Lethal Bride Episode 8


She got up paced and sipped, trying to shift her thoughts to other things. A knock on the door jolted her; she silently thanked God for the distraction. She walked to the door and turned the knob, the first thing that met her eyes was a sandwich and a glass of juice. She looked up and met the beaming face of the maid,

“good morning ma’am”, she stared at the maid and imagined herself being the one knocking the door with a tray of breakfast in her hands. “Ma’am are you alright”. She blinked her eyes back to reality and took the tray from her

“yes I’m fine”. She shut the door gently and slowly ate. Crystal packed her two bags with her belongings. Wore a beautifully shaped white dress and a gold scarf that dropped from her head to her neck. She carefully wrapped the edges of the scarf around her neck.

She slowly slided her feet into a black sandals, picked both bags and got down stairs to meet Easton making a call and laughing. Irritation was written all over her face. She stood with her eyes fixed on him. He noticed her presence and politely ended the call.

“You look too classy to be a housekeeper”, he tried to tease her, but it wasn’t funny to her, she hated the job. Her face still stayed tight. He took the bags from her. There was a cab waiting outside for her.

“Seriously a cab! I thought you were going to drop me off. This is not fair and I don’t like this.” Her face already frowned like a pampered child.

“You have to do this, just a month and everything would be fine, it would worth it. You would gain so much from this raid”,

“what about the club?”;

“you are taking a break”. She let out a long troubled sigh then got into the cab.

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Easton gave the driver the address, he waved her but she didn’t wave back, she was clearly annoyed. It was a short trip to the home of her new boss.

She stepped out of the cab and waited for the driver to bring out her bags. She took it from him and walked towards the house. The house looked beautiful with white and grey paint. The lawn looked well taken care of. Even with the majestic look of the house, it had little or no protection.

She got to the door and hesitated for some minutes, she shifted uneasily and had a thought of turning back and never looking back, but she found her hand going to the door bell. She pressed and she could hear it ring inside. The door opened and in front of her stood a little girl with beaming eyes smiling from ear to ear.

“Grandpa my nanny is here”, the word nanny cut through her heart like a sharp blade, everything around came to a stand still, she kept repeating the word nanny in her head several times to be sure she was not dreaming. The little girl pulled her into the house; her eyes met a beautiful interior.

“Grandpa, she’s here”, she looked towards the living room and saw an elderly man sitting with a staff in his hand. Immediately he saw her, he hauled himself up, supporting himself with the staff in his hand. Everything still seemed like a fairytale to her. He brought his hand towards her for a handshake, she took shook him with uncertainty.

“You must be Rebecca I presume”. Why he was calling her Rebecca, she wondered. “You don’t seem to be here”, he noticed her distraction.

“Oh, I’m here. I am just amazed at the beautiful décor you have in your home”, he smiled

“thank you”. The little girl tapped her arm, Crystal looked down to the bright girl,

“my name is Cinderella, Ella for short, I came to spend the holiday with my grandpa”. Crystal smiled unable to give the correct response to the little girl, she wasn’t good with children. She looked at the friendly face of the old man.

“I thought I was going to be just a housekeeper. I never thought I would also be a nanny too”. She spoke in her curiosity about the nanny title.

“I have a housekeeper, as well as a cook. Your duty is just to be with her and take care of her and also supervise what is being cooked and the cleaning of the house. Look at me, I am just an old man, my youthful vigor is gone. Look at my leg; I can’t do the whole going up and down seeing to the affairs of this house, my three children are all grown and married, my wife is late, I can be really lonely sometimes. Out of sympathy on rare occasions my children release their children to stay with me during the holidays. This is one of those rare occasions”. She was already getting bored of hearing his plight, she smiled

“I understand you perfectly sir”. He appreciated her understanding and told Ella to show her to her room. She happily complied as she raced up the stairs making Crystal to keep up with her pace. Immediately she got into the room, her cell phone rang; she punched the answer button without looking at who the caller was.

“Hello Rebecca”, her face tightened immediately she recognized his voice

“why the hell, did you get me this nanny job and why did you change my name to Rebecca”,

“Just do what you have to do; I would give you instructions on what you have to do”