Jezebel Final Episode


My phone ringing tone woke me up as it started ringing, I checked who the caller was and saw that it was pastor Michael.

” good morning Sir ” I yawned as I greeted him.

” morning brother Ben, how are you doing ” he asked me.

” fine ” I replied him.

” hope you’re safe, I heard that the black widow and red gun clashed in your neighborhood yesterday, hope nothing happened to you ” he asked.

” yes Sir, I was able to escape from my neighborhood safely ” I replied him.

” glory onto the most high for the escape, are you coming to church today ” he asked.

” no, I’m returning home, and I don’t think I’m returning to that school again ” I replied him

” why ” he asked.

” long story pastor, just pray for me ” I replied him.

” okay, may the Lord grant you a safe journey and also be with you in every decision you make ” he prayed.

” amen ” I said.

” it was nice having you around ” he said smiling.

” same here pastor, you’re a great person and I also wish to also possess that kind of trait ” I replied also smiling.

” bye for Now pastor ” I said before dropping the call.

” who was that ” Jezebel asked, yawning as she got off the bed.

” that’s our student pastor, he called to check up on me ” I replied her.

” alright, but I don’t think you should be letting any stranger on, on our location ” she said as she moved closer to me.

” pastor Michael is no stranger, he’s a great guy and won’t mean me any harm ” I replied her smiling.

” if you say so ” she said smiling as she planted a peck on my lip.

” so when are we leaving ” she asked.

” right now ” I replied her getting off the bed.

” I can’t leave right now ” she protested.

” I’ve got to bath, brush and also change ny clothes ” she added raising her voice.

” then go and bath, you can get a mint when we get outside because there’s no toothbrush here, and I’ll get us clothes when I get new card ” I said calming her down.

” alright my prince charming ” she said smiling as she hugged me deeply.

Before we left the guest house we lodged in, I had already informed Jezebel that she mustn’t let my mom know that her real name is Jezebel, we had to think for some minutes before I thought of naming her Sarah.

We left the guest house with Usman, remembered I told you I was going to hand them some cash after I request for a new ATM card from my bank which I already saw in that vicinity when I was still on the bike with Jezebel the previous day.

After collecting the new atm card and activated it, I withdrew thirty thousand naira from my account, gave fifteen thousand naira to Usman.
I located a boutique which we entered to purchase new clothes.
I made sure to select clothes that’s all covering for Jezebel because I know the kinda woman waiting for me at home.
After exhausting almost ten thousand naira on clothes, we embarked on the journey to Ogun state.

” Ben, good morning ” our gateman greeted me as he opened the gate for me.

” morning Sir, is my mom and dad at home ” I asked him as we entered.

” yes, they’re inside, they just returned from church few minutes ago ” he replied staring at Jezebel like she’s a kinda threat.

” baba kamo, she’s a friend of mine Sarah ” I said introducing Jezebel to him.

” Sarah meet baba kamo, he’s a good friend of mine ” I said also introducing baba kamo to Jezebel.
Jezebel tried to shook hand with him but I grunted and grudgingly, she partially knelt down to greet him.

” kabo omo dada, omo to rewa to tun ni iwa ” baba kamo praised her as he assisted her to get up.

Jezebel smiled but I knew it was a fake one.

” see you later baba ” I said to baba kamo as I left him and took Jezebel inside.

Mom was in the large living room when I entered.
She jumped to her feet happily as she saw me and was about to come put me in her embrace when she suddenly stopped.
I knew she must have seen Jezebel behind.

” good morning mom ” I said, smiling as I walked over to where she was and embraced.

” morning my son ” she greeted me as her stare was focus on Jezebel.

” mommy, meet sister Sarah ” I said stretching my hands towards Jezebel and she knelt down for my mom at once, this time with a smile, unlike when she knelt for baba kamo. This put a smile on my mom’s face but I knew her well to know that it ain’t enough.

” she’s one of the brethren in my church, she’s our choir mistress and she’s also staying in the same neighborhood that I’m staying in Lagos , but her families aren’t staying in the country, and she need some where to stay before she travel to meet them in the next two days ” I swiftly explain to my mom.

” haaaaa, good child ” mom said motioning to Jezebel to move closer to her.

” the house is your house, you’re welcome dear ” mom said embracing her, and in my mind I was like ” you’re embracing your daughter in-law unknowingly “.

” you two must be tired, I just finished preparing a sumptuous meal ” she said smiling.

” Benjamin, take her to the visitor’s room and tell your dad that it’s time to eat, he’s inside the room ” she ordered.

” alright mom ” I said smiling as I took Jezebel upstairs.

After I had shown Jezebel the visitor’s room, I embarked on the second task given to me.

A feeble knock on the door, my dad asked me to come inside.
He was sitting down on the chair inside the room with a newspaper in his hand

” good morning dad ” I greeted him prostrating on the beautiful marble floor.

” morning son ” he replied dropping the newspaper, as he also removed his eyeglasses.

” how was your journey ” he asked me as I got up.

” it wasn’t that stressful ” I replied him.

” that’s good, hope you’ve seen your mom, she should be inside the kitchen ” dad said staring at me.

” I’ve seen her, she even asked me to call you to the dining room, she’s through with the meal ” I replied him.

” ohh, let’s go then, I’m hungry, you know your mom won’t allow anyone to even take a drop of water on Sunday until we get back from church ” dad said laughing as he stood up from the chair he was sitting on.

” mom will always be mom ” I said laughing.

” and I’ve something to tell you first before mom is going to learn about it ” I said to dad as he was inserting his leg into the slippers near the door.

” alright, tell me ” dad said turning to look at me.

” not now dad, after we’re done with food, I’ll tell you ” I replied dad.

” alright son, let’s go ” he said opening the door.

I swiftly walked closer to him.

” and dad, we’ve got a visitor, she’s my girlfriend but mom doesn’t know this ” I told dad as I got closer to him.

” that’s my boy ” dad said smiling.

” hope she’s beautiful ” he asked.

” you’ll be mesmerized at her sight ” I replied him.

” you took after your dad ” he said smiling as he placed his hand beside my shoulder.
In the little family of mine, my brothers and I, we’re more closer to dad than we are to mom and we always inform dad about things we don’t dare let mom get hold of.

I called Jezebel out of the visitor’s room, she knelt down to greet dad and dad greeted her.
Dad stole a glance at me and smiled.
The covering clothes she had on couldn’t hide her beauty from dad.

Dad was already making inquiry about her from her as we moved downstairs.

We were welcomed with clap as we got downstairs.

Six men with guns in their hands, surrounded mom. Only one of them has a mask on
They made mom knelt down in the middle, as she was pleading with them

” what do you need in my house ” dad said manly moving closer to them with courage I didn’t know he had .

” we’re here to kill everyone in this house and take what belong to us ” the masked one replied, but the voice sounded familiar but the muffling couldn’t let me hear the real voice.

” I’m ready to give you any amount you need, please don’t hurt my family ” dad pleaded.

” it’s already late, your son already signed all of you death certificate ” the masked guy said as he shot dad at once on his head and dad fell down.

” dad ” I screamed running closer to him.
He puffed out blood from his mouth and shaked vigorously before he suddenly went stiff.

” you dare to elope with my girl ” the masked guy said as he shot mom too.

” noooo ” I screamed with tears dropping down from my eye profusely.

” if you get the chance to return to this world again, you won’t cross Cancer ” the masked guy said taking off his mask.

” pastor Michael ” I said, shocked to my marrow.

” brother Ben of Christ ” he said laughing and the others joined him as he walked closer to where I was beside my dad.

” did I thought you to go after someone’s else girl in church ” he said hijacking me up.

” no, please I’m sorry ” I said crying as I shook my head.

” ohh, but it’s too late because no one see Cancer and live to tell about it, that’s why I had to let Scorpio introduce himself to my girl over there ” he said pointing at Jezebel.

” to act as me ” he added laughing loud .

” please spare me, I promise not to snitch on you or tell anyone who you really are ” I pleaded with tears on my eye.

” too late ” he said placing the gun on my head.

” noo. ” I screamed as he pulled the trigger.

” nooooo ” I screamed as I opened my eye

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I saw Samuel, Lekan and Usman standing in front of me
They all exchanged glance before they suddenly bursted into laughter.
I was sweating profusely even tho the fan was on.

” haaa, pepper isn’t good oo ” Lekan said still laughing.

” you all see that me asking us to run away when that girl get here this morning is the best thing to do ” Lekan added still laughing.

” yes oo, we would have been the one having horror dream in broad daylight ” Usman said amidst laughter.

” so it’s a dream ” I said sitting up on the chair.

” no, it was a vision ” Samuel said also laughing.

That’s when I got hold of what was really happening, I had slept off after Jezebel stormed out angrily because I made an attempt to kiss her.

” the holy spirit is real ” I said to myself standing up while the three idiots made jest of me.

I took my laptop and went inside the room.
I login my Facebook account and click to Precious wall to view all the pictures she has posted.
I found three of the girls I saw in my dream in her room, including Flexii to have taken some of the pictures she has uploaded on Facebook.

I sighed deeply as everything dawn on me.

Pastor Michael is the notorious capon of red gun, that said much why he never left the school premises even after he graduated. And Precious who I trusted to be a good girl was the capon of black widow.
I knew it was God that had shown me what was gonna happen to me because I was already keen on disobeying my mom’s warning .

I picked the small phone and inserted my earphone into it as I dialed Jezebel number.
She didn’t pick it and after two trials, I decided to message her.

” I’m sorry for what happened today, I know I shouldn’t have acted that way but when I’m with you, I can’t seem to control myself and I’m not able to think well because I love you so much but that’s not important right now, what’s important is that you’ve to get out of this country as soon as possible, don’t take chance with cancer any longer, I know you don’t want to return to the state because of what your dad did to your mom, by framing her up to get her deported so that he could marry another lady, but United state ain’t the only country on the world map, Canada ain’t a bad place to be also.
Please stay safe and I’m also traveling out of the country soon.
Bye, love ”
I typed the message up there and send it to her.

I drop the phone and started packing my clothes.
When I was done packing, I took my bath and dressed up. As I was dressing up, my phone started ringing , I checked the screen and find out it was Jezebel.

” hello ” I said as I picked the call.

” how did you know about my dad and mom ” she asked me, I could tell that she was terrified at the other end.

” you don’t need to know, all you’ve got to do is just make sure you get out of this country soon ” I replied her.

” I’m curious to know ” she said.

” if our journey cross themselves later in the future, maybe I’m gonna tell you but now I’ve got to go ” I replied her.

” alright, and I’m also sorry for slapping you earlier, that was too much for me ” she said and I could hear her cackled.

” it’s alright, I’ve to go now, bye ” I said and wanted to drop the call.

” wait, ” she swiftly said and I halted on dropping the call.

” where are you going to ” she asked.

” Canada ain’t a bad place to be ” I replied dropping the call at once.

It came as a shock to my friends when I told them I was dropping out of school.

I told them it was something I’ve got to do and narrated my dream to them.

Tho they blame it on the food I had.

” it’s the pepper inside the porridge you ate that tampered with your dream ” Lekan had commented.

But I told them that I wasn’t the naive type to believe just any dream but I was sure that the dream was just a revelation.
I told them to stylishly get away from Precious so that she won’t notice and since I won’t also be around again, she won’t have any course to hang around with them.

I also informed them about the house, that my mom has already paid for all the years they’re gonna live in it.

Only my clothes, laptop and original charger were the only things I took from the house, I left everything for them, including my PlayStation 5.

They’re sad to let me go but they had to.

I collected my phone from the engineer on the way.

Convincing mom to send me to Canada to join Oscar was easy. I told her that the greatest cultist group in the campus asked me to join them or they’re going to kill me.
Tho I told my dad in details the reason for my action.

Mom send me to live with her uncle that was staying in Port Harcourt, claiming that Ogun state wasn’t safe for me as they helped me to process my visa.
Three months later, my visa was approved and I was finally set to depart for Canada and join Oscar.

I was anxious on my first day at university of Waterloo.
I had submitted my credentials and also did the trials on my system at home, Oscar was there to put me through everything.

Oscar was in his last year, he was working on a project which kept him out of school, so it was my head for myself.
My heart started beating faster as I got to the school.
Everyone was white but when I started seeing black faces, I became calm a bit.

I was about to enter the class I was supposed to attend when someone called my name behind me.
I was happy to see Jezebel, as she ran to me and fell in my embrace.

Well, all that was four years ago, right now, I’m tired on reminiscing on the past, I just want to focus on my wedding which is happening tomorrow with Sarah.
Asking if you’re invited?, yes you are but on one condition, if you promise not to let my mom know that Sarah isn’t my wife’s real name, she can’t know that Sarah’s real name is Jezebel or else we’re going to see the fastest divorce in the world. And please, a minute silent to Precious, my friend told me that she was gun down on the day of their convocation. Asking about pastor Michael, you can prepare him a nice meal if you want to visit him in Kirikiri in Lagos where he’s serving a life sentence.

The end.