Lets Play Cupid- Final Episode 30


Right before the white cloth went over Thelma’s head, no one sees the shadow of a young man, sitting by the side of the bed..touching her hands, tears in his eyes

“hello mother, I know you miss me, and I miss you too. Hell I miss all of you.. you really need to see what’s going on out there..they need you..more than I do now. Don’t hurry up, I can wait for a bit longer, Adam and papa…they..they” he cleans his eyes…”I love you mum..and tell Adam I told him I was going to remind him of this day..when him and Pa would be crying into each other’s arms and saying I am sorry to each other’’ he laughs “he didn’t believe me. Tell him…it came to past and he lied, he said he didn’t love Pa but mama, did you see..they love each other…everything would be okay now. Tell them I love them..my grumpy papa and my amazing brother, tell him I saw the book..I read it, that picture of me was good, I always look good” he laughs cleaning his eyes  “tell Adam I am proud of him, tell papa…he is the best in the world and tell Adam…I like Marybeth..she is the Angel in your lives now… they have to let me go, its time mama, you all have to let me go..but don’t hurry up mama…I love you” he says ,

The monitor beeps once, twice..three times…and then it continuous as the nurse drops the cloth in shock and runs to call the doctor…

They rush into the room,

“I can’t believe it..its not possible” The doctor exclaims, laughing “She ..she is aliVe, I can feel a pulse, oh my God” he is in shock

A nurse runs out to them

“Come quick..come!!!’’
Gerald, Adam..Marybeth and the rest run into the room..

Laughter in their eyes as tears glistens, throwing themselves over her hands they cried in happiness, reaching out Gerald pulls Marybeth closer, hugging her “Thank you..thank you..” he says, turning back to
Thelma, Adam hugs his father, placing kisses on Thelma’s face

Whatever just happened they couldn’t explain but his mother was alive and that was all that matters


Three months later, Thelma is out of the hospital, back home..better.

But things were different, and for once after a long time…it became a home..not just a cold house that Marybeth had walked into.

The Doctor had told them about a new drug that helped with patients suffering from Paralysis and that soon it would be approved to be used on patients after the test.

It was a 40/60 chance but …there was no harm in trying, if it did, Thelma might regain use of her lower body, and constant therapy, drugs and treatments would cause her to heal permanently from other traumas associated with depression and memory loss .

“I dreamt of Damien” Thelma says one day as Gerald and Adam strolled with her in the garden, she told them her dream, it gets them teary eyed..

“He says he loves us, and that we should let him go. He says, I should tell you Adam that he told you so..and that Gerald, you are the best father in the world..”dont hurry up mama..I love you’’ I felt him as though he was real, but it was a dream.. I love you too Son’’ she whispers

“As do I”

“As do I” the Pope men say, holding hands

“Adam..he likes Marybeth, I like her too” Thelma smiles

Adam turns, she is standing afar off,

Gerald chuckles  “Me too. She is a pain but, It’s safe to say she would give me grey hairs before I get grand-kids”

“Father” Adam laughs

“Oh I want them too, we need little Popes running around”

“Hey, we aren’t even dating yet” Adam smiles, liking their train of thoughts, he didn’t mind it at all..

“Well life is too short son, go get your girl” Gerald nudges him, ” and if it’s not too much trouble, I need a grandson first.And then two pretty girls” he smiles

“Aye Capt” Adam nods to his father and kisses his mother  ” I just have to convince her. You know she has a sharp mouth and quick reflexes”

“You are man enough Son ”

“Thank you Papa”

Going to Marybeth

“So I wanna ask you a question”

“Which is?”

“Why you standing there like a central monument?” he frowns, Marybeth had a sharp retort in her mouth but as she saw him laughing she hits him

“Ha ha ha, very funny” she turns away, Adam had to be Adam, was that how he tells her goodbye, she was leaving , bags packed

“Don’t go Marybeth’’ he says, she turns

“Why, my job is done here. Thelma is fine, grumpy-wolfy Gerald is ..kinda, nice and sweet. Creepy” they laugh” and you aren’t broody and sad, your family is back together, Cupid did a good job here..Nurse leaves”

“Mother needs you”

“She has Gerald now, she has you”

“Gerald needs you”

“He has you and no he doesn’t”

“Well..I need you Marybeth ..please don’t go, stay, with us, with me..’’

“Why… that’s not enough reason. I am no longer needed here” she says, but Adam closes the distance , pulling her to him

“You are, in my life, your scent is already in my head, you are already in my heart and I can’t live without you Marybeth …I love you”


“I love you..marry me, I want to spend my life with you, have children with you…marry me Marybeth, “

“You are …”

“What? Cute, handsome, $3xy, hot..I know”

“Insufferable “ she says

“Is that a yes ?” he pulls her closer

“It’s a I-would-think-about it” She replies

“SHE SAID YES!!!!” Adam screams, cheers are heard

“What I didn’t “ she says hitting him, but he sweeps her off her feet spinning her

“But you will..so yes yes yes” he drops her down “I love you Marybeth “

“I love you too Adam’’ she smiles kissing him deeply, and Gerald and Thelma close in, Meredith carrying the wine and Richard the glasses

“A toast, to family, to love and to new beginnings” Gerald says bending to kiss Thelma, and hugs his son Adam

“To family..to love, to us” Adam and Marybeth kiss.

Everyone hugs, everyone is happy…

A shadow of a man is smiling from afar, that same smile. “Goodbye” he says, then he turns away and fades into Nothingness



By Stephanie Egberike

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