Lets Play Cupid-Episode 26



Marybeth avoids him for the next couple of days, Gerald had been away after the party, so she slept in Thelma’s room with her, making arrangements to look for a place near the compound to stay in.

She didn’t want to see Adam, nor talk to him ever again.

Whatever is going on in their family was none of her business. She was just going to do her work.

Her savings was nearing what she hoped for, she made contact with the hospital seeking a possible transfer, out of state.

They said they would get back to her once they find a replacement for the Pope’s residence. She thanks them and waits.

They put a call across to Adam unknown to her, since he is handling her management at the residence

“What do you mean she asked for a replacement?” he bellows into the phone

“That’s what she asked sir, we just wanted you to confirm it so we can begin the process” they reply

They haven’t spoken, and barely saw for two weeks, he knew she was mad and he was never one to do anything in situations like this, he felt it was better to let things go.

But he didn’t want her to leave. Not yet anyways. His mother had warmed up to her
She was like a peace to this chaos he called home, he needs to shove his pride away and talk to her

“I don’t confirm, disregard her request, we are very pleased with her work. We are in fact extending it for another 6 months”


“What do you mean my requests can’t be granted?” she frowns into the phone

“Mr Adam, which is handling your management demanded it, and you have an extension. Good work nurse, seems you are doing a good work, Mrs Thelma’s report is improving.” Marybeth replies a stiff “thank you” and cuts the call.

So he wants to keep her here right? Fine..doesn’t mean she has to like it .
She ignores him for another week, sneaking back into the cottage to shower and change cloths, leaving before he wakes up.


Gerald comes home, he had a sudden attack in the office, the doctor prescribed rest, no long travels, no flights, but home rest. He was asked to take a week off work.

Since he couldn’t travel or was allowed to, he comes back home, not happy about it.

He busied himself in his study handling businesses via face time and working budgets and projects over the phone.

When he isn’t working he is in Damien’s room, just sitting there and staring into the blank wall.

Some days he passes by Thelma’s room, at night, hearing Adam reading to her… sometimes he wants to go drag him by his hair and throw him out..he controls himself and leaves, going to drink instead and breaking anything breakable in his anger..

He would never accept Adam, never love him, Adam took his boy.

Then some days, he found Nurse Marybeth, taking care of her, he saw Thelma smile one of those days..and he remembered that that was one of the reasons he feel in love with her in the first place, her smile, her contagious laughter, her encouraging words and the love she had in her heart.

She was a rose.. a beautiful rose, until it grew a thorn..when Adam came. Sighing he walks away..

Ever since Damien died, nothing mattered to him anymore..not even her.

And since working was the only thing that kept him busy, he worked and worked some more, getting richer, but nothing, money can’t cover the void in his heart. That pain. Nothing
And Adam would never take the place of his one and only son, Damien. Never!.


“Miss, Mr Gerald wouldn’t want her outside in the garden ..” the male servant says

“I know, we aren’t going to the garden, we are just going to be in the palour, she needs a little sunlight, I have had the curtains drawn open, the sun would get to her..’’

He nods as he lifts Thelma up, and begins to walk out the room, Marybeth wheeled the chair behind him, they pause at the top of the staircase as Mr Gerald comes out from his study, his eyes hot..

“Take her back in” he orders

“okay” the servant says

“Mr Gerald, just out to the palour please, she needs air, she feels suffocated in there”

“oh Gerald, I just want to go down and play with my boys” Thelma chirps happily..

Adam is coming out of the kitchen, he doesn’t say anything ..

“She goes back in” he orders taking a step towards the servant, who nods

“Wait please,” she stops the servant, she steps away from the chair, the servant places Thelma in her wheelchair and wheels her back into the room

“I promise only five minutes sir, the doctor says there is a new medical drug that can help with paralysis and he would bring the dozes for Thelma, but she needs other things like therapy and exercises, sunlight, see people, not staying stuck in the room all day”

“Look Nurse, like you said the doctor not you, so don’t bring her out again”

“Why not, if it helps mother why not, she has been there for years, this couple of weeks she looked better because Marybeth seems to be doing something right” Adam says

Gerald laughs “ Marybeth right, so you sleeping with her already?”

Marybeth gasps ,

“What I do with myself is none of your business Gerald”

“Its not! but Thelma is my wife, “

“she is my mother”

They began to shout at each other again, in anger Gerald flings the mug he was holding and takes the steps two at a time, down to Adam, their shouts causes the staffs to come out

“Stop it ..please” Marybeth begs

“You are nothing to me…you murderer..” Gerald screams

“As you are.. I didn’t, it was an accident. I loved Damien”

‘’Don’t you dare call his name AGAIN” Gerald punches Adam, Marybeth screams

“I am tired of you hitting me” Adam grabs his father and hits him back.
They try to separate them

No one pays attention to Thelma..

Until they all hear a thud.. and glass shattering

Marybeth screams loud..

Thelma had fallen down the stairs, hitting the floor, her wheelchair hitting the center table and shatters it
Her eyes are closed.. she isn’t moving.
There is blood


‘’THELMA!!’’ Gerald staggers

‘’OH MY GOD!!’’ Marybeth rushes to her

‘’CALL 911! MOTHER NO NO PLEASE’’ Adam cries cradling her to himself