Lets Play Cupid-Episode 14


Why not…fight him on this.
So he had searched for the hospital’s number, called the management and cancelled it, citing

“ His father was drunk and made prank calls. Old man’s syndrome”

and he and the person he spoke to had laughed about it. He told them that he would be managing everything that had to do with Miss Stowe so whatever issues he had with her would be reported by him not his father and that they should refer to him and only him and no one else and his father’s calls should be ignored…

“Sometimes, he gets angry and wants to fire the whole staffing team”

He laughed over the phone. They understood, they would make the necessary arrangements and thanked him for clarifying.
he comes down slowing to meet them dragging her up,

“But Sir Adam,Mr Gerald told us to— ‘ ‘ He trails off as Adam comes faces to face with them, standing on his full height,
“if you let me repeat myself Tom..you wouldn’t like your face, you too George. So what would it be boys!!!’’

“I Gave them an order boy!!!  Your business with her is no longer holding and I did not sign any agreement with you. So get out of their way Adam or I will make you”

“And I am giving them another order, she is my property Dad. And I won’t have them disrespect what is under my management because of your oversized ego.” he says over his shoulders

“And you can make me if you want but you know…it’s going to be a hard one, I wonder can you keep up”

He turns to face his father,  then he turns back to the securities and takes another step closer
They let go off her and step away

“I’ll  have your jobs!!!’’ Gerald thunders

“Oh don’t be dramatic Gerald, you won’t fire them.” Adam

“I want her out, you can’t do anything to stop this, she is been dropped from the hospital, someone else is coming here. Either way she is leaving”

“Actually, about your little stunt, am afraid no one is coming. I think I must have let it slip you didn’t take your drugs and you are a raving mad man and they shouldn’t take you seriously, you know writers do have a way with words and have special powers of persuasions. So Father she isn’t leaving and again, you don’t need to worry about her, she is here to do her job as a nurse, so get off your pride and let the girl be”

“You did what?”

“Oh you heard me Geral-”

Gerald had taken long strides towards Adam and then his fist makes contact with Adam’s lips, he grabs him by his shirt,  everyone gasps, Marybeth shrieks… Adam’s lips was bleeding, but he was laughing, as Gerald holds his shirt, he clasps his hands over his, and drags Gerald’s hands away and pushes him hard, he tumbles backward, he goes to him, his fist folded, as he grabs Gerald by his collar, their eyes meet..

Cold eyes against cold eyes, anger increasing, chest rising, but Gerald’s eyes wavered a bit, shock. Adam had never attacked him before

“Are you mad boy, let go off me”
He wanted to hit Gerald, he wanted to hit him back so hard.

Adam! ..

It was as though someone called his name, a soft voice quelling his temper. It sounded as though Damien was calling him to order, or was it his conscience. Damien wouldn’t want this, neither would his mother.

“Hit me again old man, it would be your last” he hisses into Gerald’s face, then he lets go of him , turns and walks towards Marybeth

“And she is staying. Get that into your head’

then he grabs her and walks away

“Get out!!! GET OUT EVERYONE GET OUT!!!’’ he screamed, the place cleared in a second, he flings a chair into one of the glass doors

“Let me go”!! Marybeth struggles
He flings her to his chair back in the cottage


She was going to scream back.
Shut up Marybeth, you  messed up. Her mind says

She gets up walking to him, an element of surprise on his face as she reaches out and touches his face.

“You are bleeding”