K K D arrested for alleged rape




celebrity broadcast journalist-KKD has been arrested for alleged rape—and he is currently being locked at the airport police station…

As to details of the rape and the woman involved, we are yet to get this information but the arrest and detention at the Airport Police station of KKD has been confirmed.

KKK (real name Kwesi Kyei Darkwa) is an ace-Ghanaian broadcast journalist who seeks to define his presence at any gathering with his unique style of dressing—mostly decorated with a walking stick.
We are being told KKD was arrested near the African Regent hotel this morning and though KKD insist the woman in question consented to the intercourse, the woman is saying otherwise.

When it comes to the crime of rape, the controversy mostly lies around CONSENT—so even if consent was given under duress, it may not be regarded as a genuine consent. And also, a woman may consent to visiting your room but does not necessary mean she has consented to sex.

Of course, as the story develops, we would be able to establish where the CONSENT has become an issue…