Lethal Bride Episode 23


“how did you know my parents?, what was your relationship with them? tell me”. He didn’t respond. That made her very impatient, “answer me d–n it!, you can’t say something sensitive like that and expect me to take it lightly”. He dropped his head down again and shut his eyes. She clenched her teeth in frustration “answer me now or I will do mean things to you”. He laughed hysterically

“I am not scared of what you would do to me, I am ready for anything, I have gone through worse situations”. His statements made her desperate to get answers out of him. She searched round the room, looking for a perfect object to use on him. She sighted a pen knife on the table; she raced for it, went behind and drew his head backwards, placing the knife on his throat

“now tell me how you knew my parents, if you don’t, you won’t witness another sunrise”

“I was there”, he said through a cough,

“louder, I can’t hear you”

“I knew your parents because I was there that night”

“what night?”, the expression on his face showed that he regretted saying anything. Crystal got angry,

“answer me d–n it!, open your mouth and talk”. He didn’t respond, she got frustrated and folded her left hand into a fist and punched him in his stomach. He grunted in pain.

“ I was there the night they got killed, I was part of the men. All we had was a family picture and the address, our job was just to kill everybody, everybody except you, but you went missing”. Hot tears streamed her eyes.

“why was I spared?”

“you were spared for a reason”

“what reason”. Just then the door opened and Easton stepped in. He noticed the tears in her eyes as she looked at him.

“what’s the problem Crystal?”. She couldn’t bring herself to answer him the emotional pain she felt inside took over her entire being. She ignored him and ran out of the place to her room. She slumped on her bed and sobbed bitterly. Easton glared at the man

“Nathaniel what did you say to her?”, Nathaniel let out a dry laugh,

“I simply introduced her to the truth Easton, she is living a lie and she has to know”

“what do you mean by that”, Easton face showed nervousness

“I told her about the raid and how she was spared because your father ordered us not to kill her, because she would come in handy in his dirty business”. Easton heartbeat hit against his chest hard. Nathaniel noticed his nervousness and smiled,

“don’t worry I have not told her who is behind the deaths of her parents”. Easton looked around and spotted a rod, he picked it up and hit Nathaniel’s shoulder with it,

“bastard, how dare you!”. Nathaniel bit his lower lip in pain and smiled.

“you can hit me all you can. But aren’t you haunted by her mother, because you wanted to please your father you left a bullet in her forehead”. Easton shook with hatred for him “can you remember how she begged you, how she cried, how she knelt in front of you with clasped hands begging you to spare her life. Did you listen to her? No you didn’t, you listened to the manipulative voice of your father, urging you to shoot and finish her off”. Easton eyes were slowly turning red.

“ I didn’t mean to kill that woman”

“you killed her anyway, then turned her daughter to an assassin”. Easton dugged his hand into his left pocket and brought out a gun.

“tell me why you are here Nathaniel”

“I am here to free myself of the guilt by telling her the truth myself”. Easton cocked his gun,

“I won’t give you that luxury Nathaniel; I won’t allow you ruin everything”, he got closer to Nathaniel, pressed the gun to his forehead

“say sorry to her parents in hell”, then he pulled the trigger.

He felt a huge burden lifted away from him as he looked at the body of Nathaniel. What was he going to tell Crystal about his death and why he killed him? He wondered. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of the right hand. Suddenly the door opened, he turned round to see Crystal, her eyes were still misty. She looked at the gun in his hand, then looked at the man on the chair.

“why did you kill him Easton, I wanted to get out the truth from him, he was part of the men that killed my parents”. He felt a huge guilt surging from him,

“I wanted to get some answers from him as well”

“then why did you kill him Easton”

“I got pissed and impatient with him, I shot him out of anger”

“but this was my only chance Easton, only chance to know the reason behind their deaths and who killed them”

”I’m sorry Crystal”,

”I need that man alive”

“he’s already dead Crystal”

“no, I want him alive”. She rushed to the body on the chair and started hitting the face,

“wake up murderer” she sobbed as she hit the body. Easton watched her hit the body for a while before going to pull her away,

“enough Crystal, he’s dead”. She turned to him and looked at the gun in his hand, her eyes were blazing, her chest heaved up and down, her hair disheveled.

“give me the gun”

“what for?”

“I said give me the gun”. He handed the gun to her wondering what she wanted to do with the gun. She took it from him and faced the body. She pulled the trigger thrice, each bullet went through the same spot on the chest of the body. She faced Easton with the gun still raised.

“whoa whoa, Crystal, what are you doing?” his hands already lifted up

“I want to know the truth”

“what truth are you talking about”