she even gave him the money her uncle gave her as her wedding present to help him solve the problem at the mine because she still believes the mine is in trouble and Botel agrees with him that it is a good decision and shouldn’t lie to her again after carrying out the legalization concerning their (Martin and Veronica’s) partnership.
Raymunda in great agony goes to the church to ask God to help her find her son and whiles in the mood, her husband Joaquin arrives to calm her down and  encourages her to take things easy because they are definitely going to find their son.
Julio breaks into Ana Perla’s room to help her out so they can all go to look for Polo since Manuel took away the keys with him to the mine. They head straight to Pueblo Nuevo and upon reaching there, they bump into Manuel and he becomes angry at Julio for letting Ana out of the house and decides to forcibly take her back home to lock her up but fortunately Veronica arrives to tell him that she is never going to allow him lock her up.
Manuel then throws himself on Veronica and tries taking advantage of her but Veronica uses her knee to hit his testes to get away from him. All these while, Virginia watches them through one of the hotel’s window and right after Veronica left with Julio and Ana, she comes out to say that, Veronica is gradually digging her own grave. She then takes Manuel inside and she lies as usual to him that, the reason why her family sent Veronica to mina Escondida is as a result of the bad reputation she had in the city by having affairs with men. Claudia immediately arrives to ask Virginia not to try taking Manuel from her too but what she is telling Virginia is, Emiliano wants nothing to do with her though she wishes that he becomes her boyfriend but that is the truth since that is what Emiliano disclosed to her. She begins to shed crocodile tears to plead with Claudia to support her so Emiliano can love her if not she is going to die and seriously Claudia falls for her game.
Veronica blows the news to Joaquin and his family concerning how Manuel treated Ana by locking her up in a store room full of dirt and Raymunda seeing how dreadful this could be to Ana she decides to allow her stay with them till the return of her grandfather Crescencio.
Polo becomes really scared and his foot hurt since the stones begin to fall on him and his Dog in the jungle.
Martin goes to see Alfredo and he tells him about Veronica asking for a divorce and he becomes shocked. Martin then tells him that he now believes what he told him before about this whole revenge because now he sees that he’s fallen into his own trap by falling in love with Veronica like crazy and a fool and as it is, he is scared of losing her. Alfredo advises him to get the divorce and not to be selfish so she can go and be happy with someone else but Martin thinks Alfredo is insane since he can’t stop loving Veronica and doesn’t care about anything else, so he is going to tell her the whole truth about why he married her if only she is going to admit her affair with his brother Demetrio and he prays she forgives him.
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