Just for laughs – Dear Kofi Asante


Akurabuom J H S
P O Box 1,
Akurofuom Asante.
13th December, 2014.

Dear Kofi Asante,

Hello my love Kofi Asante, Hmm, I’m dying dead for your lovely face. Yesterday in the night after you finishing the atopa p3, and my heart become fooomm. I want to asking you this question? Please don’t do it with another woman, it is for me alone because if you do it with another woman p3, that day is funeral Obituary or Kote dum dum for you, choose one you like. The late Kofi Asante is gone too soon or What a shock. When your Penis is entering me p3 then I become titiritiii, and I am feeling like frying like a bird but when you urinate p3 my body become yiiii so I want you to do it with me again. Ahaaa my Mother is travel and my Father is travel so I am waiting. This Friday, Saturday, Sunday is for you. Good bye.

Your Serious Girlfriend,

Abena Ago. (Your Toffee).



  1. u craze waa. instead of concentrating on your studies, look at what you are writing to a boy. he will urinate into u and u will carry the urine for nine months and deliver a kofi asante copycat.