In the Heart Of A Lady 18+~Episode 3


Dave was the boy i fell for in my secondary school days. We dated for over 1 year,but still no s-x. I really loved him,and could go any extent to keep him. He had asked for s-x,and i was willing to give him. That fateful Thursday was when it all happened. “i narrated Trying to look shy and completely naive he took my clothes off slowly, I had an hour glass figure, soft creamy white skin and my pussy was not shaved but just trimmed down a little. It took Dave’s breath away. I stood waiting patiently for him to take off his clothes and when he dropped his trousers i couldn’t believe how thick his D–k was – it was really a thick one. *can i take that in??*
Dave gave me a long passionate kiss and then pulled me on top of him on the bed. This was the moment he’d been waiting for and opportunity to suck those beautiful erect n—–s of mine. It felt great and I responded to his sucking with a few noises and moans . As he sucked my hard n—–s he rubbed the underside of my t–s and ran his finger end around the crowns. I loved it, and when he slid down the bed and knelt with his face between my legs i started to tremble with anticipation as i waited for his d*ck inside me.
Dave grasped my long smooth legs and pulled them gently towards him until his tongue was able to flick the lips of her pussy. I couldn’t take it no more,the feeling was just out of this world, i began to take deep breath as he worked up and down on my moist groove and then sideways, and then up and down again.
Oh s–t, i was in a state of ecstasy. As Dave moved his tongue around my p*ssy, he moved one finger up under his chin and inserted it in the silky part of my petals and moved it around. I arched my back and started to really groan out loud. My body was now shaking and Dave knew i was about to c-m, he moved my petals further apart and increased the speed of his tongue until it felt like a Hummingbird’s wing. To say that i had a massive orgasm would be an understatement. I literally went berserk and then i couldn’t hold it any longer i began to beg him to shove that thick D–k into me.
Dave stood up and pulled me towards him inserted his piankatus until it penetrated my pussy deep and wide. I gasped and threw my arms back across the bed. The feeling was painful but yet sweet,He started off slowly thrusting it in and then almost pulling it out and i began to cry out “f–k me Dave – f–k me – please f–k me.” i screamed out like i was a professional in the act. I just wanted more!!. Now Dave began to pound it in and out with of my wet p*ssy all the strength he could muster. It felt so good.
“hmmn, continue na” Anita begged, when i paused to see how she reacted.
i was about to continue my tale about my past when something caught my attention.
” who brought that?” i asked Anita , pointing to a bunch of flowers and card at the other end of the room.
 ” oh, i forgot, remember the guy you humiliated in class the other day?” Anita asked.
” ehn,what about him?” ” he brought them in the afternoon for you, he said i should talk to you, and beg you to be a little free with him, he dropped them and said he was rushing to a friends party” Anita replied.
“oh no” i said to my self,with my face down on my laps and hands on my head. Kaycee had dropped the flowers before coming down to the party, exactly the time i left my room for the party.
” whatsup?,why the gloomy face” Anita asked, when she saw my sudden change of mood.
I narrated the day’s happenings to her, which really left her in shock. 
“wait,you mean after saving your a-s off, you left him there in the hospital?” Anita angrily barked.
“what would i have done?,stay back and pet him? Am sure he could call any of his numerous girl friends to baby sit him” i ignorantly spoke out.
“i never knew you were this foolish o, someone helped you and here you are,saying bullshits, i didn’t know i leaved with a mumu roommate”.
“Anita please abeg, nne biko leave me alone, besides, who knows whether its all in his plan to get me”
” i don’t want to know if it’s his plan or not, that guy really loves you to have tried helping you out, he’s in the hospital for crying out loud!, you have to promise me you’ll go see him” Anita concluded,left my bed and went to hers without another word.
I knew that meant no talk (malice) till i gave in,on her promise. I was alone, surely what kaycee did was a thing of surprise, and all thoughts if it was a setup was gone. But hold on, why am i thinking about him??, or have i fallen for him? No… My emotions were still
intact. I don’t feel nothing!!. My mind quickly raced to my sex capedes with Dave, oh Dave, i’ll never forget you. You lieing denying b—–d!!
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Dave was a very handsome fellow, tall, with pink lips, and had all the physical qualities a girl would want in her dream guy. He was a female fancy and magnet, i had fallen for him so easily. Like Romeo and Juliet,our love grew stronger everyday,or so i thought. He respected and loved me, showering me with gifts, money. He had sworn heaven and earth all for my cause. One year later,and still no s-x, it seemed as if i was losing my prince charming, he would beg for it,but i argued that i was keeping my virginity for my wedding nite.
He started avoiding me and our relationship had started dieing. But that Thursday evening, In a desperate move not to lose him. I gave him the s-x he had been longing for!
“Let’s get a shower together, put on some nice music and do it in style.” Dave said seductively, after our 1st round.
I began to get turned on a little in the shower as he sponged my body very slowly and very gently. Around my b—–s, between my legs and all around my lovely firm bum. With the water still running he began to kiss and explore the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I responded in a way Dave couldn’t remember me ever doing before. When he inserted a finger into my pu*ssy, that was still dripping with water, I took a very deep breath. He worked it around my pink petals and then slid it in as far as he could, this was followed by a second finger and yet, i started to tremble as he t—-t them in and out.
Bending down a little Dave began to suck my n—–s as his fingers continued to poke and probe my wet groove. It wasn’t long before the trembling turned into quite violent shaking.
“O – keep going,” i gasped, I’m cumming,” and then i let out a yell and hugged him tightly.
After my body had settled down just a little, Dave asked me to suck his dick with my mouth, which i willingly obeyed. I dropped to my knees and took his stiff throbbing D–k into my mouth. He gripped onto my shoulders as i plunged up and down the shaft, pausing occasionally to lick his balls and then going all out until he came in my mouth.
“Holy s–t,” he cried out, “Becky, That was great.
“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Dave said, as i smiled…
I was his slave for that day, as if i was eager for him to eat me out and ram his dick into me again. I took his hand and we both climbed out of the shower and into the bedroom. There, i just leaped onto the bed and surrendered myself.
“Do what ever you want, Dave, i love you with all my heart” i said, 
As soon as his tongue poked between the lips of my flower,i gave a slight moan.
“i love you Dave, am all your’s tonight, do whatever you please with me” i said.
Those word drove Dave to speedily maneuver his tongue around the edge of my Virgina and into my love canal parting my petals with his fingers and moving them gently at the same time. It wasn’t long before my as*s was bouncing up and down and i was calling out, “I’m cumming – I’m cumming.”
Dave quickly s——-d my body and drove his D–k into my puss*y right up to the hilt.
“O my god that feels good,” i cried, “i love you Dave.” with this i held onto him tightly as he pounded my pussy almost desperate to c-m inside of me after such a long time.
When he shot his load i screamed at the top of my voice. It was just too good.
We both fell off from each other’s body as we took some rest after that hectic round. It was then i realized Dave did it skin to skin!!. The memories still came back to me fresh,as i layed on my bed.
To be continued……..