Just for laugh – China Phone


l got angry and sold my Samsung phone because it was consuming too much of my airtime and data. I then went and bought a China phone but lm now in very big trouble.

1. It gets full after 3 minutes of charging.

2. The phone has TV, Touch screen, Nail cutter, firelighter etc.

3. Text messages can be written with a toothpick.

4. It has some spelling mistakes, it is written NokLa instead of Nokia.

5. When an aeroplane passes by it records “one missed call”.

6. When a big truck hoots; it records “charger connected”

7. When a Chinese man passes by you it says “one Bluetooth device found”

8. When a cute girl passes by me, it says “Your favorite food found”

9. When an ugly girl passes by me, it says, “Virus detected”.

Please, I want to sell it, do you want it?