Boy: Hello Babe

Girl: (Last seen 3 minutes ago)

Boy: Hey please answer me

Girl: (Last seen 2 minutes ago)

Boy: But why do you treat me like this?? Why don’t you answer me?
Girl: (Last Seen 3 minutes ago)

Boy: Ok good night love, i just wanted to tell you that I’ve received my salary worth 150,000gh and I have reserved 5,000gh for your shopping in this new month…

Girl: wow! Sure? That’s great when shall we go?

Boy: (Last Seen 3 minutes ago)

Girl: please answer me dear, I was off last time, when shall we go darling?

Boy: (Last Seen 2 minutes ago)

Girl: I know You are there and You are reading my messages, Just answer me sweetheart you know I love you.

Boy: (Last Seen 3 minutes ago)

Girl: Anyway goodnight tomorrow am coming to your place to visit you!!!

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